Kebab Store Manager Charged with Complicity in $400,000 Robbery at Walmart

There are no pictures of the sandnigger who conspired with several other kebabs to rob the Walmart where he was manager. Good reporting would at least inform the reader where he was born, but we have no information about him. All I could find was that he was the defendant in a 2010 lawsuit, which is no big dead since anybody can be sued.

Surprise! It looks like the Middle East isn’t sending America it’s best and brightest. Trump 1.0 was right in wanting to ban Muslims. It’s unclear if Trump 2.0 is still on board with that idea. But it’s a good idea.

In the words of old Hollywood crime thrillers, this case is the story of an inside job.

Baltimore Sun

A former Wal-Mart assistant manager was indicted on federal charges that he took part in the staged robbery of $400,000 from his Laurel store in 2012, a plot that included having him shot in the arm.

The indictment unsealed Friday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore alleges that Ansar Ali Younis was part of a group that planned the early-morning robbery on Nov. 14, 2012, of a Wal-Mart in the 3500 block of Russet Green East.

As part of the plan, co-conspirator Mohammed Altashy obtained a Plymouth Voyager and at around 4:15 a.m. drove to the store and looked for Younis, who was acting as the night manager, and loudly announced a robbery, the indictment alleges.

He pointed a gun at Younis, demanding he put cash from the Wal-Mart safe into a trash can, then forced Younis at gunpoint out of the store.

Altashy shot Younis in the right arm, then left the scene. Immediately after the robbery, Altashy and another unidentified member of the conspiracy transferred the stolen money to another vehicle, and the first vehicle was set on fire, according to the indictment.

Altashy and an unidentifed accomplice drove to a home in Baltimore, and divided up the money, setting aside a share for Younis, who received the money at Prince George’s County Hospital, prosecutors said.

In court papers, federal prosecutors said Altashy was in custody but Younis was believed to no longer be in the United States.

A woman who answered the phone at the Wal-Mart when a reporter asked for a manager said the store would have no comment.

Younis and Altashy are both charged with robbery conspiracy and aiding and abetting under the Hobbs Act, as well as aiding and abetting of wire fraud, malicious destruction of a vehicle, and use of a firearm during a crime of violence.

Neither man had attorneys listed in court papers.

In April 2014, a year and a half later, the FBI offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the robbery. According to a news release from the FBI at that time, Younis had given a description of the person who robbed and shot him.

Deport the dune coon after he’s served his 20 years. There’s no word on what the outlaws intended to do with their stolen money. If it was to be used to finance terrorism, the make the charges reflect that truth.

2 thoughts on “Kebab Store Manager Charged with Complicity in $400,000 Robbery at Walmart

  1. I guess that Mohammed and Co. did not stop to consider that the police might get suspicious that a dune-coon store manager gets robbed and shot by dune-coon perps. Even a retarded blind man would see that connection.

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