French Presidential Debate: Le Pen a “parasite” says Macron

Macron’s wife is 25 years older than he. As one wag put it, he’s a child married to his mother.

Childish Macron will allow, in the holy name of egalitarianism and inclusion, France to turn into a radical Islamic state in the heart of Continental Europe.

Le Pen may or may not be able to save France, but at least one of my favorite people of all time, Brigitte Bardot, has advised the French to not vote for Macron.

His fear mongering tactics are right out of Bill Clinton’s playbook in the 90s. In reality, it takes no courage to vote for Le Pen because the safety and security that Macron claims France has within the European Union are mere illusions of safety.

Excerpt from Reuters

Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron clashed over their vision of France’s future, the euro and ways of fighting terrorism in an ill-tempered televised debate on Wednesday before Sunday’s run-off vote for the presidency.

The two went into the debate with opinion polls showing Macron, 39, with a strong lead of 20 percentage points over the National Front’s Le Pen, 48, in what is widely seen as France’s most important election in decades.

For Le Pen, the two-and-a-half hour debate, watched by millions, was a last major chance to persuade voters of the merits of her program which includes cracking down on illegal immigration, ditching the euro single currency and holding a referendum on EU membership.

However, 63 percent of viewers found Macron more convincing than Le Pen in the debate, according to a snap opinion poll by Elabe for BFMTV, reinforcing his status as favorite to win the Elysee on Sunday.

In angry exchanges, Le Pen played up Macron’s background as a former investment banker and economy minister, painting him as heir to the outgoing unpopular Socialist government and as the “candidate of globalisation gone wild.”

He savaged her flagship policy of abandoning the euro, calling it a fatal plan that would unleash a currency war, and he accused her of failing to offer solutions to France’s economic problems such as chronic unemployment.

The barbs at times were personal. Macron called Le Pen a “parasite” and a liar, and Le Pen labeled him a “smirking banker” and – in a reference to his youthful looks – said: “You are young on the outside, but old on the inside”.

In a final put-down, when Le Pen attempted to interrupt his summing-up, Macron told Le Pen: “You stay on TV. I want to be president of the country.”


The sharpest exchange was over national security, a sensitive issue in a country where more than 230 people have been killed by Islamist militants since 2015.

Le Pen accused Macron of being complacent in confronting Islamist fundamentalism. “You have no plan (on security) but you are indulgent with Islamist fundamentalism,” she said.

Macron retorted that terrorism would be his priority if he is elected and accused Le Pen of offering false solutions.

“I will lead a fight against Islamist terrorism at every level. But what they are wanting, the trap they are holding out for us, is the one that you offer – civil war,” he said.

Macron attacked Le Pen’s flagship policy of scrapping the euro to return to the franc, pressing Le Pen on how this would work in practice and accusing her of “fiddling” and “a crass lack of preparation” on the issue.

Leaving the euro would be a “a fatal plan and a dangerous plan”, Macron said. “What you propose is currency war.”

Le Pen accused Macron of launching “project fear” over her plans. “The euro is the currency of bankers, not that of the people,” she said.

Le Pen has appeared to flip-flop on her euro policy in recent days. Around three-quarters of French people oppose abandoning the euro and analysts say the policy could cost her support among people fearful that their savings could lose value.

Wednesday night’s event marked the first time a National Front candidate has appeared in a run-off debate – an indication of the degree of acceptance Le Pen has secured for the once-pariah party by softening its image in an attempt to dissociate it from past xenophobic associations.


The two candidates, seated opposite one another at a table in the television studios, offered diametrically opposed visions for France. Macron calls for liberal reforms to kickstart the French economy, while Le Pen would adopt protectionist trade measures to defend French jobs.

Frederic Dabi, an analyst with pollsters Ifop, said the debate was “extraordinarily violent, bitter (and) harsh”.

7 thoughts on “French Presidential Debate: Le Pen a “parasite” says Macron

  1. Macron is a full blown zionist fag. It has been pushing the globo agenda since its first appearence., genderism included. He has been provided with a decrepit wife which is likely a cover up.
    On the other hand, Le Penis’ BF is a jewish mole. Le pen is fake opposition to the system. Much alike Drumpf.
    She is the zionist response to failed liberal politics. Beware of populusm: it’s a tool for damage control.

    You will never succeed in fighting the system if you vote for its puppets.

    • I agree that Le Pen is not perfect, but her father seemed sincere. Do you have an opinion about him?

      Macro reminds me so much of Bill Clinton. I know that I’ve said it before, but I’m feeling the same distaste for Macron that I felt for Clinton.

      • Macron is an accomplice to the global cabal. There is nothing to say more.
        Lepen is more dangerous. Cool proclaims, populist buzzwords, the libtardishism msm apparently attacking her for ‘naZZi’.views..
        But she sticks to the old vulgate of the liberation and is a supporter of the holoFraud. In fact, no word from her against the zionist establishment of her country, has been whispered ever.
        Her father who allegedly fought along with the partisans dared once to criticise the fake holocau$t and was been outsted by our zio Madame.
        The democratic system does NOT allow any real alternative to rise from their freak shows. Same goes for the Brexit movt, Zio EDL and german AfD. Not to mention italian Lega whose boss has been pinned whilst wearing a kippa, down the ‘wall’.

  2. Maybe le Pen should have promised a Brexit referendum about Europe and the Euro, after her election. By offering a total package I assume she will surely lose. Win for Goldman Sachs.
    She could have learned from Trump. Make popular promises, “drain the (((swamp)))” and then do whatever you want – but only after you win. Hitler was pretty good at this game of deception also “All I want is peace” I am pretty sure he told the German voters this, often. Hitler never said “I will fight the British Empire, the French Empire, The Soviet Union and the USA all at the same time and I think the odds look great”. “Our allies will be the Nips, Romania, Hungary, Austria and the Itie dagoes”.

  3. I think Macron has been groomed for this top job since he was 15 years old. His wife must be an agent of the Illuminati, the Jews, Masons, powers that be.

    Many young men have probably been groomed like this in Goldman Sachs and similar big money merchant banks for decades. Now they are Prime Ministers and presidents and especially leaders of Central banks. In all cases they altruistically dump a million dollar plus salary for one of two hundred thousand dollars or so, to lead a country for the greatest good of the greatest number of Jew Illuminati.
    This is like a science fiction story, where (((aliens))) that look like us take over, then ruthlessly do whatever they like with the entire civilian population.
    Choosing kiddies as future leaders is a long term project and it is wildly successful for the Joos.
    Whites have been fooled and foiled yet again.

  4. Why would any healthy man or woman vote for President a cuck man with a wife 25 years older than him? The other way around is in accord with the laws of nature.
    If Le Pen had a husband 25 years younger than her, would anyone vote for her?
    Funny how the chosen, the anointed, the blessed by the Joos have such an easy election path in so called democratic nations.
    The French system is deeply flawed, probably should have got it to three candidates or four then another runoff. Probably 50% of French people hate Macrons guts but will vote for him anyway cause the Joos have told them to via the media.

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