The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory (Video)

This fast moving four minute video video mocks the Trump missile strike on Syria. Two thumbs up.

The big shortcoming of this discussion is the failure to mention Jews, Israel, Zionists, etc., as noted by several of the comments on youtube.

Published on Apr 14, 2017

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the Syria Strikes from the truth-telling truth-tellers in the truthful government and true mainstream news!…in under 5 minutes!!

10 thoughts on “The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory (Video)

  1. That was hilarious, fast-paced indeed (what a bear to create videos with such fast moving photos, not to mention the narration).

    Bottom Line: Syria Missile Strike was a (purposeful) FLOP.

    Likely Reason: Israel does NOT want ISIS defeated. See headline/link here from their Intel Chief:

    So Trump did Israel a favor (& got some of the domestic warmongers loving him) by “faking” a big bad missile strike that did nil damage & allows ISIS to continue there.

  2. A good and entertaining video. Humor can be very damaging to authority and that is why both Hitler and Stalin criminalised any jokes being told about them. Many jokes were illegal in the Soviet Union, if any reflection was made on the economy, the Party, or the hardships of life cause by Communism. So joke telling was dangerous but people did it anyway.

    Radek was a foreign Jew (made up bullshit name like all of the top scum) near the top of the party who loved and dared to make political jokes mocking his own Party. Stalin did not kill him until nearly 1940, he thus probably liked his jokes.

    Radek “You have a beautiful home, Comrade Stalin”.
    Stalin “One day, all Soviet citizens will have a home like this”
    Radek “Who tells the jokes, you or me”?

  3. BAD NEWS (but not surprising considering who’s on staff):

    Speaking of humor, Trump’s staff thinks the Wall is a JOKE:

  4. This definitely is the theory floating around. Most of it feasible, except for a few issues.

    Trump made it public, as per requirements to be president, he sold ALL of his stocks.

    Does anyone remember talk of WMD’s taken to Syria before U.S. invasion of Iraq? Is there proof they were from Libya?

    While the Pentagon has been (((infiltrated))), they report 59 Tomahawks hit their targets, one fell in the ocean. It was the Russian Defense Ministry reporting only 23 hit their targets. Where the other 36 went was unknown. Tomahawks transmit an image immediately prior to impact to see if the missile was attacking the target and likely damage from the attack. Does anyone really believe Whites who not only designed the Tomahawk in 1970, continuously redesign for accuracy, and probably oversee the *manufacture are that incompetent that only 23 hit their targets? Expect *Ratheon losing its contract with the government very soon if only 23 worked.

    CEO Thomas Kennedy – White
    17 upper level executives
    13 Whites
    3 blacks
    1 Asian
    No Jews

    • The Russians are hinting that they and the Syrians shot down 36. This would have been very easy if the USA announced the target one hour beforehand. When does an invader tell an enemy where the bombs will land – and this would have to include where they would be launched from. It would have been legal for the Russians and Syrians to immediately counter fire missiles at all the US ships which launched the missiles over Syria, a sneak attack similar to Pearl Harbor.
      “A day of infamy” Roosevelt called that attack.

      Can any American picture how they would feel if the Russians fired 60 cruise missiles at a foreign base legally occupied by the US Air Force with the permission of the local Government? Also this country would be very close to the USA. In Central America for example. The Russian attack is done as a reprisal because the USA has been accused of killing local civilians with gas weapons – as at 1994 in Waco Texas.

      The USA is an international bully and a Rogue State.

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