Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner (Minus His PP) to Be Tucker’s First Guest in New Timeslot Monday


Will I be watching?

Hell, no. Not even if I had TV.

Read the comments at Variety. Tucker’s fans are NOT happy.


Caitlyn Jenner will be interviewed by Tucker Carlson Monday, the Fox News host’s first night in Bill O’Reilly’s old timeslot.

Jenner will appear on the 8 p.m. ET telecast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” The Olympian and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star will discuss President Donald Trump and the current divide in American politics.

Fox News on Wednesday announced that Carlson would move from 9 p.m. to 8 p.m., taking over the primetime lead-off spot from “The O’Reilly Factor.” The network officially parted ways with O’Reilly this week amid a sexual harassment controversy.

Caitlyn is going to show off his/her/its new female body by going full nude in a magazine, Vanity Fair if I recall correctly. We can all enjoy the sight of a man minus his d*ck when the photos are published.


The surgeon that did the work said the process is very hard to complete and they usually give the patient a year to decide whether or not to go through with the surgery.



The Daily Mail explained how the surgery works in an article last year.

This Daily Mail article from April 10 of this year discusses the transformation.


26 thoughts on “Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner (Minus His PP) to Be Tucker’s First Guest in New Timeslot Monday

  1. Jesus H. Christ. PJ, first it was that fat negress and now this. You owe me for one beer and one Subway sammich, plus the clean-up charge for my carpet.

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  3. Seriously, is anyone with an IQ higher than a squirrel really interested in what a mentally ill degenerate has to say about Donald Trump and the state of American politics?

    Tucker started out great. But now it seems that he’s been kiked. I guess it happens to all of them.

  4. I am watching Tucker Carlson, right now, interview some kike Oakland, CA city council-member. TC is asking about their sanctuary city policy, MS-13 gang-bangers in Oakland, and illegal aliens all around. This stereotypical Christ-killer (watch the YouTube clip tomorrow to see the jew physiognomy) is utterly deluded. We need a New Final Solution for kikes, niggers, and all other non-Caucasians.

  5. Everyone hates white women or really the Germanic white woman. Hitler made sure that millions of them were killed in Berlin and by opening up Germany such that millions of Germanic females could get raped.

    Anyway, the war continues. The resurrection and then proiferation of the Germanic race lies within the psyche of the American and British females. Yep. These countries have freedom, though weak, and women are exercising their right to have the children that THEY want through advanced reproductive medicine and not what is being forced upon them by enslaving marriage laws and societal taboos put out by Judaism two aka Christ Insanity.

    Medicine is freeing the Germanic Goddess. Medicine and choice. The Jew media can continue to put out fake boobie trollups and hairy vagina girls but images of Doris Day and Haley Mills still live on. Fake tittie and face painted hoe Pam Anderson won’t nor will hairy poon bitch. Nor will Trump’s Botox bitch Ivanka.

    Hitler could not kill the goddess. Napoleonic marriage could not enslave the goddess. Germania and Britannia live on. Isn’t it ironic that later in live Bruce Jenner found freedom in embracing his inner woman?

    Isn’t it ironic that in an age that has pushed toxic masculine entitlement to the fore that the spirit of freedom rings through the actions of everyday Germanic women who wish just to be mothers of ‘the whitest children’ who choose to be mothers on their own at the expense of losing the esteemed ( um yeah, bullshyte) role of wife?

  6. This site has told me that Tucker Carlson is great and how he fearlessly ridicules lefties and the politically correct. His first big money show will give him a chance to prove it, by mocking Bruce Jenner, freak. How can an old man caked in makeup and surgically altered possibly be sexually appealing to anyone? Exception, the wallet factor in those cases where it applies. Jenner is now close to 70. Not my idea of sexy whether he is male or female.

    Carlson can mock the media propaganda freak, or he can be kind and sensitive and totally sell out. So maybe Tucker Carlson fans should watch to see which way their hero turns.
    I already know what (((Rupert Murdoch))) wants, because his media empire has been promoting Jenner as a model to aspire to.

    Where do women stand on this weirdness? Old men get their dicks cut off and try to look sexually desirable to young men.
    Thus any women that supports trend this is crazy in my book. Even lezzos should hate it. Trannies are men pretending to be women and thus are competing with women in all spheres of life including winning male partners. Such as big money singing and acting jobs. Men are taller on average and this gives trannies an unfair advantage. Ginger on Gilligans Island is a man and the freak should never have got the job. A sexy woman should have been hired. Many other TV shows have done the same sick and anti woman thing.

    In a healthy society, Bruce Jenner would have received zero publicity for his sex change except in a sensationalist shock horror tabloid way. He should be in a freak show in sideshow alley. Laughed at or pitied, not admired as a role model.

    • I don’t know if Ginger (Tina Louise) is a man, but I do know that she’s a Jew. In my youth I was repelled by her and a number of other so-called sexy stars. I did not know at the time why. I now know it’s because of the Jewy look.

    • I am really not about trannies. That being said, I find it fascinating how many men who become trannies do so later in life. Perhaps it is an outward expression of them embracing their repressed feminine side.

      It is truly a crazy world, but really it always has been:)

      • Roy-

        The williams sisters look like they have taken many steroids. The whole Joyner -Kersee track and field clan from the 80s did yet never once did they get caught. Yeah because officials in the DieVersity Olympics do not get paid off to look the other way regarding steroid use.

    • Could you elaborate on Ginger? What evidence do you have? Btw…..what do you think about Serena William’s pregnancy? Were you one who thinks the Williams sisters were boys? Not being confrontational………..just curious.

      • . Ginger looks like a tranny I guess and more men dug Mary Ann who was shorter and curvier and blah blah. And I guess the Williams’ sisters look to manly.

        Who the fuck knows?

        Regardless with all the so called make up products out here and tweezing of eye brows and boob jobs and dye jobs and whatever…. to me most millenials looks like trannies. Truly.

        Bring back the models from the 80s…. Carol Alt, Cheryl Tiegs…. Christie Brinkley…. truly pretty tall slender not anorexic yet had hips etc and were women!

        Has anyone seen pictures of Donna Mills as she ages into her 70s? Google that shyte.

        Those ladies are real…

        Oh yes, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Gorgeous.

  7. Back in his sports days he looked so good, it’s a shame that such a handsome man with a nice body became this abomination.
    These people should be locked up in a mental clinic and have absolutely no right to talk about politics. Disgusting.

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