California Senate Leader: Trump Immigration Crackdown ‘Based on Principles of White Supremacy’


A big shot beaner lectures the President of the United States on American values.


His kind are soon to be thrown upon the scrap heap of history. Culturally speaking, he would be a better fit with Mexico than with the USA.


California senate leader Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) has claimed that the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement crackdown is based on the “principles of white supremacy,” after the federal government threatened to withhold $20 million in criminal justice grants from the state of California.

“It has become abundantly clear that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration are basing their law enforcement policies on principles of white supremacy — not American values,” de León said in a statement. “Their constant and systematic targeting of diverse cities and states goes beyond constitutional norms and will be challenged at every level.”

Sen. de León’s comments come after the Department of Justice warned the state of California that it could lose $20 million in criminal justice grants should it fail to enforce policies under the new administration’s immigration crackdown.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly warned localities protecting illegals from deportation, known as “sanctuary cities,” that they risk losing federal funding should they fail to comply with federal immigration law. The administration is also publishing a weekly list of crimes committed by illegal aliens residing in sanctuary cities.

On a visit to the southern border on Friday, Sessions described de León’s claim as “kind of extremist statement that I totally reject,” urging jurisdictions such as California and New York to “reconsider” their position.

Meanwhile, Californian Assemblyman James Gallagher (R-Yuba) ridiculed it as a “ridiculous statement.”

“Nobody here is talking about the state becoming an immigration agency or doing ICE’s job for them. It’s about whether you comply with federal law,” Gallagher told The LA Times.

In February this year, de León revealed that “half [his] family are here illegally” under false documents and would be eligible for deportation under government policy. He then went on to push legislation making California a “Sanctuary State,” which prohibits state law enforcement agencies in California from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

Now that we know that de Leon’s family members are illegals, let’s get on the ball and deport them all.

7 thoughts on “California Senate Leader: Trump Immigration Crackdown ‘Based on Principles of White Supremacy’

  1. Oakland City Council member, (((Dan Kalb))), who’s asking for workplaces to be designated sanctuary workplaces was asked by Tucker what he thought about calling those running the government White Supremacists. HA! Should have seen him stutter, stumble, lie. As usual Tucker caught him with his pants down!

  2. In the USA whites are not Supreme. Jews are.
    This De Leon guy is himself very likely Jewish.
    A member of the Supremacist tribe and not a victim.

    • The name De Leon is of Spanish origin. As in Juan Ponce de Leon who discovered Florida in 1513 (& Puerto Rico prior to that). Hence, both DeLeon & Ponce de Leon could be Sephardic Jews, as you say.

      –“In late March of 1513, his ships landed on Florida’s east coast near present-day St. Augustine. He claimed this beautiful land for Spain. Since he had discovered this country of lavish landscape and beautiful beaches, he was entitled to name it. He named it La Florida (LAH flow REE dah) or ‘place of flowers.'”

      • So, I don’t know about Kevin De Leon, but this other guy, who has had his DNA tested, claims…

        “There is a very strong Jewish bloodline within the Ponce de Leon familia”:

      • As to the subject of Saboteur’s post, I’m sick to death of these whining Commie-crybabies.

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