On the Ground Action Report from the Battle of Berkeley (Two Videos)

In the top video, which goes for seven minutes, there’s a live action interview with antifa punch girl Louise Rosealma (aka Moldylocks) that starts at about the 3 minute mark and goes for a minute. I have trouble understanding her answer to the question about an old woman who was injured by the antifa but others claim she laughs it off. At about 4 minutes, based stick man is seen in handcuffs after his arrest.

The second video lasts four minutes. It is composed of different footage of the Battle of Berkeley. Watch the blonde in a reddish sweater tear into some black clad antifa. At about the 40 second mark, Moldylocks takes her punishment. The video then goes on to capture more of the action.

These videos convey better than words what it’s like to be on the field of battle in America today.

2 thoughts on “On the Ground Action Report from the Battle of Berkeley (Two Videos)

  1. All idiots both sides! Who’s being played?? The gender fluid immature mentally ill or the putting all your red white & blue eggs in one rich orange Zionist lap dog basket?? Hard to say ..in the end are both sides just useful tools and entertainment for the rich Zionist filth who run the world ? Will these idiotic displays of ((nothingness)) just bring about martial law, loss of freedoms etc? Be careful people both sides are no good,for us….we should ban together against them ..defending the oppressors is a losing game!

    • In one of the posts, the top one today i think, Peter Brimelow of Vdare is quoted as saying there will be blood.

      OK, let’s just suppose that’s true. The questions are many:

      1. How to bring peace.
      2. How to completely demolish Marxism.
      3. Who to fight.

      I have no intention of going after low level street fighters if it comes to war. I want to cut off the head of the (((snake.))) There’s no sense saying more here and now, but thinking strategically is what will get us somewhere.

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