American Rabbi Calls on God to Destroy Trump Administration as He Did with Sodom and Gomorrah

Am I being “antisemitic” for pointing out the hypocrisy of the Jew in this op-ed that condemns on religious grounds a reasonable conservative economic philosophy.

Despite 30 or 40 percent of our incomes going into wasteful government programs, a Rabbi demands more of our blood.

Excerpt from Jewish Forward by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

Trump, Pence, Ryan and the whole GOP are Sodomites.

This doesn’t mean that they engage in sodomy, per se. Rather, the Republican leadership today is guilty of sins so grievous that God found necessary to destroy their (im)moral forebears in the Torah.

The actual text of the Sodom story in Genesis 18 and 19 doesn’t give us much information about why that city (along with Gomorrah) is so terrible that God decides to destroy it with fire and brimstone. God describes their sin as great and exceedingly serious. Indeed, the story includes a vignette in which the residents of the town demand that Lot hand over his male guests to the residents “so that they might know them” — presumably in a sexual way. (This, of course, is the origin of the term “sodomy.”) However, a parallel scene in Judges 19 in which a woman is handed over, raped and murdered — and the perpetrators condemned — makes it clear that whatever is going on here, the problem isn’t necessarily loving, consensual sex between men.

Interestingly, the Jewish tradition — including Biblical sources — doesn’t even believe that the sin of Sodom is sexual assault, or poor hospitality. Rather, as the prophet Ezekiel says, “This was the guilt of your sister Sodom: arrogance! She and her daughters had plenty of bread and untroubled tranquility, yet she did not support the poor and needy.” The crime so heinous that God torched the whole city was that of hoarding resources and leaving the economically vulnerable to suffer without assistance.

One doesn’t have to look hard to see how this accusation applies to an administration whose proposed budget cuts meal and nutrition assistance for impoverished children, seniors, and pregnant and nursing mothers and infants. The parallel becomes even starker in light of the over $20 million the government has already spent on Trump’s golf trips and $500,000 per day on Melania’s choice to stay in New York. The White House is not only withholding support for our country’s most vulnerable, but burning through public money for their own “untroubled tranquility” and devising tax cuts to further enhance the tranquility of the very wealthy.

But the parallels don’t end there. The Talmud (Sanhedrin 109a) paints Sodom in even starker terms, suggesting that their selfishness and greed caused them to impose something akin to immigration and travel bans. In one place, the Talmud conjectures that the people of Sodom said to themselves, “Why should we suffer wayfarers, who come to us only to deplete our wealth. Come, let us abolish the practice of traveling in our land….” I’m sure they would have built that “big, beautiful wall” if they could have.

On that same folio in Sanhedrin (109b), the Talmud posits that the Sodomites developed an elaborate ruse to exploit the poor under false pretenses. “If a poor man happened to come there,” it reads, “every resident gave him a denar [coin], upon which he wrote his name, but no bread was given [that is, the store owners recognized such coins and refused to accept them]. When he died, each came and took back his [denar].” Hmmm, an elaborate ruse constructed to give people the sense that they’re being cared for, but in the end, reflects a staggering lack of empathy for their health and well-being? A system designed to enable the wealthy to get rich off the suffering and death of the poor? I can only imagine that the Speaker of the Sodomite House would have been impressed with Paul Ryan’s tenacity and determination to pass a Trumpcare bill that is, against all odds, even worse for Americans than its previous iteration.

The situation in our country right now is exceedingly dire. We are in a state of moral emergency, as some of the worst crimes Judaism could imagine are becoming public policy — and becoming normalized. Many people will likely die as a result of the policies of this administration, and many more will be plunged into a deep, irreversible level of poverty. Hungry people will not be fed. The bread of massive corporations will be hoarded, and only the most symbolic of tokens — ultimately useless, ultimately irredeemable — will be offered to those desperate for sustenance and care. It’s bad, and it’s going to get worse as the months go on.

“Hungry people will not be fed,” wrote muh Jew. He lies. This whole piece is intended to lay a guilt trip on white people.

Don’t fall for the Jew’s lies. Resist. You’ve already “shared” your wealth with ungrateful parasites. The Jew wants you the host dead.

Jewish socialism is an alien presence in America. It ignores the Constitution. It ignores the rule of law.

11 thoughts on “American Rabbi Calls on God to Destroy Trump Administration as He Did with Sodom and Gomorrah

  1. From what I’ve read of the Jewish Talmud, its contents are as hatefully racist as anything found in the Koran.

  2. As usual, the antiChrist bastard is lying, distorting and spreading disinformation. But then again, its lips are moving…
    The talmud is indeed ‘rayciss’ , but centers mainly on fecal material, blood, illicit sex/paedophilia and subjecting/cheating/murdering the goy. Typical jew stuff. The koran is mostly about murder and paedophilia.

    The Bible is pretty racist too ; God created the different races for whatever reason and makes it pretty clear that they are different for a reason. He is VERY clear that His people – us – are to remain separate and not mix with the others. Period. If dat be rayciss, then so be it…

  3. No where in the Bible does God authorize any state to be the steward of charity and neither did Jesus set up a partnership with the gov’t for those same purposes. Those ‘sins’ do not apply to gov’t entities but to the individual. Muh Rabbi is so far out he’s not even in the stadium. Besides, no one comes to the Father save by the Son. Muh Rabbi may as well call upon Zeus.

    • actually, the Bible is very plain that charity begins at HOME and that he who doesnt help for HIS OWN is worse than in infidel ; this does NOT include those outside of your/our race or foreign invaders. And you are correct youghn, it is NOT a govt function but an individual thing that may most efficiently dispersed thru a local congregation.

  4. Oh and btw kike-boy….queers arent called sodomites for their arrogance. Of course, yids just call them rabbi….

  5. They have exerted near to full control of Trump and family, and yet they continue to pump out this kind of theatre to make it look as though they haven’t. This is Jew-disinformation.

  6. I have stated before that there will be blood when our Caucasian Blood-God settles on the streets, and we evil YT’s finally reclaim our barbarian natures to slake our thirst with their blood. I have so many guns and so much ammo that it will be interesting to know what blood-lust feels like as we mow (((them))) and their colored minions down in the streets. That all seems a bit gauche, but living in the first-world makes us effete and too-civilized nancy-boys.

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