Trolls Attack Antifa Punch Slut’s Gofundme Page with $80,000 Goal

Haha. This is hilarious.


As if being hospitalized with a concussion by the infamous founder, Nathan Damigo of the neo-nazi organization Identity Evropa wasn’t punishment enough for 95lb Louise Rosealma -for her protest at the grizzly display of violent chauvinism she’d braved to take a stand against Saturday afternoon in Berkeley- she’s since become sensationalized by the online fascist community as a prized target for the unrelenting viral campaign of death and rape-threats to follow that seem to be increasing by the hour. (Google “antifa girl” and see for yourself)

Her identity, home and cell phone numbers, home address, emails, friends and family’s residences, extremely sensitive and endangering occupational material have all been doxxed and spammed across every unspeakable online message board responsible for Donald Trump’s presidency. The poor girl doesn’t have a place on earth to hide that hasn’t been compromised and it doesn’t appear that the onslaught is going to end any time soon.

We don’t even know where to begin, she’s going to require follow up medical attention, a new residence, new employment, may need to change her identity as well, but we don’t want to let the fascists win either and we’re encouraging her to seek legal aide to file suit for damages and work to have this repulsive organization shut down. Anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure your volume is off or down:

A troll pledged $5 and left this comment:

Robert Raines
25 mins ago
Here’s $5 for that blowjob you gave me behind the dumpster. I should have waited until after you got punched, the fat lips would have made the BJ feel better.

And another:

Nathan Turner
1 hour ago

Please use this money to buy a razor so you can clean up that monstrosity you call a cunt. You got what you deserved and I hope a never ending onslaught of trolls plague you until you cleanse this world of your filth.

One more:

David Eurosiberia
1 hour ago

Thank you for taking that punch, we needed the practice. Next time you might want to focus on countering with arguments, not bragging online about the scalps you planned to take. Yours almost got taken off. Here are a few bucks to help, hopefully the pussified white knight cucks who ran off and left you there to fend for yourself will be able to borrow some money from their moms and help pay. Get healthy, see you back on the front lines … keep your chin down next time, it’ll help with the blow.

38 thoughts on “Trolls Attack Antifa Punch Slut’s Gofundme Page with $80,000 Goal

  1. Punching a woman out of necessity is tolerable. Punching a woman when you have military training (Nathan Damigo) and plenty of other targets to choose from is just sadism. Therefore, I condemn this as unproductive to our cause. It’s a (((psy-op))) to make violence against women more acceptable, by turning men’s frustrations with women into ammo against our people, so they can make excuses for unnecessary violence. Virtually the entire alt-right is ignoring the logical and moral implications of this; they prefer to be dishonorable in the same way Stalin tricked his army into committing the horrific deNazification of Germany in the 1940s (HellStorm: The Death of ‘Nazi’ Germany).

    I have a whole essay I wanted to slam your comment section with, but the paragraph above covers all my positions quite well.

      • Watch the whole video. Damigo attacks two guys before he runs into the girl. The guy was all over the place, and everything he did was heat of the moment in battle. He didn’t specifically target anyone. If you were antifa and in front of his face, you got attacked with full adrenaline. That’s how you fight if you want to win. He attacked multiple people and may have put a guy on the ground(couldn’t see clearly enough) as well. The most important thing is that antifa fled for the first time. They usually have more numbers plus multiple weapons.

        GJust absolute poison for this movement of fine young people. If you don’t want to fight, accept the fate of your life and troll elsewhere.

      • Already did. If this was a drill, he’d fail miserably. I debated almost a hundred people yesterday on this issue, and they’re quite brainwashed. They just ignore everything you say and repeat everything they said. I have nothing new to say, as my comment above covers everything and therefore any further responses are redundant.

        By the way, I have yet to see the “no insulting commenters” policy applied to any regular commenters besides VikingBitch. Since virtually everyone dislikes her, nobody seems to care that the rules aren’t being upheld properly. Why the fuck are you all mimicking this NON-WHITES behavior?! (The same can be said about the antifa-girl situation…) I’m not making this up just to be contrarian: it’s a real observation, from somebody with nothing to gain from it, who isn’t afraid to stand up to his friends. I have, with my very own eyes, seen at least 4 times when Paladin Justice ignored a commenter attacking VB unprovoked, even though she was just giving an opinion related to the article and minding her own business, and this is not honorable. Which is UNDENIABLY what happened just now. Do you have a good reason for this, PJ? It is unacceptable for this civil war between your white commenters to rage without reason. The international Zionists are laughing at us infighting! I’d like real responses, not more triggeritis. Our ancient Europeans executed their own for dishonor. My attitude is the same as theirs: if you have no honor, you might as well go kill yourself.

      • Indeed. Also, I realize my joking of what I found attractive in the past ended up looking like some desire to race-mix. I’m not happy that you’ve all seen it, but I can’t make any excuses. It’s wrong of me to swim in such trash. Hopefully you understand this was a mistake, and not see me as some race-traitor. I still think you’re more realistic and European than most around here, even though I don’t agree with everything you say or do. What’s most important is that our minds are “white” and if it isn’t, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you physically are because spiritually you’re not good enough to be part of a European community. 90% of the alt-right/nationalists/racialists/realists are just as Hitler said – they’re untermensch.

      • The girl who was punched is most likely half Jewish and half Mexican. She’s a communist who went looking for a fight. Don’t you think that in this day and age when men are already at a significant disadvantage vis a vis women that exempting them from the fracas sends the wrong message?

      • No. You’re saying “oh well, she’s mixed, so that makes this heinous crime okay with me”, and most alt-righters didn’t look for this excuse until the fallout from good and decent people began. Men and women are physically different, including their brains, so you must treat them differently.

        She’s obviously not capable of “scalping a thousand Nazis” so claiming she’s a credible threat is ludicrous. When they say this shit, ignore them! There’s no need to “remind” women they aren’t as strong as men by maiming them or killing them! That’s outright sharia thinking by whites. Stop cheering on their deaths when they make grave mistakes; there’s always a way to overcome them.

        Like I said, Damigo is ex-military, so he knew how to subdue her and discourage any further action without his potentially lethal punch, and he knew he was striking a woman because he’s trained to quickly assess his targets – in order to avoid killing women, children or innocents in battle. Therefore, this is deliberate. Identity Evropa is infiltrated and leading the alt-right away from real alternatives, so I’m not surprised he’d do this.

        It’s sadistic to take delight in punching women just because they disagree with you. I don’t care how brainwashed they are; invest your time in red-pilling them, instead of giving up on them or calling for their enslavement or deaths. Those who can’t red-pill others (and don’t tell me “it’s impossible”) are beta males. Have you so quickly forgotten that National Socialist Germany never took any action against women, and even uniformly condemned physical violence against them, while winning over their people?

        I find it difficult to think of anything new to say, when I’ve already laid out the bare essentials so I don’t have to spend hours in a pointless comment war. I am not on the side of the left; I side with common sense and justice, and I couldn’t care less that for once, I largely agree with the left. This is more proof that the left/right dichotomy is a farce.

        I shouldn’t have to point out that exceptions do exist and that it’s common sense to see this in more than just black and white, but from the 100 comments I received yesterday on my YouTube video ( ) I obviously need to explain everything at an IQ level of 70. I don’t mind fighting everybody by myself either, and most are surprised I defend myself, so as you will see they offer no rebuttal to my comments.

        If a woman is immediately threatening your life, your wife, family, close friend, loved one, THEN it’s okay to punch her. If she’s threatening your children, punch her right away because children are fragile and easy to kill. But those are the only exceptions from a moral standpoint.

        From now on, I’m only going to start associating with the smart people I know and regard everybody incapable of objective and enlightening debate as sub-humans who work for my (((eternal enemy))).

        Most of the commenters are with that beta-male movement MGTOW or embittered at how women treat them, but if you want to topple a threat on a WORLD level, you’re going to have to dust yourself off and try again MANY times, and never give up on your white women. They may be brainwashed, but they need you to save them, not give up and whine for somebody else (like Hitler!) to complete this task which is so difficult that anybody successful will be fondly remembered by his people forever.

    • originist. You seem blissfully unaware of the aims and goals and methods of the dangerous revolutionary Soros funded group antifa, who operate in all western nations. They regularly attack and beat women. antifa almost always use weapons such as poles, bricks etc. Did you not see the flying bricks in videos of this same event, which the nice antifa people you support were throwing? Antifa were also the ones throwing fireworks among men and women with several lawful demonstrators burned.

      You are of the “women should never be punched” school.
      Unless antifa or blacks are punching white women and white children and then it is OK with you. Are you a white person or perhaps a Jew or non white?
      As for your VB stuff. I have never once seen a comment against VB where she did not personally create the shitstorm. VB goes nuts once a month and lashes out at all males for a few days.
      She insists I am a woman single mother and you seem to be OK with that insult, which is silly and no evidence to support the idea at all. She also says I am a jew in spite of all my naming of the Yids. If I am one, then I am a Jew of the Bobby Fischer variety. Maybe VB thinks that he is a female?
      You and she have a lot in common. This women punched was not a victim, she is a violent Marxist revolutionary. The video proves she was attacking him grabbing for the camera around his neck, and he defended himself.

      • I have no problem creating shyte storms. Chaos is my friend. You know what chaos means in Greek? Choice. You on several occasions have chosen to come at me when I simply present a different viewpoint than yours.

        What is wrong with being a single mother on the dole so long as the kids are Germanic/ ‘white’? YOU take that as an insult.

        What I dislike the most is deceit.

        That whole anti fa bogus protest is a ruse, a sham to make Germanic men look bad. A true man would not punch a 5’1 woman in the face.

      • Go back and read my earlier comments – everything you said (which is invalid unless you ignore literally everything I said, which is mental gymnastics at a schizo level) has already been addressed.

        Except the part about VB. First, you’re a man. Defend yourself from female insults, and do it alone. They’re just words – not worth punching over. You’re wrong about her starting every fight, too – she was attacked unprovoked, in this very comment section, then I defended her and now you’re ignoring this fact to debate me on VB in general. So you just lied about something that was already disproven just by scrolling this page. Now I’m not taking you seriously. Stop doing this or I’ll assume you’re brainwashed. Give me something reasonable to respond to – something that doesn’t make me think you’re pushing the same anti-female narrative that the Zionists and the Muslims are.

    • Originist, did you watch the interview that Stefan Molyneaux did with Lauren Southern? I posted it here early Sunday morning I believe.

      Lauren was there. She was attacked, but luckily had young white male body guards.

      If the U.S. fights N. Korea, there will be goosestepping women soldiers who will die. No one on the battlefield has the time to check out the enemy to determine his sex.

      The antifa turn every free speech event into a battlefield. In a bar, arguing with an antifa chick, it might be reasonable to avoid hitting her if she slaps you or otherwise provokes you. That is not this situation.

      • Yes I did and I condemn her being attacked unprovoked too, even though she’s a (((member of the tribe))).

        War with North Korea and China is inevitable. They’re sitting on more rare earth elements (more than double the world’s reserves) and the US can’t continue sustaining our economy and building materials as it is without it, because we’ve almost run out. China needs it too because they can’t maintain their economy, which is based on making shit, without it. China won’t let the US hog up all this rare earth material for themselves, so once North Korea goes down, the US and China will bitterly fight each other, because without rare earth to make the many things we use, the world economy collapses. And since rare earth material is finite, it WILL eventually collapse.

        PJ, I’m pretty sure I said “if they’re threatening and able to kill you, it’s okay to harm or kill a woman”, and your comment asking me what I think of women soldiers trying to wipe you out seems to ignore that I addressed this issue already.

        I’m saying you guys in the alt-right fail to understand in this case that any violence that truly must be done to women is a necessary evil that you should never delight in. Remember the Soviet Union after WWII? Stalin told them to terrorize Germany’s women and children with all means including murder. The result is that thousands of American Allied men raped and killed hundreds of thousands of women, and they became monsters who nationalists will revile forever because Stalin refused to put any reigns on them. Because evil was given unrestrained freedom here, “our greatest generation” became infamously known as psychopathic rapists. It’s one of the worst crimes in human history, and I now see it being repeated in its beginnings. People never learn from history.

      • Laura Southern (yawn) another fake booby n bleach haired hoe who is in ‘da struggle.

        Gawd this ‘ movement’ and its bogus players are a joke mang.

    • Originist, the girl was attacking him with a glass bottle. He punched her.

      The whole story about her victimization is a lie. Trolls aren’t attacking the campaign, people pissed she is lying to try scamming people out of money are pissed.

      • The whole story is a lie, period. It’s all staged. Both parties are insincere. The agenda is to make policing protests more brutal and to further normalize violence against women.

        The Daily Stormer is a veritable catalogue of how all of these (((psy-ops))) negatively affect nationalists.

    • let me crack you in the head with a bottle first. Then I’d like to see if your stance stays the same. I’m no fan of the assaulter, nor do I believe in what he’s selling. I DO however seeing something wrong with someone advertising violence then gets knocked up her head for raising a bottle to hit with. Now she plays victim. This isn’t a female, she’s scum. Same with the Neo Nazi dirtbag. See they aren’t different one was just more aggressive.

    • Would it change your mind if she was dropping m80’s into bottles and throwing them? That’s some serious anti-social behavior, not to mention criminal.

  2. This is the GoFundMe page.
    Seems to me that the page should be taken down because of what she was doing.

    “…you agree to not use the Services t0;
    A. establish or contribute to any Campaign with the implicit or express purpose relating to any of the following:
    7. the promotion of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases;”

    Does anyone know how to do it? (There is a valid are reason that I can’t)

  3. This “female bodied person” was fortunate. She caught that blow on her forehead and not her substantial proboscis. She wants to act like a man and get into the mix, then she will get treated like a man. I am sure that she will confine her antifa activities to her keyboard from now on.

    • I’ve watched it in slow motion several times. I’m pretty sure it got her on her right cheek, possibly leaving her with a bruise, but no serious injury. You’re right that she is now permanently neutralized regarding going into battle unless she wears a full motorcycle helmet with visor.

  4. Oh well…these freaks claim to be ((gender fluid)) so maybe when he punched it was a man or maybe a table …not my words but the way they think ..if you say gender does not exist then how can you say he punched a woman?? Just using the lib-tards philosophy!

  5. “the online fascist community”.
    thanks gofundme, I was not sure who or what I was. Now I know.
    I am an “online fascist”, even though I dump on Hitler all the time as a race traitor and Jew stooge, and have only a few good words for Mussolini, who tried to prevent WWII.
    Clearly gofuckme is part of the anitfa, or “anti fascists” as paid for by George Soros.
    The New World Disorder. antifa is tiny and whites could crush it, and Governments shoudl ban it – antifa are revolutionaries. But will the “Law” crush the whites instead?
    In any case, millions of pregnant African women are right now carrying the future of the world in their bellies.
    Punching antifa is not going to stop Coons taking over the whole world. Just by breeding.

    • The future of the world does not lie in any African woman’s belly. Aids, Ebola, general stupidity, and other various genetic mishaps will take care of Africa’s breeding problem.

      Fruit flies breed by the trillions. Are they taking over the world?

      • Also do note that Africa is matriarchal. That is why the women freely reproduce. Dumb ass white scientists create medicine and now look. They were too busy trying to save Africa and forgot to look after and GIVE to their own women because they got caught up in being Joe Heroe Patrirarchy.

        White Patriarchy destroyed itself

  6. In a situation like that you hit first and ask questions later .What happens if she had a knife and stabbed someone , then what? She got what she deserved.

  7. If the bitch didn’t want punched in the face she should have run up on someone during a donnybrook

    That’s the way the world works

    It’s also not a heinous act of it happens to a non White. You soft fuckers will be the death of the White race just like all the cucks

      • I also agree. It is obvious she was attacking him from the frame by frame of the video. But some women writers here can not see it. Also missed is that masked people may be male or female. How can those defending themselves against antifa have time to be sure. If they wait – they will be bashed by antifa. Get antifa first – hit em hard and hit em often.
        Trump should outlaw antifa as a terrorist organization – which they are. gofundme should ban antifa for the same reason.

      • I have no problem with self defense.

        My whole point here is that both of these people i.e. Hairy cooch and neo Nazi boy are paid actors.

        The whole protest is bullshit

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