Negro Professor Sues Walmart for Listing his Occupation on Fishing License as “Toilet Cleaner”


In all honesty, I rarely met a nonwhite man or woman who was as intelligent as the white professors I knew at the university.

There were some that I could say were not stupid, but no one that I could single out as being exceptionally intelligent except for one or two Japanese professors.

I strongly suspect that the Negro professor in this story has an ill-mannered way of expressing himself that gives away his lack of intelligence. So, why wouldn’t a Walmart employee, pressed for time, not conclude that he holds a menial job.

In fact, after listening to him in an interview, I see that he speaks with a heavy African accent.

People get stereotyped all the time–airhead, slut, homeless, dumb, lazy. It’s not a racial thing. It’s natural.

The Walmart employee in this story is a woman.

AP News

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — A Montana State University professor is suing Wal-Mart for libel after he says an employee at the Bozeman store listed his occupation on a fishing license as a “toilet cleaner.”

Gilbert Kalonde, assistant professor of technology education at MSU, filed the suit this past week in Gallatin County District Court.

Kalonde is seeking unspecified damages.

Wal-Mart spokesman Ragan Dickens told The Associated Press: “To our knowledge an administrative process to resolve this with Dr. Kalonde is ongoing. We’ve not been served with the lawsuit, but we take the claims seriously and will respond appropriately with the court.”

According to the complaint, Kalonde bought a state fishing license in April 2015, showing the Wal-Mart employee identification of his employment at MSU. But the Wal-Mart employee entered “clean toilets” into the state database as Kalonde’s occupation.

The suit contends Wal-Mart exposed Kalonde to “hatred, contempt, ridicule” through the incident.

In the interview I saw, Kalonde says that he told the employee that he worked at the university. He did not say what he did. Thus, given his heavy African accent, it would be reasonable to assume that he cleaned toilets.

Cleaning toilets is probably what he should be doing anyway. Virtually all of the professors of his ilk are horrible and the students know that they are hired to fulfill affirmative action quotas.

Never donate money to a university.

9 thoughts on “Negro Professor Sues Walmart for Listing his Occupation on Fishing License as “Toilet Cleaner”

  1. BTW:
    It took him two years to notice?

    He’s in Montana? … and he wants to fishing? … like outdoors?

    Maybe he thought it was a f**king license.

  2. The crafty Coon may have told the Walmart employee he is a toilet cleaner. Two years have passed until this has gone to Court. Has the employee been asked about this in a timely way e.g. within days of the event? How could the employee now remember the transaction, one of tens of thousands or more in two years?

    Did the Coon say he was a professor? Most Walmart people would remember that incredible statement for two years. They would also then look at him closely to see if he is Sidney Poitier, Will Smith or similar propaganda Hollywood actor.
    Walmart “What is your occupation”.
    Coon “I work at Montana State University”.

    If this is what happened, the dumb nigger Prof failed to answer the question correctly and toilet cleaner is a very realistic assumption. What other job can a Coon do at a University except cleaning and emptying rubbish bins?

    PS 100% likely that the Coons shyster greedy lawyer is a Jew.

  3. Technology education instructor? I knew they were coming up with terms like “hygiene technician” and so on to avoid saying “toilet cleaner”, but this one’s quite funny!

      • Maybe he is the Professor of Janitor Studies. His nickname at the Uni should be Doctor Poo. Maybe the bowl related name will “stick” to him now due to the court case, whatever he is prof of?
        (There is a UK science fiction show called Dr Who).

      • Dr Poo was a character in Vizz magazine (puerile British humour at its best), based of course on Doctor Who.

  4. A spook looking for a pay-out. What is an African spook doing in Montana? How is he a professor? Did the University do a proper credential check back in Africa? Sure they did. How did this case get put on the docket. In America, a person can sue anyone, at anytime, for anything provided a judge sees merit and standing in the case and is willing to put it on the docket. Most probably both a kike ambulance-chaser attorney and a kike or YT libtard judge. I do not see a very sympathetic jury in Montana.

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