15 thoughts on “Facebook Declares Saboteur365 an Unsafe Website

      • (((They))) make it impossible not to be.

        Never mind. When Facebook comes out against you, you’re doing something right.

        If you are taking flak you must be over the target. Keep up the good work.

        As for Zuck’ , thanks for letting us know we are getting somewhere.

  1. Sometimes Facebook makes me sick. The only thing it is really good for is fun and keeping in touch with people. It is definitely NOT about free speech.

  2. Unsafe? What’s Facebook’s definition of unsafe? Harmful to little SJW’s who idolize their precious liberal professors?

  3. Unsafe is a misleading term, which implies malware, viruses, bacteria and spyware and other nasties. Like going to work on 911 instead of the dentist.
    So when a Jew says “unsafe” what they really mean is the site is not safe for any thinking person to visit. They might learn something.
    Facebook is so full of crap. Even intelligent people post almost nothing except garbage. So garbage apparently is safe to read, while thinking ideas are not safe.
    The days of Jew censorship are probably just beginning. Bro Nate found that YouTube was cheating on his numbers. As soon as 30,000 views were hit in a single day, the count would freeze. When restarted, only a trickle were recorded.
    I have seen this myself on a low count site when the count hits 300 – frozen.
    No doubt the “friends” of the Jews are exempt from this manipulation of visitor numbers. Some garbage pop songs have two billion site visits on YouTube – supposedly.
    Meanwhile there are many, many companies which do nothing except increase visitor numbers via bots – and charging for this deceptive, lying, crooked, dishonest service. Another reminder that while right wing white people play it straight and Act White, Jews, lefties, Coons and tinted folk cheat and do it all the time.
    Being white these days amounts to being an honest naive chump in a world run by thieves and liars.

    • Microchip described how bot networks worked on Twitter. He also said there were groups in India that charge 2 cents a Tweet to create artificial trends on Twitter. Unfortunately, I can’t find his new Twitter since his last ban. I was learning a lot about the dark side of the Internet from him. Since I have no ads I don’t care about artificially inflating my numbers. I do care about an honest increase in them because that puts my stuff higher up on search engines. The first night I started the site I had 100 readers for the 24 hour period. That was more readers than all the professors at my former university ever had except for a handful of textbook writers (like myself). Normally, most academic papers have 0 readers excerpt for the two reviewers and an editor of a journal. Most academic writings are worthless, written to get the prof a raise or to virtue signal.

  4. Paladin, your doing a bang-up job with your blog! Bookmarked as one of my daily top go-to blogs. Thanks for all the fine work that you do.

  5. If (((Fakeberg))) is stifling you, then you have arrived. The truth can not and will not be contained. Congratulations. And may Mark Zuckerjew have an aneurysm.

    • Early on, within say three months or so as I recall, I had a paid Jew troll leaving comments. He gave his real email address and I looked him up and found that he was a jack of all trades, obviously picking up spare cash by visiting websites and interjecting liberal opinions. Later, I had Jacob, another paid Jew troll. I let him post here for a year but when he called me a liar over and over, I banned him permanently. I didn’t mind his liberal opinions, but when you start calling my OPINIONS lies, you’re banned.

  6. Kids get groomed on certain sites. They are unsafe. The elites and the left doesn’t care about those.

  7. If someone with a sniper rifle took out Suckerberg and his wife, then maybe it would teach a lesson to the rest.

    Conservatives are too law abiding, when the law itself is corrupt. What is needed is a Rwanda-style door-to-door genocide of liberals. Kill about 50,000,000 liberals and other various criminals, gangs, etc, and this country wouldn’t have any cesspools.

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