Alt-Right Backstabbed by Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day Speech

Should we on the alt-right continue to support President Donald Trump in spite of his flip-flops, shifting positions, and odd behavior?

Consider hugely popular Tweeter Linda Suhler, Ph.D.:

It’s foolish to support any politician no matter what. It’s just as foolish to wish your guy to fail after only 100 days in office.

The middle ground is best. Support your guy, but make it clear to him that you want him to try to fulfill his campaign promises.

Imagine yourself as Donald Trump. Your enemies include John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan, and just about every Democrat. It has to be daunting to wake up every day with those enemies AND the press slashing away at you.

Words are cheap. Watch the Donald’s moves. Praising Jews doesn’t bother me much. Supporting the Jewish agenda does. I admit it’s not looking good, but the game has just started. Keep the faith a little while longer if you can.

So what are prominent alt-right figures saying about Trump these days, after initially supporting him?

Jewish Forward

White nationalists and the “alt-right” were dismayed by President Trump’s remarks at a Holocaust remembrance speech on Tuesday, seeing in the speech further evidence of a betrayal to their cause.

“You can never appease the Jews,” wrote Benjamin Garland at the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer. “Give them an inch and they want a mile. The only way to deal with them is to ignore them and/or tell them to shut their filthy mouths.”

Garland bemoaned what he saw as a turnaround for Trump. Months ago he was “a man who knew how the Jews operate and as a man with enough self-respect to not be publicly humiliated by them by bowing to their every whim and demand.”

But Jews “have their ratlike claws deep in him now,” Garland wrote.

Former Ku Klux Klan head David Duke also railed against Trump in the hours after the speech and decried the fact that the Holocaust is remembered annually.

“Why is the so called Holocaust the only atrocity to receive its very own ‘Remembrance Proclamation’? Jewish privilege,” he wrote on twitter.

“Do you not have any power?” Duke went on, directing his message at Trump. “Why are you surrounding yourself with the enemies of the American people?”

Duke is no longer a member of the KKK but is seen as an elder figure in white supremacist or nationalist circles and has more than 30,000 Twitter followers. Not all white nationalists or members of the “alt-right” are as focused on so-called “Jewish supremacy” as Duke, who dedicates much of his Twitter feed to the theme.

Like the most anti-Semitic elements of the “alt-right,” Duke now sees Trump as a sort of Jewish puppet.

“Alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer, who calls himself a white nationalist or an Identitarian had much more tempered criticism. Spencer, unlike some on the “alt-right,” is not a Holocaust denier and has even praised Zionism as a form of nationalism he admires.

“Did Trump crib his speech from a History Channel DVD? Sounds like it. Every ’90s Holocaust cliché was sounded,” Spencer wrote on Twitter.

For some, the Holocaust remembrance was seen as part of a broader trend — and tied to Trump’s recent strikes in Afghanistan and Syria, which they see as being spearheaded by Jared Kushner, Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, and his daughter Ivanka Trump. They also criticize Trump for choosing Gary Cohn, former president of Goldman Sachs, as an economic advisor.

On the blog Occidental Dissent, Brad Griffen, who runs the website and goes by the name Hunter Wallace, also wrote that Trump’s Holocaust remembrance was a betrayal.

“We voted for ‘Make America Great Again,’” he wrote. “We wanted an independent country. Instead, we got Jarvanka, Gary Cohn and a bunch of globalist neocons foaming at the mouth to start new wars.”

Trump has publicly disavowed both the “alt-right” and Duke specifically, but many supporters in these circles have held out in the hopes the administration would still bolster their loosely-organized movement.

In the video below, an alleged FBI whistleblower claims that the Trump White House has been compromised. Not by Jews, though, but by the Muslim Brotherhood. Is there any evidence for that? Or is this a Jewish diversionary tactic?

35 thoughts on “Alt-Right Backstabbed by Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day Speech

  1. From this point on, I am treating WN and anti semitism as two different topics, and I don’t find WN useful or reliable. There’s no two ways about it. Trump is a jew. He and his family should be destroyed. The alt-right should be renamed the alt kike. Since whites are not loyal and not to be trusted politically, I believe hispanics should be embraced and educated about the jews.

    My next step in the classroom will be to bring my 20 peso bill that I brought home from a family vacation in the eighties when I was a pre-teen. I will explain to them what happened, as this bill is worth 10% of its original value, since it s a pre 1994 peso. I will explain who you can’t just devalue a gold or silver coin.

    • Oh yea like Hispanic or Mexican or any other group in politics isn’t compromised… need to educate your people on the JUs everyone should be told real history, but don’t act like your people are so great..good & bad in all groups! I’ll bet a lot of your people aren’t trustworthy either…l

      • Too many of my people make money and are captive to jew pensions, or go off to fight in the nice little jew wars. It’s using what you’ve got. I am saying WN and anti semitism are two different things. I’ve got a lot of working class hispanics who have no idea what an inflation tax is that live all over my area.

  2. Here’s a doozie… I guess as a “Gemini Twin/Dual Personality,” Trump wants it all… (and I don’t even believe in “horrorscopes”):


    Linda Suhler truly was a great pro-Trump twitterer during the campaign, but now she sounds like a female version of Mitchell. Maybe we should hook them up. How old is she? 🙂

    And “Jarvanka,” good word play.

      • Twitter + Politics = Love Is In The Air…

        Trump Matchmaking Service…

        Linda & Bill both are doggedly positive, that’s for sure. I don’t know whether to admire their FAITH or think they are blind, so I’ll settle in the middle somewhere & keep watching.

  3. Look at the ((jerk))) who did this video??? Another disinformation agent! Don’t concern yourself with the man behind the curtain….All these pricks get paid to divert attention from the real puppet masters the JUs! Read their writings,read their newspapers..they admit everything and brag about it! Muslims are just JU tools for destruction

    • Rand Paul donned the beenie and humped the wall.since then I don’t trust him either. ((Jared))will push Trumpenstein closer and closer to the wall and before you know it, with rabid rabis cheering, the humping will begin. 👎🇮🇱👹♨️

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  5. “We voted for ‘Make America Great Again,’” he wrote. “We wanted an independent country. Instead, we got (((Jarvanka))), (((Gary Cohn))) and a bunch of (((globalist neocons))) foaming at the mouth to start new wars.”
    Trump has publicly disavowed both the “alt-right” and Duke specifically”.

    I note for the umpteenth time that Richard Spencer, Nazi, succeeded in this blow to the alt-right single handed with the aid of a few Jews doing Nazi salutes. Spencer was the choirmaster “Hail Trump”! What a tool of the Jews he was that night, and he knew it.

    Even real Nazis and skinheads should drop the swastika and Sieg Heils. They will always alienate 1000 people for every one who is attracted to the cause. Hitler lost, Mussolini lost. Aping them will also lose 100% for sure. Time for new ideas and new strategies.

    I have an instinct and Great White Hope that Yugoslavia may be the future for whites. Maybe only 5% of the males “man and up” and start fighting for self determination – freedom. The rest either take a side, hide or run away to where their ethnic group is stronger. In the end, when the smoke clears, you have Croats living with Croats, Serbs living with Serbs. The End and a very happy end and it can happen everywhere and ASAP. The death toll in truly “multicultural” white countries will be staggering, say Sweden, France, Canada etc. Too bad, it is best that it happens and the sooner the better. No need to deport, detain or imprison dead people, just bury them. These ethnic cleansing wars could also end feminism and Jew control of the population.

  6. I’m done with trump, I believe he was in on it all the time and that we were duped once again. I now believe that we will never change the system through the means we are allowed to use. They are dug in too deep and only violence will root them out. How bad do the younger people want their freedom? I’m too old to be of any use fighting but I can be of use in other ways. I will never vote again as it is pointless.

    • It’s possible that he’s a phony, but don’t forget that the things he was saying in the campaign he was tweeting years earlier. I think he’s real, but easily swayed, especially by Jarvanka. Things would be worse if Hillary were occupying the White House–much worse in my view. Donald was never the final solution, but a step toward the solution. I voted for the first time in my life when I voted for Trump. I don’t regret it yet because the satisfaction from seeing Hillary lose was worth it alone.

      • One of the main reasons I voted for Trump was because I wanted to see Hillarys head explode when she lost! Trumps election has awakened a lot of people to who’s running the show, including fake news and the insane Hollywood taught mental illness ..Jewed up judges and compromised politicians…if nothing else !

  7. Our New Fuhrer is quite jew-wise. He has been out-smarting them his whole career. Sadly, we jew-aware evil YT, anti-semite Naziswhowanttokillsixgorillionjews, are in a very small minority. Here are a couple of questions to ponder. How many of you Saboteurs personally know a jew or have a jew friend or acquaintance? How many of you have ever met a jew or had business dealings/interactions with jews? I am willing to lay my money that very few of us if any. This is because the jew hates and despises us goyim. Their religion and teachings command them to avoid interaction with us goyim. Their Talmud teaches them the same principle as exists in the Koran for the muslims which is the concept of “taqiyya”. This principle states that it is perfectly acceptable for jews to lie, cheat, steal, and deceive us goyim. Bottom line up front is that there are so many YT’s still asleep in the Jew Matrix, that anyone who calls out the jew will be curb-stomped by the Jew Matrix and all of the goyim who are still plugged-in to the Jew Matrix.

      • Why do jews become lawyers? Because they get paid whether they win or lose. Quite the racket.

    • One of my neighbors, now retired, is a staunch conservative Jew who is hated by most everyone on his block mainly because he’s Jewish. He’s very friendly and likes to talk with the neighbors, so if they are outside, he will walk over to visit. They don’t like that, calling him a pest, but have no problem with other neighbors.

      His wife has dementia, 2 boys live far away, so I suppose he gets rather lonely. He does love his dog a lot, saddened that she’s getting old.

      We have a few older non-Jewish folks not in the best of health who live alone. Although, they can more than afford it and have children who can help, he takes them meals, never asking for anything in return.

      He frequently visits with my father when he’s visiting us, probably because both are history buffs and like to talk about world affairs. He said several times, “Your father is the only one I can talk to.”

      I don’t expect anyone to empathize with this man, but not all are stereotypically Jewish.

      • Great comment. I’ve written it before, but it probably gets lost in the “antisemitism” that some would claim exists here: My quarrel is with all liberals, including liberal Jews, not the 20 percent of Jews who are conservative. I may or may not like the personalities of some conservative Jews, but I don’t like the personalities of some conservative Christians too. Our problem is that Jewish money controls our politics and our culture. Your neighbor has no part in that. And basically, I like anyone who likes dogs. So, good luck to him and his canine buddy.

  8. The Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated the White House when Obama was there, but some have been ousted. I think their influence is mostly gone.

    Suhler and Mitchell should get together. Naïve to put that much faith into anyone!

    Listening to (((Mnunchin))), can’t tell you how many times he said, “President Trump wants this” and this is the direction we are going.” Cohn appears to be an alright guy, too.

    “We are trying to drive the economy, we are trying to drive growth, we are trying to drive more income back into American consumers’ pockets. We want to take Washington out of the equation. We want people to keep more of their hard-earned income,” Cohn told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

    Of course, they could be lying.

    I’m more concerned about Kushner and Ivanka.

    Although, angry too, I think the Holocaust Remembrance Day was just a way to get Jews to shut up about imagined slights. It must be difficult dealing with all these self absorbed overly sensitive races and ethnicities, one of the many reasons multiculturalism doesn’t work, so I’m giving him a pass on this one.

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