7 thoughts on “Students arrested for catfishing sodomite teacher to get nude photos of him

    • Leviticus 19:11: Do not steal. Do not lie. Do not deceive one another.

      I guess you skipped this chapter oh holier than thou one! You are truly the work of the devil as you spread the false words. You might wish to also read the new testament and review what Jesus commanded of ALL his followers…including you…it has something to do with love!

  1. I recommend a short-rope followed by a long drop. It is the only way to be sure. Vile homo. These creatures are incorrigible.

    • I agree, both of the 16 year olds should be hung due to their incredibly insensitive and untruthful work at getting a picture from the teacher.

  2. I doubt Laughingstock could get laid in out in the real world, Gay or not. Maybe thats why some people live their sex lives vicariously through electronic devices. Its that or nothing. You’d think though that a teacher would have a basic professional survival instinct.

  3. Your pulling my leg right. Do you rember the teenager who repeatedly impersonated a Doctor at a local hospital. If he had performed an examination on me and even a minor procedure and then posted it on the internet, who is to blame? If a teen web designer (not uncommon) creates a mirror image of a bank web site and I open an account, who is to blame? If I stupidly give my debit card to my teen babysitter once because of trust or an emergency and they use it fraudulently, I AM responsible, but has no crime been committed? If I have sex with a mature looking minor that had created fraudulent ID to gain access to the hottest club in town, am I a pedophile? You are dead wrong on this and your homophobia may be clouding your judgement.

  4. you really should not make fun of bisexuals/gays. he had no idea about it and you make it sound as if its all his fault. it is not. it was their fault. they were old enough to know this was wrong but proceeded to continue. they are at fault. he should be glad of being one and should stay at the school. as for the kids, they should be expelled and kicked from the school.

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