Doctor: Alex Jones Diagnosed With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

No matter what is revealed about Alex Jones, I’ll still have a soft spot in my heart for him.

Like millions of others he got me to thinking about things that the (((power elites))) would prefer that we not think about. In fact, it was Jones, David Icke, Henry Makow, Stormfront, and Jared Taylor that started me on my journey.

The lawyers are doing what lawyers do, demonizing the other party. Headshrinkers can be bought who’ll say anything the lawyers want them to say.

The Daily Beast

Infowars founder Alex Jones was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder in a psychiatric evaluation, the divorce case manager confirmed during his custody trial in Austin on Wednesday. Austin psychologist Alissa Sherry said that a different doctor compiled the report, part of what she said was the most time-consuming divorce case she has ever worked. People diagnosed with NPD typically show traits including a lack of empathy, arrogance, and a propensity for grandiose fantasies. They are also frequently described as manipulative and demanding. Minutes earlier, an attorney for ex-wife Kelly Jones discussed at length an incident in which Alex Jones reportedly yelled at his daughter for wearing a boot for her broken toe, which Sherry said could “perhaps” be a symptom of NPD. Day 3 of the custody trial has so far focused on the testimony of Sherry, interspersed with brief moments of tension between Alex Jones and ex-wife Kelly Jones’ legal team, who have complained over the past two days that Jones is shaking his head and smirking at them repeatedly.


Alex Jones Exposed reveals that ex-wife Kelly, pictured above, is Jewish.

Heavy offers five fast facts about Kelly.

The Daily Stormer takes a dim view of the ex-wife, claiming she’s “trying to kike him.”

The New York Daily News is reporting that the residents of Newtown, site of the infamous Sandy Hook school massacre that Jones says did not take place, are demanding that President Trump denounce Alex.

There’s an informative analysis of some of the legal issues involved at the Los Angeles Times, which I recall allows you to read 5 or 10 free articles a month.

I looked at the brief article on narcissistic personality disorder at Psychology Today. For what it’s worth, I don’t believe Alex has that mental disorder.

I’ll say the same about him that I said about Bill O’Reilly.

Alex Jones is an ***h*le, but he’s my ***h*le. Being a ******* doesn’t mean you’re a mental case.

7 thoughts on “Doctor: Alex Jones Diagnosed With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  1. Anyone who has a strong point of view is looked at today as mentally unstable. When my son was targeted at his school two years back and I called an administrator an ass because she/he withheld information from me re: bullying at the school, I was subject to a witch hunt.

    Anyone who is different or unique on anyway is pathologized. They want us all to breed into one big poop colored, half-retarded mass.

    Mental health tenets, many which were good, have been abused.

  2. Do not forget (((who))) “discovered/pioneered/developed/defined” what we call psychology. Do not forget jew, I mean who, controls that “field of study/science”. Do not forget that in the Soviet Union, if you were targeted as an enemy of the state, one of the methods of dealing with you was to arrest you, deem you as mentally ill, and place you in a mental institution. Christ, what a homely jewe$$ he married. And who gets ordered to pay $43,000/month child support other than movie stars or billionaires? Jones is getting kiked indeed.

  3. It is hilarious to me that it takes a (((paid expert))) to diagnose Jones with this alleged disorder. I could have done so for free and with equal accuracy. Jones also may have some Sociopath tendencies. This is a plus in the modern world and not a minus.

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