Poetic Justice: One of White-Hating Spree Shooter Kori Muhammad’s Victims was Antifa


Zack Randall’s motto was “We punch Nazis.”

He was an anti-racist. Ironically, if so-called racists had their way his killer would have been in Africa, prison, or six feet under.

Zack was on the wrong side in the race war. We can hope he saw the truth in his dying moments.

Fresno Bee

Zackary Randalls was on his first ride-along Tuesday as a newly hired Pacific Gas & Electric Co. employee, riding in the passenger seat of a company truck.

That assignment came to a sudden and stunning end: Randalls, 34, who lives in Clovis, was struck by bullets when gunman Kori Ali Muhammad allegedly fired a gun into the utility truck from the passenger side on Van Ness Avenue. Randalls later died at Community Regional Medical Center.

Friends say Randalls, who graduated from Lemoore High in 2001, was excited about his new job and that Tuesday was his first day out of the classroom.

He and his wife of eight years, Katie, a Madera Unified School District elementary school teacher, have a preschool-aged son and daughter.

(Two GoFundMe accounts have been posted, here and here, to raise money for Randalls’ family.)

Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer broke down momentarily during a Tuesday night press conference after mentioning his meeting with Katie Randalls.


Nick Stavropoulos, president of PG&E, said he was devastated that the utility company had lost a employee.

Friends say Randalls was someone who could sway another’s beliefs in others because of his nonjudgmental attitude.

Randalls was targeted by Muhammad because he was white, said Dyer.


“From what I’ve heard, this was racially motivated,” said Joey Contente, a friend of Randalls’ since Little League who recently moved to Oklahoma. “That makes it even sadder because Zack was truly a person who never saw color in anybody.”

Contente said Randalls also was charitable, a person who would look in his neighbor’s bowl not to see if they had more, “but if they had enough.”

“He was truly the best person I’ve ever known,” Contente said.

Read more about the racist shooter at The Fresno Bee.

13 thoughts on “Poetic Justice: One of White-Hating Spree Shooter Kori Muhammad’s Victims was Antifa

    • Exactly right. Having a snake like this fruit-loop had is a definite sign of nutiness. Regards his antifa attitude, well he paid the diversity tax. They said that he did not see “color”. The last color he saw was the red of his blood and brains splattered inside his work-truck. Just a note that I spent part of my childhood growing up in Visalia, CA, which is a couple towns over from this guy’s home. Central California was once normal when I was a boy. I guess now that it is a crazy-house.

  1. This is a very good news stpry. How will his antifa buddies react to this? Just forget him in 5 seconds most likely. His death does not fit their narrative, so it did not happen. Did the Jewsmedia report the antifa link? I will bet it did not.

    This story fits my idea that for every genuine young Nazi today, there are 40 to 50 white self hating people like this guy. Thus, Nazis will very rarely be killed by Coons in random white targeted killings. But nigger lovers, mudsharks and antifa will often be killed. Such sweet irony. The color blind will drop like wheat beofre the scythe. The Nazis know when to duck.

    Here is more proof. Back in 1960s Australia, demonstrations were held against the Vietnam war. Called “Moratoriums” about 100,000 left wing people turned up in Sydney, according to the (((media))). Against them stood one man, a young, tall, strong, bald, heroic Nazi with the nickname “the Skull”. Sometimes he had a few Nazi Party buddies with him. This man faced down 100,000 lefties multiple times and lived to tell the tale. He got in plenty of fights and probably landed more punches than he received. The police more or less protected him and the Nazis. There was no such thing as standing down police in those days, which I suspect even now is a criminal act. Australia was very tolerant in those white paradise days. Now, such a guy woudl be kicked to death by niggers in 5 minutes, or have his head smashed in by white antifas using poles and concrete blocks, in both cases with Plod looking the other way. He lived to tell the tale. Those were the days and they are never coming back.

    In the 1970s there were National Socialist parties and Communist parties in Australia on the ballots. (Both no longer stand for election). I used to vote for both of them 1 and 2 and changed the order each election. I had some sort of anti democratic instinct even as a young man that the system was rigged, so my votes were a type of protest.

  2. This is fantastic news. Every white traitor needs to be made good. This pole smoker just always needed to be the center of attention (albino python, acting like a jerk off, etc).
    Buh Bye faggot. Sleep tight.

  3. Humm… When Karma bite your arse !! Hope that his wife will still be pro refugees, illegal migrants supporter, & support black lives matter ?? LOL !

  4. Whether you’re a “nazi” in jackboots, or a tree-hugger creeping in sandals, you’ll not get a pass by kissing black ass. just go ask the late Zackary randalls.

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