Cuckold Husband Stays with 38 Year Old Mom Charged with 13 Counts of Sex with 14 Year Old Boy

When this story broke on March 20, the tabloid Daily Mail referred to Brooke L. Lajiness’s husband as a cuckold.

That’s funny, as well as true.

She’s also a pedophile, which makes hubby’s standing by her all the more ridiculous.

So, the interesting question here is not that a married mom of two went on a sex romp with a clearly underage teen, but rather why would a self-respecting man not shitcan her immediately, take the children, cut her off from living in the family home, etc.?

I’ve never been faced with these circumstances, but I’ve certainly ruthlessly cut off women in the past who didn’t deserve me.

What am I missing? Was I wrong? Should hubby stay with his wife?

I think we can assume the male victim in this case is white since his mother walked into a Michigan State Troopers office and lodged the complaint against the mother of two teens who may be older than her boy lover.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A Michigan mother is set to go to trial next month on 13 charges of criminal sexual conduct.

Brooke L. Lajiness, 38, was arraigned earlier this month for accosting a minor for immoral purposes and furnishing obscenity to a child.

Her pretrial has been scheduled for May 8 before a judge in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Her attorney, David I. Goldstein, told a judge Thursday that Lajiness was renouncing her probable cause hearing and her right to a preliminary examination.

Lajiness’ husband has stayed married to her and has been accompanying her in court.

In a Facebook post last month, Lajiness proclaimed her love for her husband David, saying: ‘In life, nothing is guaranteed,’

‘So finding someone who knows all of your flaws, weaknesses and mistakes and still thinks you’re amazing is something to hold onto and never take for granted!’

Her affair with the young boy allegedly began last summer, as he was graduating from middle school on to high school.

Michigan State Police Trooper Donald Pasternak testified that most of the sexual encounters happened in the back of Lajiness’ car in a Lima Township driveway.

At her arraignment on March 3, Pasternak testified that he started investigating Lajiness a few weeks before, when the victim’s mother walked into a police station and complained that Lajiness was having sex with her son.

Lajiness reportedly confessed later on to having sex with the teen and exchanging the nude pictures.

Police found that she started exchanging photos with the teen while he was still in middle school.

She is also facing an additional charge in relation to the photos.

In all honesty, it’s painful to think of a white man with so little self-esteem that he’s sticking by his selfish, self-absorbed, disloyal wife. Is it for the sake of the children? Shouldn’t a father be teaching his children the lesson that disloyalty has a price?

12 thoughts on “Cuckold Husband Stays with 38 Year Old Mom Charged with 13 Counts of Sex with 14 Year Old Boy

  1. He may really love her, deeply, though disturbingly. He probably can’t imagine himself with another. Though he is a cuckold, I am not going to blame him for this, instead I am heaping every single ounce of blame (and then some) on his wife. I think it might be a better strategy. We should view all such men as confused victims, not cuckolds, and throw 100% of the blame on women like her. Doling out ‘equal responsibility’ is a poor strategy. If we begin this trend ladies and gentlemen, we can perhaps really effect something, since ladies are far more susceptible to social pressure. The same way everything is “the white man’s fault” is the same way she and others like her should be blamed (don’t even look at the husband). I reject ‘logic’: this is entirely her fault, even him staying with her is her fault.

    Try it, it just might work.

  2. Hmm,like France voting for more of the same is simply the French people deeply in love with their homeland. They would rather remain a cuckolded nation just to preserve the peace…..well sorry,one day they will still have to fight for their lives…they have simply postponed the showdown,whilst the enemy get stronger. Little wonder men these days just look the other way when women get beaten and raped. We have been taught from a tender age that we must never use our natural aggression and superior strength in any situation,no matter what,that real men simply walk away. No wonder society is a mess. Nature provided that men be stronger,more aggressive so as to protect our families and clans from threats. I see that the defence ministers of at least five western European nations are women. A big deterrent to our foes I’m sure!

    • If you look closely at all the women in power in every country including ours. Feminist, Politicians, Celebrities. They are not really women. They are men that Transgender over. Tranny’s. It seems that they hate women. Look at France’s new first women Brigitte Trogneux the wife of new President Emmanuel Macron, Do you think that is a women. Man baby. Look at Gloria Steinem and all her feminist friends like Cher, Judd, Perry, Madonna, Gaga and so on. They are trying to tell women how to act and be a women. No wonder our women are so confused. We have been seeing all these faces for so long that we think they are normal. Look again. As they get older, it gets easier.

      • I was looking at a website today that has celebrity net worth info. I did not know who these celebrities were but I did notice how Jewish and ugly many of them are. And they have a trannyish appearance. They may or may not be trannies or Jews, but the entertainment industry is trying hard to change our preferences in what we find attractive.

  3. Perhaps something is wrong with me but I believe even love has limits. Her actions would make me question if she is worth being loved. As humans we all are victim to temptation and doing the wrong thing. Once is a mistake, 12 other occasions means something is seriously wrong. I don’t walk away from that, I run! Why treasure someone when they think you are valueless? She is not only an example of what is happening to us as a people, he is a poster boy for what we have become.

  4. What a disgusting sleaze of a woman, going after a kid who probably can’t even grow a beard yet.

    Her own teens are probably horrendously humiliated at their pathetic mother. So MAYBE it’s good the father sticks around to provide “normalcy/stability” in their lives until they get older. Then again, a lot of kids can see through the crap & wish their idiot parent would stay away from the whacky parent.

      • Good point. This video, even though 34-mins. total (which I did not watch in its entirety), the first 4:40 mins. quickly goes through the MANY news reports of Females raping young boys/students, etc. It did not include your current case but mind boggling just the same. I wonder how many were/are repeaters?!

      • Shel looks good sans the boob job.

        Too much tanning too.

        Overall though not bad.

        Maybe these young guys go after these older white women because nature tells them. Maybe they are tired of looking at their mystery meat peers.

        Hey, nothing wrong with some bake with the shake

  5. She’s a whore. No man of honor can ever love a whore. No loyalty, no dignity, no honor, worthless whore.

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