Monster-Sized Baby Baffles Doctors in India

What the heck is wrong with the Hindu doctors in this story? I’ve diagnosed the kid’s condition in 4 minutes as Michelin Tire Baby Syndrome.

I’m not joking. It’s a real medical condition. Look at the rings in the baby’s flesh.

Fox News

An 8-month-old baby in India who weighs as much as a healthy 4-year-old has left doctors stumped over what could be causing her rabid appetite. Chahat Kumar, who weighs 38 pounds, was born a healthy baby without any complications, The Sun reported.

When she was around 4 months old, Chahat’s weight began ballooning, and now her parents told Barcroft Media that she cries whenever she is not being fed.

“It’s not our fault,” Suraj, Chahat’s dad, told The Sun. “God gave this condition to her. It’s not in our hands. I feel bad when some people laugh at her for being fat.”

Doctors have been unable to obtain a blood sample from Chahat because her skin is abnormally thick, the news outlet reported. She reportedly is suffering breathing and sleeping problems due to her extreme weight.

“We don’t have enough money for her treatment, but we do our best to make sure she gets well,” Reena, Chahat’s mother, told The Sun.

Dr. Sharma, her pediatrician, said he recommended the family take Chahat to a pediatric specialist at the Civil Hospital, but they are not able to afford it, The Sun reported.

“Her weight is increasing excessively, and it has to be controlled,” he told the news outlet. “She has to eat less. She eats like a 10-year-old kid.”

Her parents, who lost a son before she was born, said they will keep searching for answers in hopes of Chahat having a normal childhood.

“We don’t want her to have difficulties in the future,” Reena told The Sun. “We want a good future for her.”

The linked Wikipedia article says there have only been 20 cases of Michelin Tire Baby Syndrome. It doesn’t mention a cure.

Here’s a pic of Bibendum, the Michelin Tire Man. You can see the resemblance to the baby very clearly.

13 thoughts on “Monster-Sized Baby Baffles Doctors in India

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  2. That is so sad. I’d never heard of the Michelin Tire Syndrome, so thanks for the education on that. Sounds genetic. But I wonder what causes the desire to keep eating, or is it that she cries & the family simply keeps feeding for lack of knowing what to do? (The three family members to the left look a little chubby, too.)

    (Talk Shows of the 1990s used to have shows devoted to enormously fat babies & toddlers. Of course the mother was always demonized as feeding them too much junk food, etc.)

    There’s always an alternative option, even for little ones – Therapeutic Fasting, which allows the body to heal itself. Of course it would be good to have knowledgeable oversight which the family can’t afford nor likely are there any Natural Hygiene doctors in India anyway. But the parents could educate themselves by reading (if they can afford books, there’s tons of them on the subject) & they also could, if they have phone access & can afford it, do long distance phone consults with knowledgeable fasting-doctors.

    There’s an East Indian doctor in England, he’s as old as the hills now (he just turned 90 last 9/30/16) , but he’s been a Natural Hygiene doctor since 1952; he used to operate the Shalimar Health Home in England (retired in 2004) where he fasted over 25,000 people; he operated the England Natural Hygiene Society for decades & published their magazine, etc.

    Address/phone from the IAHP** website (which says it was updated 4/6/17):
    Keki R. Sidhwa, N.D., D.O.
    31 Montague Lodge
    Rectory Road
    Beckinham, Kent

  3. Sidhwa’s website gives the same phone # as further above, but a different street address:
    Keki R. Sidhwa, N.D., D.O.
    14, The Weavers
    NOTTS. NG24, 4RY
    Phone: 01636-682-941
    (From USA 011-44-1636-682-941)

    Health Retreat Information:
    Note that Shalimar Health Home, Dr. Sidhwa’s health retreat, closed in 2004, and that Dr. Sidhwa is retired. But he still offers telephone and office consultations.

    Consultation Information:
    Dr. Sidhwa is an expert on Fasting and Nutrition, having supervised over 25,000 people into health by fasting and Natural Hygiene life-style changes. He consults people in London and at his home in Newark and can give guidance in Fasting & Nutrition & Hygiene life-style. Call 01636-682-941 for more information.

    Dr. Sidhwa is a member of
    The International Nature Cure Society
    The International Natural Hygiene Society
    British Natural Hygiene Society
    National Health Association (f/k/a The American Natural Hygiene Society [ANHS])

  4. Here’s a 20-minute video of Dr. Sidhwa when he was 74; says he first heard of Natural Hygiene when he was sick at age 14 in 1947:

  5. Here’s a 45-min. lecture by Sidhwa from 1995 (he was 68-69 then?) at the American Natural Hygiene Society’s annual conference:

    (I attended one of their annual conferences when it was held in Miami in 1989. Sidhwa spoke there as well, but I could barely understand a word he said due to his accent & soft-spoken voice.)

  6. Back to the baby…

    The parents in India (& parents anywhere/everywhere) could begin here:

    Lesson 58 – Fasting Children During Disease:
    2_Childhood Illness And Fasting
    3_The Mechanics Of Fasting
    4_Questions & Answers
    _Article #1: Sick So Young, But Well At Last!
    _Article #2: The Hardest Thing to Do Is “Nothing” By Dr. V. V. Vetrano

  7. A Natural Hygiene Classic re raising/feeding children… Chapter 8 “Fat Babies” … Chapter 15 “No Starch for Infants” (I bet the Indian baby gets a lot of starchy foods) … Chapter 23 “Skin Disorders” (skin problems are always “from the inside out”), etc.


[published 1931 in SAN ANTONIO,TX!; online as PDF, 339 pages: ]

 [the late great!]

    D. P., D. N. T., D. N. Sc. 


    AUTHOR [as of 1931] OF 

    Human Life, It’s Philosophy and Laws;
    Food and Feeding;
    Living Life to Live it Longer;
    Fundamentals of Nature Cure;
    The Regeneration of Life;
    Natural Cure of Syphilis;
    Natural Cure of Tuberculosis;
    Tonsils and Adenoids;
    The Natural Cure of Cancer;
    The Natural Cure of Hay Fever and Asthma;
    The Natural Cure of Diabetes and Bright’s Disease;
    Serum Poisoning, A Medical Crime;
    The Menace of Vaccines and Serums;
    Orthotrophy–The Natural Diet of Man;
    The Scourges of Man;
    Associate Editor of How to Live and The Progressive Health Builder;
    Founder and Editor of Wholesome Living;
    Former Columnist in the New York Evening Graphic;
    Former Staff Writer for Physical Culture;
    Contributor to Many Health Magazines and 
Founder and Director of Dr. Shelton’s Health School; 

    President of the International School of Orthopathy.

    Published by 


    San Antonio, Texas.
    Copyright 1931 by the Author.



    I Disease–two views 

    II The Slaughter of The Innocents 

    III Prenatal Care 

    IV Babies Should be Born in the Spring 

    V Baby’s Growth and Development
    VI The Child’s Teeth 

    VII Teething 

    VIII Fat Babies 

    IX Mother’s Milk 

    X Should Baby be Weaned 

    XI Three Year Nursing Period 

    XII Cows Milk 

    XIII Pasteurization 

    XIV Three Feedings a Day
    XV No Starch for Infants 

    XVI “Regular” Crimes in Feeding 

    XVII Feeding of Infants 

    XVIII Baby’s General Care
    XIX Feeding Children from two to six years 

    XX A Healthy Child
    XXI Undernutrition 

    XXII The Acute “Infectious” Diseases of Childhood
    XXIII Skin Disorders 

    XXIV Common Disorders of Infants and Children
    XXV Child Education 

    XXVI Corporal Punishment 

    XVII Vaccinia
    XXVIII Serum Poisoning 

    XXIX Commercial Medicine

      • Hey, that’s great news that you get hits from India. So, yes, maybe someone will see it. Thanks!

        Below I added another Natural Hygiene Classic re Children, by John Tilden, MD, published 1928, who had a Natural Hygiene center in Denver. Tilden died 1940 circa age 89-90. He also wrote the classic, “TOXEMIA EXPLAINED” (ie, all disease stems from toxemia).



        A Ready Reference Book for Mothers
        Who Desire to Know How to
        Bring Up Their Children
        In Health

        BY DR. J. H. TILDEN

        COPYRIGHT 1928
        BY J. H. TILDEN
        Denver, Colorado


        To those mothers who wish to sidestep the conventional errors which lead to so much unnecessary sickness in children.

        Table of Contents

        PART ONE
        Care of Prospective Mothers During Pregnancy
        General Care of Children.
        Care at Birth
        Babyhood to Full Maturity
        Feeding, Birth to Maturity
        Artificial Feeding

        PART TWO
        Diseases, So-called

  8. **Other Natural Hygiene doctors (these aren’t the only ones in the world; just the ones who are registered with this group):

    International Association of Hygienic Physicians (IAHP):

    Most all Natural Hygiene doctors are chiropractors, naturopaths, etc. Some get MD or DO degrees but don’t practice druggery.


    There used to be many more fasting centers around but so many of the old-timers have died off…

    The Cheatham family had one, The Shangri La, for like 40 years down in Bonita Springs, FLA (1950’s-1990’s they sold it). I was there in the 1980’s, 21 day water fast. FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!

    Dr. William Esser had one for 50-60 years in Lake Worth, FLA, Esser’s Hygienic Ranch, until he died in his sleep at age 92.

    Dr. D. J. Scott had one in Ohio, Natural Health Institute, for at least a half-a-century until he died in 2011 at age 87 after hitting his head.

    The Gross family had one up in NY in the old days.

    There were several in California in the old days.

    Dr. Herbert Shelton had several “Health Schools” (& fasting centers) in Texas until he died in 1985 at age 90. Shelton was a prolific writer who singlehandedly accumulated all the fasting literature for the prior 150 years & then wrote a ton of books about it. He is known as “the Father of 20th Century Natural Hygiene.” Sadly, one of his beloved horses kicked him in the face/teeth/head around age 77 & his health nosedived after that, yet he worked until death, from bed, whispering to Dr. Vetrano’s daughter who transcribed for him. I loved Shelton’s books because he was bombastic as all get out, lol! No sissy stuff!

    The main (& now biggest size/apt. complex) fasting center still ongoing since 1984 is in Santa Rosa, California, run by Dr. Alan Goldhamer, True North Health Center (url is healthpromoting dot com). Too pricey as usual. (In the “old days” $500 week was the average; these days everything is $1000+/week.) Fasting lecture by Goldhamer: youtube .com/watch?v=6FOBa_hfbRE

    Dr. Frank Sabatino finally opened a small fasting center in a motel in S. FLA, called Ocean Jade Retreat (url the same). Way too expensive, naturally. But Sabatino is a good lecturer.

    Dr. Ralph Cinque (a fellow conspiracy theorist, re JFK assassination) still fasts people in his home in Buda, TX, since 1976 (url is drcinque dot com), Dr. Cinque’s Health Retreat. He trained under Herbert Shelton, & Alec Burton (AU, died last month, age 86 but no word yet what he died from; Burton’s wife still runs the fasting center in AU, Arcadia Health Centre). Alec Burton was a good lecturer, here’s just one re fasting: youtube .com/watch?v=tU7A9VIDKI0

    Dr. V.V. Vetrano worked for decades with Dr. Shelton & still does phone consultations (since 1964). Her daughter & her husband, the Haags, fasted people in their home for a long time. They both got MD degrees in 1984 but refused to “practice medicine” AMA style. Their site is still up for consultations: roylretreat dot com (royl > Rest Of Your Life). All three of them are in LaVernia, TX. Dr. Vetrano was 85 in 2013 still tap-dancing, so she must be about 89 now:
    youtube .com/watch?v=gYTsMbfa3L8

    If you ask Wiki or QuackWatch, they will swear all these guys are quacks. If you ask the fasting guests, they will say the opposite. Who ya gonna believe? 😉 Try it, You’ll like it!

  9. I wish you wouldn’t title the article as “monstrous-size”. The baby has no control over her genetic condition and yet you have so aptly characterized her with such a negative tone. Imagine someone writing that you were monstrous. No matter who it is, by no wrong of their own should they be called a monster. I really hope you’ll consider changing the title for the sake of this baby who may see it when she later grows up, for the sake of other people who read it and may have their opinions negatively changed towards this condition, and for the sake of anyone else who has this condition and may happen upon this article. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and consider my suggestion. Have a nice day!

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