Troll Makes App that Replaces “White” with “Jew” to Show Anti-White Racism


An “alt-right” Twitter troll has made a new Internet plug-in that replaces the term “white” with “Jew,” in an apparent effort to show that the media discriminates against white people.

In a video attached to his tweet, the troll identifying himself as “Uncle Chang” applies his plug-in to news like Salon, Alternet and the Huffington Post, generating headlines that include “The Jews Must Be Stopped” and “Could It Be Time To Deny The Jews The Franchise?”

“Uncle Chang,” whose Twitter profile includes a racist photo of Asian men, brags in the self-description section that he’s a contributor to InfoWars, the “alt-right” fake news site that has promoted conspiracy theories, including the one that Michelle Obama is secretly a man who murdered Joan Rivers. His profile includes a link to a personal Web site called “”

This is the Twitter video showing how the racism simulator works.

3 thoughts on “Troll Makes App that Replaces “White” with “Jew” to Show Anti-White Racism

  1. Any comments about Jews, even quoting their own literature and newspapers got me banned from…Mother Jones,Huffington Post and a bunch of fake news sites ..You can not state any truth about them even if it comes directly from the (((tribe)))

  2. Funny video clip. If he “gets in trouble” for using the J word, just use white but put it in parenthesis (((white))). Most internet savvy people would get the point. Though it would be hilarious to see ALL appropriate headlines at ALL TIMES point to the (((guilty))).

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