750 Illegals Detained by ICE Go on Hunger Strike to Pressure Trump

In a gesture of goodwill toward their Norte Americano amigos, prisoners at an ICE detention facility in Seattle, Washington have decided to stop eating.

“We want to save zee taxpayers heez money,” said an inmate who identified himself as Juan.

Juan has also made an offer to Los Estados Unidos that few would refuse. He has promised that if released from prison that he will come to the homes of American citizens at 6 A.M. every morning for the next year, armed with his leafblower. Juan promises Americans a leaf-free future to show his love and loyalty to America.

Meanwhile, he promises not to eat a bite.

Let’s hear it for Juan in a million and his generosity.

Daily Beast

A massive hunger strike at the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, Washington, entered its fifth day on Friday, with more than 750 immigrants detained at the facility joining the effort.

The detainees are demanding an improvement in quality of food, clarity and speed in their immigration proceedings, improved access to medical care, and the lowering of commissary prices.

The strike began at noon on Monday, when one hundred prisoners refused to eat their lunches. Maru Mora Villalpando, a spokeswoman for the activist coalition NWDC Resistance, told The Daily Beast that the current climate is the worst since President Donald Trump was elected.

Trump has announced stringent deportation policies and actions since his inauguration, including one national raid at the end of March that detained 367 undocumented immigrants in five separate operations, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal agency in charge of border security.

The Tacoma facility currently holds more than 1,400 immigrant detainees—almost at full capacity—all held under varying charges.

Although exact figures are unknown, one prisoner told The Daily Beast that the majority of inmates had no criminal record and were instead detained as a result of expired visas or illegally entering the country.

ICE would not confirm exact numbers regarding the NWDC’s current population.

Detainees in the facility receive only $1 per day for cleaning, cooking, and operationally running the prison. Strikers called for more in a letter that was circulated throughout NWDC prior to the strike, as well as demands that included expedited hearings, improvements to food and medical care, and price cuts to the commissary, where the cost of some items recently doubled.

One detainee, only identified as Christian, spoke to NWDC activists in a recording for their blog on Monday.

“The food they serve, they serve beans and rice seven days a week, three times a day,” Christian, who is about to turn 26, said in a conversation from inside the facility. “Commissary is very expensive and my family always gives us a little bit of money, and sometimes… spends hundreds of dollars.”

The following day, Christian was one of several detainees who were transported from NWDC in a two-bus transport to be deported to Mexico, according to Villalpando.

Even as more immigrants are deported, the facility’s population continues to grow, as indicated by a Facebook video posted by NWDC Resistance showing buses entering the prison grounds.

According to posts on the same Facebook page, another hunger striker, Johnathan Guzman, said “I am doing the hunger strike not just for me but for everyone out there in the future.”

10 thoughts on “750 Illegals Detained by ICE Go on Hunger Strike to Pressure Trump

  1. “The Tacoma facility currently holds more than 1,400 immigrant detainees—almost at full capacity—all held under varying charges.”

    All held under “varying charges”. Still calling them “immigrants”. Still dicking around with them. Still making sure they stay in Los Estados Unidos.

    ““The food they serve, they serve beans and rice seven days a week, three times a day,” Christian, who is about to turn 26,”

    Aww poor baby. I bet he would be eating a lot better in Mexico.

    “Although exact figures are unknown, one prisoner told The Daily Beast that the majority of inmates had no criminal record”

    Amazing isn’t it? They violate the law to come and stay here, yet still they have no criminal record. As if that twist makes all the difference.

    “According to posts on the same Facebook page, another hunger striker, Johnathan Guzman, said …”

    Color me surprised.

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  4. If authorities of prisons, camps, jails, etc., everywhere would wise up to the benefits of water-only-fasting, the next time any person or group claims they are going to “HUNGER STRIKE,” the authorities should simply say…

    *”So you want to go on a water-only fast? Great idea! We will accommodate you with fresh water daily & a mat to rest on. Fasting is really excellent for the body. It detoxes all your internal organs which will help you to live longer, it will clear up any ailments, aches, pains, asthmas, high blood pressure, allergies, etc., it will make your spirit calm & loving, it will makes your eyes white & bright again, it will clear up your brain so you can think better, etc. etc. So, by all means, please proceed. Jesus fasted 40 days, so did Elijah. So we would love it if all of you would lie down, rest, & drink only water for the next 40 days. It’ll save us a bundle, so it’s a deal! Carry on!”*

    The “protesters” would be dumbfounded!

    Fasting info in comments:

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