Negro Jaywalker Arrested, Outrage Ensues (Video)

A Negro jaywalker is arrested by police, caught on cellphone video.

Read the story at NBC News titled Video Shows Cop Slam, Beat Black Pedestrian After Alleged Jaywalking

The Sacramento Police Department on Tuesday announced a formal investigation into the actions of one of their officers who was seen slamming a black man to the ground and beating him — all sparked by an alleged case of jaywalking.

The video, released Monday, has sparked national outrage. It shows the officer confronting the man, identified as Nandi Cain Jr., as he crossed an intersection and attempting to talk to Cain but the situation quickly escalates.

After some words are exchanged while Cain is standing in the street, the officer then violently throws Cain to the ground and begins to punch him in the head.

The events leading up to the incident were not captured by the camera, and it is not possible to hear the conversation between Cain and the officer before the incident occurred.

The full dashcam video can be seen below.

Since I put the above material in drafts several days ago, this story continued to develop.

Bearing Arms goes through the whole video in order to explain why the officer involved was doing exactly what police are trained to do. However, the politics in this arrest are dirty, dirty, dirty.

Cravenly, the Sacramento Police Department is refusing to support their officer. They and Mayor Darrell Steinberg are hanging the officer out to dry instead of explaining to the public why the officer used the TTPs he did (as I just explained in maybe 30 seconds worth of reading).

I don’t expect Steinberg to step up for his police department. He is after all a politician and politicians neither have spines nor morals. I am very disappointed in the Sacramento Police, who seem to care more about protecting their image than protecting an officer who appears to have done everything by the book.

Nandi Cain, Jr. was released from custody without bail.

Heavy reports that Cain is a rapper (aren’t they all?) performing under the names Lil Storm and YoungRo DaKidd.

Rapper? Hahahahaha.

What’s not a laughing matter is that another white cop is ready to be sacrificed on the altar of politically correct pandering to Niggas with an attitude.

9 thoughts on “Negro Jaywalker Arrested, Outrage Ensues (Video)

  1. Firstly, it is quite the stretch to call this Jay walking. Granted, there is PERHAPS a safer way to crossing an intersection but, but what feels safe for one person, can feel unsafe for another, especially if you’re a patrolman with too little discernment, turning this very minor moving violation (IF there was one) to escalate it into a face to face interpellation. The constable could have simply drive-by, pull down a window and tell him from afar (i.e. whilst still sitting in his cruiser) to leave a greater distance between himself and the cars whilst crossing a street. That would have been far less confronting, and allowed the policeman to move-on to far more important things. Put simply, the officer should have never gotten out of his car, not over something like that. But he did.

    That being said,

    Whether he was wrong or not for doing-so, one should never, EVER walk away from a police officer when he wants to talk to you. This is the biggest no-no ever. If you feel you are being wronged, there is a time and places for corrective measures but, in that very immediate moment, do NOT confront, bait, or evade the officer or the situation you are now into. Inhibit your will, your desire for immediate justice, delay it. Delaying your desires will do you a great deal of good in such situations. But the suspect in this case was either unwilling or incapable of behaving that way. He is also psychologically fragile/in distress; He informs the officers that he is “tired of living”, that they should just “take that gun and shoot me in the head”. We can later hear him say out loud to himself just how much he hates his life.

    You hate your life? Then turn it around with the following advices:

    1) You will not have a better life by being confrontational with the police.

    2) Stop articulating your words as if life is all about how “well” you RAP about it. Ghetto-speak will only worsen your life when dealing with authority. Babbling “yo man”, “I ain’t takin’ this shit”, “fuck y’all pigs,” etc, will discredit you right off the bat, and exacerbate your situation to the worst outcome possible.

    3) Abandon the bling bling jewellery, the hair style(s) that runs contrary to your own nature, the sagging pants. In doing-so, you will no longer be referred-to as a nigger, but simply as a black man, and that’s quite the step up in society.

    4) For the very first in your life, seriously consider that very Orio thing to do: reading. This is how you start:


  2. Cop “Don’t you know you could get hurt due to Jay Walking”.
    Coon “No I can take care of myself”.
    Cop “Cop this nigger Coon” Whack, beat down, WWW throw, punches.
    Coon “Ouch. Crikey Bejesus. You are right. Jaywalking is very dangerous. Thank you, officer”
    Cop “Not at all, it is my job to protect the public from harm”.

    In my lifetime in Australia I have never seen a single person spoken to by Police for jaywalking. Also I have only once ever seen Police issue tickets to Pedestrians breaking the Don’t Walk sign, and this was about two years ago in the center of Sydney.
    You guessed it, only whites got tickets and Asians, Lebs, Pakis, Indians, Coons got zero. Th cops only grabbed whites. I wonder why?
    I stayed and watched the cops for several minutes but said nothing so I would not get three years locked up or Race Hate or some such crime.

    If you are yellow, all is mellow.
    If you are black, you may attack.
    If you are brown, you can act the clown.
    If you are white, you are not right, pay the fine.

    • Years ago in Dallas for an economics convention, a white cop stopped me for jaywalking across a narrow alley. He detained me about 15 minutes before letting me go after checking with HQ to see if I was wanted for anything.

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