New York City Subway Attack on White Woman Results in Arrest of Retarded Looking Negro

One more reason why judicially administered corporal punishment should be legalized. The boob and vagina grabing Nigga turned really mean when his ape advances were met with resistance.

New York Daily News

Police busted a 24-year-old man Sunday they say groped a young actress on a Greenwich Village subway platform and then pushed her onto the tracks.

Cops charged Kimani Stephenson with attempted murder, assault and sex abuse Sunday about 3 a.m., a few hours after nabbing him at his home in the Lillian Wald Houses in the East Village.

Cops were led to his home by a tip after releasing surveillance photos of the suspect hours after the Friday attack on the F train platform at 14th St. followed by video early Saturday.

A woman speaking from behind the door of Stephenson’s apartment hours after his arrest told the Daily News she had no comment.

The victim, Bonnie Currie, was transferring to the No. 1 train when she was attacked.

He came up behind me and he grabbed one of my boobs with one hand and he grabbed my vagina,” Currie told the Daily News Friday. “I told him to f— off and he pushed me onto the train tracks.”

After three shocked fellow straphangers helped her back onto the platform, she was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, where she underwent wrist surgery. She was also treated for a torn ligament in her left shoulder and a bruised femur.

“It’s that nightmare every woman has in New York — and it happened,” Currie, 22, said of the attack. “It was terrifying and unreal.”

Stephenson said nothing as he was led out of the 28th Precinct stationhouse after being charged Sunday. He was awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court Sunday evening.

6 thoughts on “New York City Subway Attack on White Woman Results in Arrest of Retarded Looking Negro

  1. Women need to learn the old joke normal males used to use when referring to poofters in the vicinity. “Backs against the wall”.
    If this woman stood with her back to a wall he could not grab her from behind. He would have to attack from the front, or side. She would see him first. Plus it would have been quite hard for him to throw her on to the tracks. Bystanders might have saved her. Maybe.
    All women in nigger zones need to learn karate or something similar – and use it on niggers when attacked. Preferably before he has you in a chokehold. The old fashioned kick to the nuts is probably the womans best defensive move, if she can run away afterwards. Why not learn from an expert how to cave in niggers nuts?
    Was she also using her iPhone at 03.00 a.m?. A dangerous thing to do in any nigger infested area day or night. Women should not be traveling without a male escort at 3 a.m. in any nigger area. Even in a whites area bad things can happen to a woman in this situation.

    If she is traveling home from work her cheapskate employer should pay for her to take a taxi.

  2. Look on the bright side folks,I’m sorry that she had to go through that ordeal,but maybe ,just maybe we now have one more ” turned ” liberal. I’m not holding my breath though.

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