Jew Trump Slayer Jon Ossoff Fails in Bid to Win Georgia Congressional Seat


A tale of Jew sheckels trying to buy an election.


Jon Ossoff, 30, was until recently unknown to most Democrats even in metro Atlanta, but he entered the crowded race in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in January with endorsements from U.S. Reps. Hank Johnson and John Lewis and $250,000 in cash. He parlayed that into an unprecedented $8.3 million fundraising haul, with donations from across the country.

Johnson and Lewis are Negros. Obviously, their endorsement was intended to bring out the black vote. Exactly how the Jews paid them off is unclear, but how could any reasonable person doubt they got something for endorsing muh Jew.

Ossoff’s interest in politics was first stirred as a 17-year-old student at the Paideia School when he read Lewis’ autobiography and was moved to ask the congressman for a job. That turned into an internship in the Atlanta Democrat’s Washington office. As a student at Georgetown University, Ossoff volunteered for Johnson’s 2006 campaign to unseat Democratic U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney. Ossoff rose to become the deputy communications chief of the campaign, and after Johnson’s congressional victory, Ossoff worked as a legislative aide to the new congressman.

After leaving Johnson’s office, Ossoff — who also is a graduate of the London School of Economics — joined a filmmaking firm, and the topics of his documentaries include corrupt judges in Ghana and atrocities that the Islamic State committed in Iraq.

Did you ever hear of his documentaries? Neither did I.

It appears from where I sit that the Jews planted the young man in the Congressman’s office as part of a long-term strategy.

You see how the Jews operate? Wow. This is amazing.

The north DeKalb County native does not reside in the 6th Congressional District, living just south of it so his girlfriend of 12 years, an Emory University medical student, can walk to work. Members of Congress don’t have to live in their districts, but Ossoff has said he will move to the 6th after she graduates.

A financial disclosure shows Ossoff has more than $1.7 million in assets, including more than $250,000 in Apple stock and an additional $50,000 in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment firm. His England-based documentary company, Insight TWI, is valued at more than $250,000. He also has a stake of at least $50,000 in NWC Partnership, a solar panel installation firm.

Yeah, like a 30 year old can be worth almost $2 million by making documentaries nobody has ever seen.

If I were around 30 myself and had some extra time and money to spare, I would begin investigating every aspect of this Jew’s life. There’s something not Kosher here.

The Congressional race is going into a runoff where Republican Karen Handel is expected to win. But there’s still plenty more time for Jewish treachery.

3 thoughts on “Jew Trump Slayer Jon Ossoff Fails in Bid to Win Georgia Congressional Seat

  1. So the guy attends Georgetown, an exclusive/expensive private Catholic university, then is off to London to study in another exclusive/expensive school. He enters the political world, working for a corrupt negro/civil rights icon, and during all of this manages to amass a seven figure financial portfolio without any visible means of support. There was no mention of a job (other than working for the negro Lewis) first as an intern and then maybe a paid position later. Methinks, that young (((Mr. Ossoff))) is the scion of a wealthy jew family and the recipient of much jew support during his campaign. I am pretty sure the eight plus million dollars for his campaign did not come from the negroes in the 6th district, but from what I read, the money all came from donors outside of the district. I would sure like to see a list of donors. And, PJ, you were right regards your observation that the jews are grooming the younger generation of jews to infiltrate our political system.

    • Most stories aren’t worth two posts back to back. This one is because of the sheckels angle and all the effort to turn the young Jew into a political superstar. It’s a manufactured image. I’m sure he’s a tool of the globalists. I’m just as sure the old Negros were paid off in some way.

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