Black Girl Wears Black Lives Matter Dress to Prom.

We all know what would happen in Black Run America (BRA) if a white student wore a message to his/her prom that indicated that “White Lives Matter.”

That student would be banned from the prom, while being stalked and demonized on social media.

But black privilege led to a different outcome for a Negress in a Black Lives Matter prom dress.


It’s a prom dress with a message, and it is a message that is going viral on social media.

Milan Bolden-Morris wore a customized dress to her prom honoring the Black Lives Matter movement, featuring black and white images of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice and others.

Morris shared the photo on her Instagram page with the caption: “Yes I’m black. Yes I’m 17. Yes GOD is using me to convey a message that is bigger than me.”

The photo has garnered a lot of attention, both positive and negative, on social media. The Palm Beach senior is also a basketball star, having been recognized by The Palm Beach Post as an “all-area player.”

She will continue her basketball career in Massachusetts at Boston College.

I believe it may have been a couple of years ago that I posted a piece on a school in Georgia that has a separate white and black prom. That’s the way to do these things. Everyone is happier that way.

This girl should have been banned from wearing the dress, but white administrators wouldn’t have the guts and black administrators love the idea I’m sure.

One more thing. I believe the Negroette is a fame whore, looking to be on television. Notice all the celebrities that she contacted in her Instagram post.

5 thoughts on “Black Girl Wears Black Lives Matter Dress to Prom.

  1. And I’m sure GOD would not have her posing like a sexpot.

    Even the guy with her looks embarrassed.

    As for the BLM dress, it would take a gown with a train a hundred miles long to fit in all the faces of white people victimized by blacks… something like this:

    “World’s longest wedding dress train is 1.85 miles long. … A Romanian wedding salon has designed a dress that has the world’s longest train, as designated by the Guinness World Book of Records. Mar 26, 2012.”

  2. Sickens me how all the white people are offended by her dress. I guess it really makes you so uneasy huh? Negroette? So racist and ignorant of you. Poorly written article. I guess this is why it’s on a blog. Her dress speaks so much truth it blinds you. Pure ignorance and negativity has corrupted your mindset. But I’ll wait for you to say ooh black on black crime is still on the rise .. oh What about that all lives matter and that white people are still being victimized by black people. Yada yada booboo. As a black female I already come to the conclusion that racism amd America go hand in hand. It’s inevitable. So I’ll stick to my beautiful black race and scream with my right fist pump high all hail the black race! Power to my people.

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