Easy Shock Collar Wife Training Video Angers Feminists (Farm Girl Jen)

That’s Jennifer King (aka Farm Girl Jen) in the photo above. Like all farm girls she goes fishing in a skimpy bikini, while showing off her enhancements.

Our farm girl is a popular youtube fixture. I’ve featured her on this site before. Check out this October 2015 post by clicking here.

She was 49 at the time, so I guess that she’s 50 or 51 now. The video she made with her husband, embedded below, has garnered more than the usual attention from feminists and social justice warriors who claim that it promotes domestic violence against women.

Watch and see what you think.

Published on Apr 5, 2017

How to train your wife with a the latest in spousal correction shock collar technology from Man’s World Incorporated!

The new T-1000 offers 10 correction level settings to find the exact correction level for your spouse. Troublesome spouses are really responding to static correction, says Exoman!

Creator’s (Exoman’s) notes:
When we first started writing it, we were going to have me wear the collar but then we thought about it. We talked about how people are so careful and politically correct now that they feel censored and fearful of offending people. We feel that this PC atmosphere has become too pervasive and has a stranglehold on creativity. We knew if I wore the collar that no one would be offended because it’s obviously a joke. We decided that was too safe so we flipped the script and “Man’s World Incorporated” it was! Comedy is more meaningful and just plays better when it goes against the grain a bit and challenges people. The PC movement has essentially caused creators to abandon a large swath of comedic landscape and over time this area has naturally become fertile again and is just waiting for fearless imaginations to stake their claims. The video harkens back to “Married With Children”, the Lucille Ball Show, The Honeymooners and other shows where writers had free rein to have couples having fun and making fun of each other without fear.

Excerpt from metro.co.uk

A couple have refused to apologise for a video which critics say glorifies domestic abuse.

In the video Jennifer King, also known as Farm Girl Jen, wore a shock collar intended for dogs as part of her ‘training’ to be a better wife.

The collar was controlled by her husband Jason, who also goes by the name Exoman, and posted on their YouTube channel Banshee Moon.

One thought on “Easy Shock Collar Wife Training Video Angers Feminists (Farm Girl Jen)

  1. It’s only fair they take turns, except I’d suggest she gets a high powered T-1000 with much more punch, then boot him out the door if there’s anything left of him!!

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