Black Cop Who Dumped His Emaciated Dog in Trash Arrested


Blacks seem to commit animal abuse at a much higher rate than the general population. It’s another form of cultural enrichment that diversity brings to your town and mine.

Inside Edition

A police officer who allegedly dumped his emaciated dog in a trash bag in a Philadelphia park has been arrested.

Michael Long, an 11-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, is accused of leaving the pit bull for dead in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley Park last November. Long, 33, surrendered to police on Thursday.

A dog walker alerted the SPCA after seeing the pup’s nose sticking out from a trash bag. Photos taken shortly after she was found show her cowering on the ground, with her rib bones visible through her fur.

The SPCA took in the 3-year-old dog, who has been renamed Cranberry.

They learned she had a microchip, which they say led them to Long.

Following months of treatment, Cranberry was adopted, the SPCA told

“Cranberry is doing wonderfully now,” spokesperson Gillian Kocher said. “She is in her new forever home, has recovered completely physically and has the same sweet and loving personality that she has always had.”

She was adopted by a man who followed her story on the news, Kocher said.

“He was so touched by her story that he came in to make a donation and met her,” she said. “He returned twice while she was recovering, and when she was ready to go home, he made it official.”

Following the investigation by the SPCA, Long surrendered himself to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit on Thursday.

He is charged with two misdemeanors for animal cruelty, one misdemeanor for possession of an instrument of crime, and a summary charge of animal cruelty, police said.

“He has not acknowledged any wrong doing in this case as of this time,” Kocher said.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross has suspended Long for 30 days with the intent to dismiss at the end of the 30 days, police said in a statement. He was assigned to the 18th District.

This story was posted on the web about a month ago. Long should be gone soon.

5 thoughts on “Black Cop Who Dumped His Emaciated Dog in Trash Arrested

  1. Please delete the last line of this blog (and this message too) as it can be used to identify you via that petition link. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  2. Animals abusing animals. Who thought it was a good idea to take anthropoid apes/Homo erectus, and give them guns and badges?

  3. Just a heads-up that yesterday, in Seattle, three police officers were shot when three niggers tried to commit a robbery. The police locked down a few city blocks, because the niggers fled and took hostages. I read the article and lo and behold, the Seattle Police Deputy Chief is a sheboon. After I saw that, I had no empathy for the LEO’s. As a matter of fact, I have no respect for the police anymore, because they have all cucked-out since the 50’s allowing sh*t-apes to become law-enforcement officers. In 1988, a police recruiter in my home-town told me, on the QT, that his department had five police officer slots open all of the time trying to find negro candidates to fill them. He told me that the department recruited in other states, but could not find any candidates or takers. So, my home-town police department had five police officer slots that evil YT’s (they deprived five evil white men the opportunity/job) could have filled, but instead left them open waiting for sh*t-beasts to fill them. My best friend is a deputy sheriff in a sheriff’s department and will retire soon. He told me about ten years ago that he was seeking a job change, so he went to other cities’ police departments to apply for police officer jobs. At one department, he was sitting in the recruiting office, and the police chief walked-in all excited, because he had seen that my buddy’s name was Leroy (who is an evil YT) and wanted to meet him. The chief had assumed that my buddy was a negro, and I guess figured that he had found his unicorn. Is that not a load of sh*t?

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