Macron Trounces Le Pen: The French Deserve their Fate

France’s version of America’s Slick Willie has emerged victorious following France’s presidential election today.

The former Rothschild banker (is it possible to be “former?”) is young and attractive in appearance. In a nutshell, his victory is a victory for the New World Order’s political correctness: more diversity, more looting of the wealth of the French people, more enslavement to the European Union, all wrapped up in a slick package.

I expect the American Democrat party will learn from this and run its own version of Macron against Republican Donald Trump in 2020.

Excerpt from Financial Times

Emmanuel Macron has swept to emphatic victory in France’s presidential election, beating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and clinching 66 per cent of the vote, according to estimates.

The independent centrist comfortably beat the National Front candidate on 34 per cent, according to the estimate by Ipsos-Sopra Steria for a group of French media including France 2 television and Le Monde, based on a sample of 60,000 votes.

Mr Macron’s victory is a phenomenal achievement for the 39-year-old former Rothschild banker, who has never before held elected office and whose political movement En Marche! was set up barely a year ago. He becomes the youngest ever elected French president.

His win follows a divisive and at times rancorous campaign that produced a stark choice between two radically different visions of France and its place in the world.

Mr Macron on Sunday night said he did not underestimate the economic difficulties facing France, adding: “It is a big honour, and a big responsibility. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The Europhile social liberal, brandishing a programme of pro-business reforms coupled with Nordic-style welfarism, fought off a far-right candidate wanting to pull France out of the euro, impose protectionist barriers and drastically curb immigration.

Ms Le Pen swiftly conceded defeat but said her “historic and massive result” had made her party “the number one opposition force” in France. She vowed to continue the battle between “patriots and globalists” in legislative elections next month. She also said she wanted to profoundly transform her party into a new political force.

There will be intense relief across the markets and other European capitals that the pro-European centre ground held up against an onslaught from the populist right. In the end, Ms Le Pen fell well short of the 45 per cent that she was projected to win at one point earlier in the year.

Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, said he was “happy the French had chosen a European future”.

Over at the Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin took his usual “no women should be in politics” blame game. There’s a lot more than that at play, since when her father was in a similar position more than a decade ago, he was trounced even more decisively.

It’s very difficult for honesty to overcome slick, reassuring words. People always fall for smooth talking con men, which is exactly what Macron, like Bill Clinton, is. Europeans have some sort of character flaw relating to wanting to come together. In his victory speech, Macron was as slick as ever, promising to break down the barriers that divide the French. Obviously, the only way to break down those barriers is for everyone to become a Muslim. That will hopefully never happen.

A united France, made up of Europeans, blacks, and Muslims is an impossible dream. But a used car salesman sold it anyway.

Pity France.






He might as well say we will become Muzz!

BBC live stream coverage:

26 thoughts on “Macron Trounces Le Pen: The French Deserve their Fate

  1. Leave the bloody fools to their fate. No sympathy for them now. Brainwashed idiots. How can a people capitulate without a care in the world? Such a nation does not deserve any better I suppose.

    • We were 38 per cent who were no fools but the others are brainwashed and real fools. It hurts to hear that Macron as soon as he got elected had the European Anthem play instead of the French one…That says a lot!

      • “Politically he works to withdraw from the State its means of susbsistence, inasmuch as he undermines the foundations of national resistance and defence, destroys the confidence which the people have in their Government, reviles the past and its history and drags everything national down into the gutter.” ~ Mein Kampf

    • I’d really like to see how many women voted for the macron. I assume it was a significant majority, just like all the other times before.

      and 38% voting for le pen isn’t that small. if women, men/women who don’t pay taxes weren’t allowed to vote and maybe even only those who have children were allowed to, you can bet it would be at least 50-60% for le pen.

    • realist.. My opinion as an expatriate Frenchmen !
      Makron Victory ??? Humm… The Stalin quote, apply here perfectly !
      I did look at the first round election & then at the second round ? Humm ??
      The Provence (South of France) which is historically a stronghold of the FN has voted Makron ??? The Northern France which on the first round voted M Le Pen, on the second round, only 2 Departement (the only one which M Le Pen won) Humm.. Joseph Stalin you were right !
      It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people
      who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide
      BTW funny ? reading all comments on the net from French sites, only ~ 2% were pro-Makron ?? Funny ??
      BTW As I was told by a friend, that if the Election were 51%+ for Macron & 48/49% for M Le Pen, then it would have been more credible ?? But over 66 % ??? General De Gaulle won in 1965 (first popular election for President in France) with 55.2% of the vote !
      Makron a better statesman than General De Gaulle ??
      So I smell a RAT a big joo rat !!

  2. “have no idea how a Nazi, who is 88-years-old, is incapable of grasping the fact that the problem with Marine is that she is a woman.”

    “I wish Jean-Marie would just say “the problem is she’s a woman, I should have known better.”

    Let me ask Andrew where were the French men running for president who supported saving France for the French?

    But, he loved Le Pen until she lost! He’ll kiss Ann Coulter’s and Laura Ingraham’s azzes because they say what he wants to hear. No gender problems with those two…until…

    In this case, gender has nothing to do it. It’s who has the guts to put their lives in danger in front of a country controlled by Communists!

  3. I surely didn’t deserve this President and I am French. Maybe a little more compassion for those 38 per cent that fought as much as they could the everyday never seen before propaganda on all medias would be helping. This is a very sad day for the people who love France, apparently not many left now….

    • It wouldn’t have made any difference, Le Pen is owned by the banks too. There is no getting away from it, we have no power in the ballot box, we haven’t had for some time. Don’t feel too bad, just do what you can to make it as difficult as possible for the government to function, there is nothing short of violent revolution that will get rid of these (((banking))) parasites.

  4. “The former Rothschild banker (is it possible to be “former?”)”

    Of course not.

    “is young and attractive in appearance.”

    Sure to get the emotional female vote. Long live Democracy.

    Adolf Hitler tried to save France. To this day they hate him for it, and they have elected one Jew after another in order to prove it. I don’t believe that Le Pen was the answer, but it is only because the blood French people are still not ready to admit that Hitler was right. After a few more decades of Mohamed demonstrating how much the French are truly hated no matter how much they give, beg and grovel, the few white French who are left might come around to freely admit it, and finally join us. Sieg Heil.

    • littlefaith I agree most strongly. The key point is that somehow this guy achieved number two on the first ballot. This should have been impossible as he was an absolute unknown. Why would 20% of any population vote for someone they had never heard of, leading a new party with vague goals? His party might as well have been called the Rothschild Party or the Bankers Party or the Mudblood Party. Maybe the (((MSM))) boosted him with fake news and free publicity.
      I think the first vote was rigged to get him either one or preferably two (less obvious).
      There was no need to rig the last vote because all parties bar one, and le Pens, told the French to vote for Macron.
      To some extent le Pen lost intentionally by promising things immediately which many French were afraid of, like withdrawing from the Euro currency. That was stupid, or just insurance against victory.

      • Yeah i agree, no one ever heard of macron before, suddenly he’s president and everyone supports him. Similar to obama imo. At least i’ve never heard of him before his presidency, but i’ve heard of everyone else.

        I think it’s also that they didn’t vote FOR macron, but they voted AGAINST le pen. Which is why current democracy is fucking retarded, that they decided to vote against a known (perceived) evil for an evil that they do not know, just because everyone says he’s good.

        I swear, if Jesus was a candidate and he was running against a jew, the media would make him look like the devil and the jew as god incarnate.

    • Three years ago I was a stupid, sick leftist liberal, yes,I admit it! But I am neither blind nor deaf,and slowly I’ve seen the world is not as we’ve been brainwashed into believing. Now I know Hitler was right.I still think he was nuts,but his policies were basically sound. When I try to talk to friends and family about it,not directly,but in passing conversation,I see the shock , horror and denial on their faces. Well,that was also my reaction three years ago. What’s the point of this post? show that yes,people can wake up ,that maybe all may not be lost! We can hope!

  5. I’ll only quibble with the title of this post by clarifying that the French who voted for this candidate deserve their fates. Those who opposed him and the banking power he represents in no way “deserve” the ongoing catastrophe that is “France” in 2017.

  6. How do we actually know LePen lost? We all know these electorate rigged! I find it hard to believe so many REAL French people would vote for that JU compromised little queer! Clinton stole the primary from Sanders then stole 5 states from Trump before they caught on..supposedly…who knows for sure. Well France enjoy your Zio open borders and EU screw, here in the US we are still not sure what we are dealing with after electing Trump!

  7. Democracy is only good to divide a people, degrade a country and slowly tear down it’s culture and identity. Not to mention the ungodly amounts of pointless bureaucracy and corporations who use politicians to pass laws that favor them. I remember a study some time ago, a shame i can’t seem to find it, where in USA laws passed in the interest of corporations were 90% at least, while 10% or less (which i think it was if i remember correctly) was for citizens.

  8. In view of the le Pen failure, French voters stupidity, a little Bonparte’s Retreat is appropriate.

  9. Weird and unsettling to scroll through that…to come to a photo of a gorgeous Uralic/Slavic/Germanic/Scots white woman…

    …who surrendered the faith and culture of her ancestors and handed over to their oppressors her own womb and genes.

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