Alabama’s Auburn University Cancels Anti-Trump Speech by Richard Spencer

Normally, an anti-Trump speech would be welcome on any college campus in America.

But Richard Spencer is not a man of the left, but a man of the right who supported President Trump until he hit Syria with a barrage of Tomahawk missiles.

Auburn claims it is canceling Spencer’s talk because of threats to public safety. That’s bullsh*t.

On the one hand, it’s not Spencer that has ever threatened anyone. The threat is from the leftist antifa. Giving in to antifa thugs is never a good idea. They’ve beat up Trump supporters before. They tried to disrupt the inauguration.

On the other hand, Spencer is not a white supremacist, but a white identitarian. There is a huge difference. White identity is simply the idea that whites must unite politically to promote their interests in the same way that Chicanos, blacks, and other groups do. White identity is also an intellectual force that defends Western culture and civilization. The university is undoubted afraid that Spencer will make some converts by having a reasoned discussion of his ideas.


Alabama’s Auburn University on Friday canceled a campus speech by Richard Spencer, a white U.S. nationalist best known for drawing Nazi-like salutes at a party to celebrate President Donald Trump’s election last year, citing safety concerns.

Auburn said it decided to drop Spencer’s visit scheduled for Tuesday evening “based on legitimate concerns and credible evidence that it will jeopardize the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors.”

The university, located in the city of the same name in Alabama, did not elaborate on its safety concerns, and school officials could not be reached for further comment.

Spencer, 38, said he was incensed over the cancellation and considered it an attack on his right to free speech.

“I’m absolutely disgusted,” Spencer told Reuters. “That’s the only way to put it.”

Spencer, who leads the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist and nationalist think tank, said his organization paid about $700 to rent a room at the university for the speech and spent an additional $2,200 for security.

Spencer said Auburn was aware of the violent threats and protests that typically follow him to his speaking engagements.

When Spencer spoke at Texas A&M University in December, some 1,000 people gathered in protest. In January, he was hit in the face by a protestor during a televised interview in Washington.

Auburn had been criticized on social media by students and parents who said the university was supporting hate speech by allowing Spencer to visit. In response, the university said in a statement on Wednesday that it strongly deplored Spencer’s views, but it would uphold his right to speak.

After the cancellation, Spencer said he would give the speech at another location in Auburn on Tuesday. He did not say where.

Spencer said his talk would touch on free speech issues but mainly focus on his newfound opposition to Trump.

Spencer and other white nationalists soured on the Republican president after the recent U.S. bomb attacks in Syria and Afghanistan. “We are a true oppositional force,” Spencer said.

An outspoken supporter of Trump in the 2016 campaign, Spencer rose from relative obscurity in the days after the Nov. 8 election. Widely circulated video footage showed some Trump supporters giving Nazi-style salutes to Spencer during a gathering in Washington to celebrate the Republican candidate’s victory.

In an interview with the New York Times shortly after the incident, Trump condemned the conference organized by Spencer.

Those Nazi style salutes referred to in the article were few in number and Spence did not himself perform any kind of salute. Meanwhile, there’s not a word in this biased, slanted article that mentions that the antifa often give Communist clinched fist salutes.

When they’re not punching somebody out.


7 thoughts on “Alabama’s Auburn University Cancels Anti-Trump Speech by Richard Spencer

  1. Dear Richard. You made you own bed, now you have to lie on it. You did not give a Nazi salute but you called for them by saying “Heil Trump” several times after which Jews stooges, and maybe a genuine Nazi or two, in the audience did Nazi salutes. You will never live this down. You became famous and “bannable” all on the same day.

    “Spencer rose from relative obscurity in the days after the Nov. 8 election. Widely circulated video footage showed some Trump supporters giving Nazi-style salutes ”

    I say they were Jew stooges, plants, not Trump supporters.

    Anyone that thinks Nazi salutes is going to win over the public in any country needs their head read. Even in the 1930s when Hitler was popular he had very little support in England, the USA or other English speaking nations. Hitler did not even try to win any English speaking nations over – he wanted to go to war with all of them, Trump style.

  2. “would touch on free speech issues but mainly focus on his newfound opposition to Trump.”

    WHAT IS THIS…trying to turn everyone against Trump? Keep it up Spence and we’ll have Democrats winning in 2018 and 2020!

    • Nazis and Commies both prefer extreme Governments run by their enemies, if they can not run the show just yet. They both hate middle of the road democracies – where they have no chance of taking over as in all English speaking countries just now.
      As East Germany proved, Nazis running the country gave Commies a very good chance at taking over. It only took 12 years, then the Commies had a free run for 45 years or so. Now Commie rats run all of Germany and much of Europe.
      So, if Spencer is a Nazi, he would prefer Bernie Sanders wins than a Republican, especially someone like Ron Paul.

    • Actually, if you think about it, if he’s turned against Trump, that might help Trump since Spencer is so unpopular. I agree with what I think you’re saying, which is that Spencer should stick to talking about his philosophy, which is an appealing and reasonable one when he sticks to explaining it.

  3. White Nationalists groups are the most infiltrated groups (people) the world has ever seen. The Jew has a ‘hardon’ for us. They will never leave us alone.

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