White Female Principal Suspended for Disciplining Pervert Refugee FIRST GRADER

Ye Gods, these turd world “refugees” start their shananigans early in life.

One of the first graders at Edison elementary, a refugee, was running around school pulling down his pants, exposing his private parts.

A white American woman principal is now in deep trouble for the nonviolent means she used to punish the mini miscreant.


SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake City School District has placed Edison Elementary Principal Laurie Lacy on leave, and Salt Lake City Police have launched an investigation, following an incident that police said ended with DCFS getting involved.

Police and the school district would not give exact details of the incident, but a source close to the situation told Fox 13 that Lacy told a student to pull his pants down in her office as a punishment.

Detective Greg Wilking with Salt Lake City Police said the incident took place on April 7.

The source told Fox 13 that a teacher brought the student, a refugee they thought to be in the first grade, to Lacy’s office after the student kept pulling his pants down during school.

Lacy told the student to take his pants off in her office, the source said.

The student had no underwear on, the source explained, and Lacy forced him to sit half-naked in a chair in the corner of her office.

At least a few teachers were in the office during the situation and witnessed it happen, said the source. The person wasn’t sure how long the student sat in the chair without pants on.

FOX 13 asked Lacy for comment and she replied with the following:

“Thank you for the opportunity. I am not able to comment at this time. When I am permitted to do so I can give you statement.”

Det. Wilking said the school district and DCFS reported the incident to police on April 12. He said Special Victims Unit detectives are investigating the case, because it’s somewhat sexual in nature and involves a young boy.

Because the case is in such an early stage, he wouldn’t comment further.

Jason Olsen from the Salt Lake School District, sent Fox 13 this statement:

“The district was made aware of the allegations involving the principal at Edison Elementary several days ago and immediately started a comprehensive investigation, including placing the principal on leave. We are also fully cooperating with police in their investigation.”

The more nonwhite the schools in America become, the more chaos there is, according to the evidence we see in the news. The youngster in this case would be from the Middle East, humping goats back in his homeland due to his mental retardation by Western standards.

Back in the Middle East the pupil would probably have been harshly dealt with. Laurie Lacy’s effort to shame him to keep his pants on wouldn’t work since the junior goat humper is incapable of shame.

The chances of her keeping her job appear dim. She’s another victim of diversity.

4 thoughts on “White Female Principal Suspended for Disciplining Pervert Refugee FIRST GRADER

  1. Thomas Edison would roll over in his grave. He would say “Why did I bother”.

    This principal was wise. In nature, punishment is swift and consistent with the crime. If a puppy or kitten bites its mother (or sibling) too hard, they will get a painful nip which teaches them they went too far. This woman did exactly the same thing. She was allowed no other punishment options which would have worked. No smacking, hitting, caning, throwing down the well, burying in the wood etc.

    Black and Muslim refugees are animals and should be left in their home country – or be a refugee in the nearest safe country. Never moved forever 10,000 miles to safety.

    This principal should be hired by Trump to be the Federal Director of Education – whatever the correct title is.

  2. Utah is nigger-fuxxated now. The Mormon cult has kow-towed and cucked to the nigger to show its “muh tolerance”. F*ck those Mormon sh*t-heads.

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