St. Louis Negro Kills Two White Men at Random, Then Kills Self

On the heels of the Fresno hate shootings that targeted random whites, this example of black on white crime is most likely racially motivated. The police deny any racial motivation, however.


ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Police say that three men are dead after a shooting in west St. Louis at around 11:15 a.m. The shooting happened at a Laclede Gas work site in the 5900 block of Minerva in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood. Investigators are calling the random shooting a murder suicide.

Police say the suspect walked up to one of the workers at a job site and shot and killed him. The other worker came out of the backhoe to see what was happening. The suspect then shot and killed that worker. He then turned the gun on himself. There are no signs of a struggle. A witness says the shooter kept firing at the victims after they were down on the ground.

One of the workers was in his 20s and the other was in his 50s. Police say the suspect was a man in his 30s or 40s.

Police say witnesses called police about the shooting. People in the neighborhood recognized the suspect, but did not know him. The shooter has not yet been identified.

FOX 2 asked St. Louis police if this was a hate crime. Police say the only racial aspect to the shooting is that the suspect was black and the two Laclede Gas workers were white.

One of the shooting victims was initially taken to the hospital in critical condition. The man died as a result of his injuries.

A woman who lives on the block says the workers were digging to connect a meter to a nearby home. She is very pregnant and was joking with them before the shooting. She tells FOX 2 that the workers offered to take her to the hospital if she went into labor.

Viewers tell FOX 2 that Laclede Gas has pulled several crews from other area job sites. Laclede Gas has issued this statement about the shooting:

“We are shocked and grieving today after two of our Laclede Gas employees were shot and killed this morning at one of our job sites. We are connecting with their loved ones now. And, we are working with police to understand more about this crisis. We are heartbroken, as you can imagine, and ask that you hold these employees, their families, their friends, Laclede Gas workers and our communities in your thoughts and prayers.”

The motive behind the shooting is not known at this time. Police will be providing an update soon. A FOX 2 crew is headed to the scene. More details will be posted as this story develops. Refresh this page for the latest update.

Whites should not be ordered into black neighborhoods. Ever.

8 thoughts on “St. Louis Negro Kills Two White Men at Random, Then Kills Self

  1. Blacks continue to target kill and Whites. The authorities call it random ? How is that random ?

    It’s random. Don’t worry. Go back to sleep, sheeple. Nothing to see here folks.

    Yet a White man/woman writes a few words on twitter and the morons are screaming racist without knowing anything at all.

  2. Maybe a race war has started and the media has failed to inform whites of this fact?

    “The other worker came out of the backhoe to see what was happening.” What, he does not know several gunshots when he hears them? He should have got out and started running away from the Black Enhanced Suburb Town (BEST), or at least tried to kill the nigger by using his backhoe in self-defence. He would have been the older guy and he should have had some cunning and nigger awareness.

    This gas company should send a fact finding mission to Somalia, Nigeria or Sudan to find out how they do utility work in those countries. Probably none gets done late at night, and probably most workers have armed guards with them.
    This is what all Coon areas in the USA need right now. Armed guards to protect white workers. Almost for sure the Coon was unemployed. Why not only use black workers in black suburbs? This company should be sued for endangering the lives of their employees by sending them to a War Zone, the aforementioned BEST.

    Is the story accurate? “the workers were digging to connect a meter to a nearby home.” Was the home where the nigger lived? Was he angry about the new meter? Did they ignore his anger and not call the police and cease work? Were the workers actually disconnecting the gas from the nigger’s home, causing a chimpout? It just seems to me that there must be a connection between the crime and the work taking place. Maybe the workers woke up the nigger at 11.15 a.m. and he chimped out.

    Irony is that whites do the hard jobs while this nigger is at home probably sleeping with no job at 11.15 a.m. Whites work and pay tax, niggers take that tax and live the easy life. But they get bored and niggers need action. Niggers should be working on chain gangs or picking cotton or other hard outdoor work, then locked up overnight. That will stop them shooting whites. It will stop them breeding also. How about a compulsory zero child policy for all blacks not living in Africa?

  3. The gas company themselves should be brought to account. It’s irresponsible to send White workers into a black area.

    What will the company do, send a representative to the funeral, say a few nice words, then continue to put White workers at risk.

    “But Facebook sees nothing wrong with Laura’s vile comment. Responding to a complaint that Laura’s post is hate-speech, Facebook wrote:

    “We reviewed the comment you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.””

    So don’t be surprised when non-Whites are murdered.

    Whatever gas repairs those poor men were carrying out, I hope it remains undone. For good. As a mark of respect workers should refuse to do it. Tell the blacks to fix it themselves.

  4. The jew-press and all public affairs/relations offices for all entities: law enforcement, government, corporations, have the meme down pat. “Random murder/mass murder/robbery”, or “Murder/Robbery/Rape gone bad”, or “There is no indication this is a racial/a hate crime”, or “Do not rush to judgment regards this crime”. These f*cking race-traitors and whores have it all sewn-up and locked down to protect niggers and other non-Caucasians. A nigger or other non-Caucasian murders us evil YT’s, because they hate us and for no other reason. I hope the victims families sue the gas company into oblivion. I can guarantee you that the company will have on file incidents of their workers working in nigger-town and suffering crimes perpetrated against them, and the company will have a “No firearms policy” for its workers. Police records will also have on records the worker’s criminal complaints. BTW, I lived/worked in St. Louis for two years in the early 2000’s. It was no picnic then, but today it is a totally nigger-fuxxated sh*t-hole.

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