Mestizo Charged with Rape and Murder of Beautiful Young Christian Woman


It’s a reasonably safe bet that the rapist/killer of Tiffany Thrasher is an illegal immigrant from Central America or Mexico.

Trump’s Wall would have kept him out of the States. I have suspicions that once the whole truth comes out about him that we’ll learn that he has a criminal record in the States but was not deported.

If you follow these kinds of crimes, you’ll notice that pretty young white females are targeted by these filthy animals.

CBS Local Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — A 29-year-old migrant construction worker has been arrested in Florida for the rape and strangling death of a 33-year-old woman in her apartment in Schaumburg.

Bulmaro Mejia-Maya has been charged with first-degree murder, home invasion, and aggravated criminal sexual assault in the death of Tiffany Thrasher, Schaumburg Police Detective Cmdr. Kurt Metzger said Thursday.

Thrasher was found dead in her apartment at 2605 Clipper Drive on Easter Sunday. Police had visited the home after her friends requested a well-being check when she did not show up for church services.

Metzger said Mejia-Maya lived in a neighboring building in the same apartment complex, and had been living there for at least six months. Investigators do not know if they knew each other, but said it’s possible they had crossed paths before. One neighbor says Mejia-Maya and his friends would frequently sit on a balcony that had a direct line of sight to Thrasher’s apartment unit.

In a Facebook post, Thrasher’s sister, Misty King, called her “a loving, happy young lady,” and said her death was a “devastating loss.”

“She found her one true love in Jesus, she loved her church, her family, her canine children and her Chicago Cubs,” King said.

Investigators tied Mejia-Maya to the murder based on interviews and physical evidence. They learned he might have fled to Florida after killing Thrasher. U.S. marshals arrested him Wednesday night in Jacksonville.

Schaumburg detectives have questioned Mejia-Maya, who allegedly made “incriminating statements” after his arrest, according to Metzger.

Metzger said police believe the rape and murder was random.

“Right now we don’t have anything to believe that it was anything other,” he said.

Police earlier said investigators believe Thrasher’s killer got in through an unlocked window.

An extradition hearing has been scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Metzger said investigators are reviewing more than 200 pieces of physical evidence, possibly including DNA.

It’s ridiculous for the police to call this murder random. The killer had seen his victim, stalked her, and waited for the right moment to strike. His reward will be life in an American prison, with a higher quality of life that he would never have in his native Central America.

One more thing. Since I know these kinds of monsters, there’s a very good chance that he raped the girl after she was dead. And probably did it more than once.

13 thoughts on “Mestizo Charged with Rape and Murder of Beautiful Young Christian Woman

  1. Another YT pays the diversity tax. I watched Tucker Carlson interview a Long Island police chief regards their MS-13 infestation/crime. TC asked him what they were doing about the problem. The chief cuck explained that they were “aggressively targeting” the gang by building intelligence to bring racketeering cases against the gang like the authorities used against the Mafia. These stupid a**holes are fighting the last war with their cuck methods. MS-13, all gangs, and illegals need to be exterminated mercilessly like rats. These cuck a**holes just do not get it. We will die as a race, because we lost touch with our Germanic, Celtic, and Nordic barbarian roots. We will die because of our “civilized natures”. There is a time and a place for a righteous application of blood and violent aggression.

    • Yea that might be what it takes ..this is planned genocide of the white race by the Zionist filth that runs the world..just like in Europe…why hasn’t Liberal loving Israel taken in any refugees from all the wars they cause and fund? What about the wonderful Muslims of Saudi Arabia with actual air conditioned tents for refugees..yet they take NO refugees either from the wars they fund ??? It’s all by JU design..they hate white Christians and ,still to this day want us exterminated!

  2. I live in Schaumburg Illinois, I’m not sure if the local police have yet to utter the words,” Illegal immigrant”. Obama’s policies help to murder Tiffany, the guy was arrested in Utah for drugs, then in Florida for stabbing a guy. I’m sure that now we will spend millions on his defense and appeals.

  3. And yet Trump said OK to allowing something like 36,000 DACA’s to stay put here. You know, the “Dreamers” that he previously said during his campaign he wanted the Dreamers to be American kids, not the illegal kids.

    4/22/17: “Trump: DREAMers Should ‘Rest Easy’; Prosecuting Assange ‘OK With Me'”:


  4. That is terrible re the young girl in the post. Apartment complexes are not even safe anymore. That guy is gross. I’m glad they caught him already, not that that will bring her back.

    Here’s another of your mudshark type examples. You may have seen it in Duke’s feed. This one from Europe:

    • Her boyfriend was from Cape Verde. They had worked at a dolphin aquarium together where acid is used to clean the water filters. She broke up with him, then he stalked her endlessly & eventually poured that acid over her head & in her face. She said he was always a nice guy when they dated. It was only after the breakup that he turned insanely jealous.

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