Two Dangerous Men: Trump and McMaster

From everything I’ve read, President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser H. R. Mcmaster is a Deep State warmonger. He’s only in his position because the Deep State was able to drive General Michael Flynn out.

There is so much in the way of palace intrigue right now that it’s impossible to know what’s coming next out of the White House. Trump, perhaps rattled by the press’s unceasing criticism of him, has adopted the Neocon lust for military intervention in remote parts of the globe.

What happened to America First?

Lew Rockwell

General H.R. McMaster is Trump’s National Security Advisor. He advised Trump to launch 59 missiles on a Syrian airfield. This was an act of war. He has been called “the architect” of this plan.

McMaster is reported to be the author of a plan to place 150,000 American troops in Syria in order to remove Assad.

McMaster has lied about the Idlib release of gas, blaming Assad for it. He knows that this attribution is a fabrication. The available evidence suggests that Assad’s opposition is responsible for the presence of the gasses that were released.

McMaster’s immediate goal is to remove Assad. He wants Russia to abandon Assad and Syria.

McMaster’s deeper goal is to confront Russia. He accuses Russia of “mass murder”: “We should be asking Russia how could it be if you have advisers at that airfield that you didn’t know the Syrian Air Force was preparing to execute a mass murder attack with chemical weapons?”

McMaster sometimes moderates his rhetoric in interviews, as in calling for an anti-Assad coalition. This is tactical lying. Underneath, he has a one-track mind. He’s intent on using force to get his way. This is shown when he refers to Assad’s “murderous regime” over and over.

Trump and McMaster are an explosive duo. They are confronting North Korea too with a “full range of options”. How full? They are military options, not diplomatic or other options. The aim is “to remove that threat”. The key word is “remove”.

McMaster accuses North Korea:

“This is a rogue regime that is now nuclear-capable. President Xi and President Trump agree that is unacceptable. What must happen is the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. So, the president has asked us to be prepared to give him a full range of options to remove that threat to the American people and to our allies and partners in that region.”

McMaster is a dangerous man. Trump put him there. Trump is a dangerous man. Both are able and likely to cause sweeping and deadly results unless held in check.

I found this lurid McMaster meme, which could help explain his way of thinking. But I doubt that he’s a Jew tool. He’s probably just an adult who thinks he’s a kid playing with toy soldiers.

8 thoughts on “Two Dangerous Men: Trump and McMaster

  1. Well, at least he & Trump are not doing a Masonic handshake in the top photo; & I assume Smoloko added the Jewish Star on McMaster’s lapel in the bottom meme, lol.

    The Lew Rockwell author is Michael Rozeff – Jewish name? Might it not be as bad as he portends? (ehhh, I can’t even convince myself of that because: We were friends w/Russia a few weeks ago, now this guy wants to war w/Russia, total crazy crap. And why didn’t Trump invite Putin over first thing after the election? Why invite the Chinese guy first, who was recently here? And the Syrian & MOAB “events” are also crap. As for NK, I guess they are just a “loose cannon,” & who can blame him, as you say, if he has visions of Hussein & Ghadaffi in mind.)

    If Trump blows up some entire country, I don’t care if it is NK, I will be majorly po’d. I can’t believe tons of people in twitter replies actually rejoice over such ideas. They are blue-pilled (still deceived) even though they think they are red-pilled (awake). Who wants to see tons of those nicely dressed dancing NK people today killed? Not me! Put their leader in jail if you want to, but leave the dang regular people alone.

      • Haha, let’s hope they don’t have rap, nor die-versity.

        Why not reunite North & South, one big happy family? If the Southerners are the good guys, let them be in charge of the entire peninsula.

        Kim is only a wee 33 years old, ugh. He will probably live a long time & he has several siblings, so they would take over if anything happened to him, right?

        Doesn’t look good for a peninsula-wide reunion.

  2. FOTM has this new article from yesterday:

    “Israeli intelligence chief said Israel does not want ISIS to be defeated”:

    That chief is basically saying the exact same thing Trump USED TO SAY, ie, that if you remove the dictators, all H breaks loose & the countries fill up with “organizations” of various “identities” instead of “nation states.”

    So he says it would be wiser to let the “terrorists” continue. Otherwise, Israel would have to deal with all those terrorist organizations all by its little lonesome.

  3. The removed General Flynns nickname was Mad Dog. What is McMasters nickname? Running Dog perhaps?
    If the enemies of the USA are Norcs, then their allies are Sorcs.
    In Vietnam the Gooks were both the North and the South Vietnamese, I think.

    I do not mind mass murder of non whites, billions is OK with me, though keep the radiation dust down, please. What I do mind is that for every one murdered, ten or so will be allowed to enter the West as refugees. This has happened time and time again. It happened with WWII and every war ever since. Curiously, the West does not differentiate between friends and enemies “Come one, come all”. A great deal of modern day “refugees” are combatants including enemies who have fought the Western country they are allowed to Immigrate to. Such as from Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers have a much greater motive to run away then civilians. They lie too!
    So a war with North Korea would be followed by a million or two USA hating brainwashed Norcs being allowed to live in the USA.
    Who wants that?
    Only one (((tribe))) that I can think of. Same old.

  4. 80% of Syrians like Assad. That is why ISIS has killed so many civilians—retaliation. If the US went in with troops they would be massacred as the entire country would become guerillas in the sand. It would also mean another Iraq, which means 150 billion USD and a bunch of body bags that only Israel could benefit from…

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