Tillerson puts wannabe president Nikki Haley in her place. Tells her to clear comments with State Department


Nikki Haley wants to be the president of the United States. She’s setting herself up to run in 2020.

As a southerner I resent her fake conservatism and her taking down the Confederate flag while governor of South Carolina.

Although she was born in the USA, she’s not developed the characteristics of a real American patriot. Her ancestors are Indians, the dot head kind.

She’s also backstabbing President Trump at the UN.

Excerpt from The Duran

Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, who has this month started to find his feet as the US’s foreign minister, has finally acted to assert his authority over Nikki Haley, the US’s out of control UN ambassador.

It has become increasingly clear over the last few weeks that Nikki Haley, who is a politician with Presidential ambitions not a diplomat, has been abusing her position as the US’s UN ambassador to grandstand in preparation for what I am sure is an intended Presidential bid.

I have previously discussed Nikki Haley’s behaviour and the exaggerated role she has been allowed to carve out for herself

That doubtless also explains the increasingly undisciplined behaviour of Nikki Haley. Not only is she being allowed to wander around the television studios unchecked, firing off comments which she has clearly not coordinated either with the White House or the State Department, but she is gaining a level of prominence which is completely out of proportion to her supposed role as the US’s UN ambassador. At the moment, instead of being obviously subordinate to Tillerson and McMaster, she appears to be their equal.

It is difficult to avoid the impression that Haley, who is a politician not a diplomat, and who was previously governor of South Carolina and was apparently seriously considered by Mitt Romney for his Vice-Presidential running mate, is running what is in effect an election campaign, with her sights ultimately on the White House. Thus the publicity stunts, like the waving of photos of dead children during a UN Security Council session, which annoyed the veteran diplomats present, but which was clearly aimed at the US television audience.

One result of Haley’s undisciplined behaviour is that the administration either finds itself pulled along by her comments, with the result that Haley is in effect making policy for the White House, or officials like McMaster have to find some way of reconciling what she says with the administration’s actual policies, which may be completely different. A perfect example of this was McMaster elaborate explanation during his Fox News interview explaining why despite the obvious differences between the things Haley and Tillerson are saying, on the subject of regime change in Syria they are actually saying the same thing.

WALLACE: The Trump administration seems to be sending mixed signals this weekend. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley says that getting rid of Assad is a priority. On the other hand, Secretary of State Tillerson says that first, we have to get rid of ISIS, destroy ISIS, Assad can wait.
So, which is it? How does the president see this playing out in Syria?

MCMASTER: Well, both Secretary Tillerson and Ambassador Haley are right about this. What we really need to do, and what everyone who’s involved in this conflict needs to do is to do everything they can to resolve this civil war, to halt this humanitarian catastrophe, this political catastrophe, not only in Syria, but the catastrophe is affecting the greater Middle East, it’s affecting Europe and it’s a threat to the American people as well.

And so, to do that, what’s required is some kind of a political solution to that very complex problem. And what Ambassador Haley pointed out is it’s very difficult to understand how a political solution could result from the continuation of the Assad regime.

Tillerson has now clearly signalled that he has had enough, and his officials have apparently informed Haley, who is technically Tillerson’s subordinate, that she should clear her comments on contentious issues in future with the State Department before she makes them.

WTOP offers a similar story focusing on what it calls Haley’s “star power.” Ha!

12 thoughts on “Tillerson puts wannabe president Nikki Haley in her place. Tells her to clear comments with State Department

  1. My question is “how did that radical dot head manage to get elected Gov of S. Carolina?” This stupid pig is as bad as Leslie Graham…I don’t get it!!!!!

  2. “And what Ambassador Haley pointed out is it’s very difficult to understand how a political solution could result from the continuation of the Assad regime.”
    (This comment brought to you by Jewish money on behalf of the real problem in the Middle-East: Israel.)

  3. Yes we in S.C. have been screwing up. But in our defense we have a major problem with uninformed Yankee invaders who ran here thinking they are conservative. Yes we are ashamed of Hailey. And soon light in his loafers Lindsey will be gone. Trey Gowdy will rise.

  4. “Rex Tillerson … has finally acted to assert his authority over Nikki Haley…”

    For such a long article, that Duran site said no more re HOW Tillerson has asserted authority over Haley, that I could find. He/she/it never mentioned it again all the way down that article, but only wrote about Haley’s bad deeds for the remainder.

    So what did Tillerson do?

    How did she get hired anyway? Payback by Trump because she stood up for him once or something (if I remember correctly). I remember his tweets saying she was “GREAT.” Blech!

  5. Nikki Haley aka Nimrata Randwaha is an Indian Asian with a chip on her shoulder. Remember, she claims white discrimination against her.
    Of course she resents President Trump.

    Like Clooney’s beard ugly Amal Alamuddin the Islamic Arab. They haye President Trump.
    The twins are not George Clooney’s biologically. Ugly Amal wore a prosthesis until she was last seen in April 2017 which looked so fake when she pretended being 6 months.
    Twins were born to a surrogate using ugly Amal’s eggs & a sperm donor.
    It’s known to many including Enty lawyer who revealed it in a blind on his site CDAN. George Clooney, as part of his contract, is assuming role of fatherhood in order to capatilize on his fading A-list brand Clooney fame.
    The twins look like Amal (bucktooth overbite, big humped nose, bug eyed, manly jaw, gawky physique) & nothing like George Clooney. After all, they’re not his biological children but his PR network is deceiving world for profit.
    Key to this sham arrangement marriage is ugly Amal’s money-laundering arms dealer uncle Ziad Takieddine who supplies arms to Middle East & built a network of Arab contacts who now finance Hollywood film production. Ugly Amal’s delusional mother Baria Alamuddin promotes the sham marriage writing the insipid content in all those gossip media outlets. Ugly Amal legally represented terrorists like Lockerbie bomber Abdullah Senussi linked to her uncle.
    CIA asset George Clooney does as he’s told.
    Ugly Amal is just a publicity stunt.

    My source is close contact of George & his publicist. Family.

      • You’re welcome. Randomly found you. Actually most people are disinterested in Clooney now but think something is off. Popularity plummeted. Alamuddin Amal is an Islamic Arab, ugly & extremely unpopular. Clooney’s career has crashed. Box office liability. 5 film flops in a row. Lost $300million for Disney for Tomorrowland. He has no offers in horizon but Suburbicon in Nov, which he directed.. He wants Best Director Academy Award nomination to reclaim his career. He’s in a total mess.
        Rubbish about Casamigos tequila selling for a billion is more PR lies. Refuted by WSJ & Forbes.
        Diageo paid a fifth of that & Clooney divided it with creditors. Pitch was “potential to make money.
        So much lying & corruption going on. Saddest part is that he makes his 83 year old dad Nick lie for him in KY.
        George can’t even stand the Arab beard “wife.”
        When he drinks he calls her “Ugly Hezbollah”, “Lady Boy” & other offensive names behind her back. Nor has he ever slept with her.
        I don’t like Huma Abedin. Nikki Haley is annoying. But the Arab Islamist Amal Alamuddin is worse than all. Hates Trump. Over-hyped junior lawyer who never led a case in court & majoted in entertainment law. Not human rights.
        A lot of people know the truth about Clooney. Including Trump.

      • If it weren’t so disgusting, it would be funny. No man would want that thing of his for a wife. If they were going to have a beard an attractive one would have fooled more people.

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