Spicer Self-Flagelates: “I Screwed Up, I Let The President Down”; Hitler Comments Were “Inexcusable”

What’s happening on the Trump train just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Sean Spicer’s press conference comment about Hitler was not that important, but Spicer himself is overreacting, like everyone else.

I think I know why.

It’s spelled J – E – W – S.

Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.


After what may have been the worst day in Sean Spicer’s PR career as White House press secretary, when he first suggested Adolf Hitler was better than Syria’s Assad because he did not use chemical gas, then quickly followed up by saying that Trump was seeking to “destabilize” the Middle East, on Wednesday Spicer said he let President Trump down, and apologized for his comments.

Spicer said his remark, which he said was meant to shame Syrian leader Bashar Assad for a deadly gas attack, distracted from Trump’s decision to respond with a cruise missile strike and his successful meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“I made a mistake. There’s no other way to say it. I got into a topic that I shouldn’t have and I screwed up,” Spicer said during an event at a museum in Washington. “I hope I showed that I understand that I did that and that sought people’s forgiveness because I screwed up.”

He admitted that “there’s no comparing atrocities” and said that “I’ve let the President down.”

“Your job as a spokesperson is to help amplify the president’s actions and accomplishments,” a visibly subdued Spicer told interviewer Greta Van Susteren at a Newseum event examining the press in Trump’s first 100 days.

“When you’re distracting from that message of accomplishment, and your job is to be the exact opposite, on a professional level it’s disappointing because I think I’ve let the president down. On both a personal level and a professional level, that will not go down as a very good day in my history,” he added.

A day earlier, Spicer said Hitler did not use chemical weapons during World War II, comparing the Nazi leader to Syrian leader Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own citizens. “There’s no comparing atrocities,” a contrite Spicer said Wednesday. “Of all weeks, this compounds that kind of mistake.”

“It’s painful to myself to know I did something like that.”

Spicer also said the mistake was particularly “really painful” because Trump has enjoyed an “unbelievable” run of good news lately, including his Syrian airstrikes and the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. “From a professional standpoint. the president had a phenomenal couple of weeks. And unbelievable successful couple of weeks” even if some would disagree.

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Spicer said: “You had someone as despicable as Hitler who did not even sink to using chemical weapons.” Later in the briefing, given a chance to walk back his comments, Spicer continued the comparison, claiming that Hitler did not “gas his own people,” and referred to concentration camps as “Holocaust centers.”

His remarks drew harsh criticism and ridicule from politicians on both sides of the aisle and Jewish interest groups. Spicer eventually apologized for his comments

17 thoughts on “Spicer Self-Flagelates: “I Screwed Up, I Let The President Down”; Hitler Comments Were “Inexcusable”

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  2. Oh I love doing math like this.

    Let’s see… “… gassing 6,000 a day in Auschwitz alone,” – New York Daily News

    Let’s do the math. Given a generously conservative burn time of 2 hours per body, that would mean one oven could roast 12 Jews per 24 hour day. 6,000 divided by 12 equals 500. So, in order to gas and cremate 6,000 Jews a day, that means there would have to have been 500 ovens at Auschwitz, running 24/7. Right? So, where are the ovens?

    Anyway, it’s fun to watch so many cucks grovel for forgiveness for merely saying something politically incorrect. Poor Sean. He forgot that the goyim are never allowed to use the “Holocaust®” for any comparison whatsoever.

    • Using cremation as an explanation is the only way to conceal bodies that didn’t exist to begin with. You’re fighting a two-front war of survival, you’re short on fuel, but you do this with what little fuel you have???

      P-uhleeze Nigga?

    • Not to mention that the supposed gas chambers would have had to be completely sealed and the ones who would enter it would have had to wear completely gas proof suits and more than that, the bodies would have been contaminated by the gas and most likely once they burned, release even more deadly chemicals in the air and around it. And yet, we have never seen anyone say that.

      Even with all of this, i always think to myself, why would the germans try so hard to gas and then even burn the bodies (which is wasted time and consumes fuel) when they could have just gathered all the jews up over a huge hole, put a bullet through their heads and dump their bodies inside? That’s how all massacres were done before. Well, that and allies bombing innocent german civilians after the war was over.

  3. It’s a shame that Spicer, when backpeddling on Hitler and gassing, didn’t have the cojones to say “Well, that’s open to debate. Oh wait, we’re not allowed to, are we?”, or something similar. It’s incredible that questioning a major historical event is a ‘no go’ in this day and age. How can it be possible for it even to be enshrined in law that ‘This Happened, This Way’?
    “Feel free to question my religion, but don’t go ‘There’.

  4. Yep, this is painful to watch. I wonder what The Trumpenfuhrer thinks? I am pretty sure that after years of wheeling and dealing around jews in Jew Central (Manhattan), our Trumpenfuhrer is quite jew-aware and probably laughing to himself. This guy Spicer had a melt-down over something trivial. A quick one sentence mea culpa would have sufficed if he had to say anything. Of course, to succor Big Jew, he had to grovel for an entire day to all of the big media jews. The guy is damaged goods and a jew cuckold now. His credibility is shot. Time for a replacement.

  5. I would like to add that this guy’s actions illustrate perfectly the utter power and strangle-hold of the jew vampire squid. It is sickening.

  6. Pathetic–but typical. Notice he is wearing a Soros-purple tie–a la Bill & Hill? Heh heh. We’ll deal with him and his ilk accordingly during the post-collapse housecleaning.

  7. This tribe wields a lot of power in a country which banned them from running in political
    office, buying White businesses, and prohibited them from being lawyers. Somebody
    let their guard down and thus began the downfall. Dangerous liaisons.

  8. Spicer told the truth. Hitler was himself gassed in the First World War and was determined that he would never cause another gas war between the British and the Germans. He also never ordered the mass killing of Jews. There is no evidence for this. OTOH he did sign an order to kill gypsies, which was a wonderful thing. However the Germans did not kill very many and I do not know why this is. Less than 200,000 tops. Germans like the British are too tender hearted. Even Nazis were humane. Gypsies are now swarming everywhere around Europe. They breed very fast and have African levels of babies, 6 to 10 per family.
    The Jews in the Soviet Union did not have the Christian scruples and weak stomachs of the WWII Germans. They killed tens of millions of Christians and enjoyed every minute of it. None of them had nightmares or lost sleep over this, I have never heard of a single such case among the Soviet Jews in the Cheka/NKVD.

    The only possible use of gas by the Germans in WWII was an experiment using carbon monoxide using a truck. Experiments are carried all the time and a lot of terrible things have been done to both prisoners and volunteers inside the USA during peacetime.

    Lastly, Assad has never ordered a gas attack against his own people.

  9. Germans love documentation and the Nazis did this even with incriminating material. Is it not logical that Himmler at least would have insisted on a signed order from Hitler to kill the Jews? Not only Himmler but others woudl have liked such a document, Eichmann for one. They may have hoped it might avoid them getting the death penalty after the war.
    If Hitler wanted the mass extermination of the Jews why did he never order this to happen? What was he affair of? He knew he would get the blame for the war etc and would be executed 100% for sure. So a document and multiple copies ordering the death of the Jews would have survived WWII and would have been widely seen and talked about.

    Only the Jews “know” all about the Hollowco$t. The Germans do not know about it because it never happened. A large number of Jews died in camps but probably no more than other groups and a lot less than Soviet prisoners of war.

    Hitler did order the shooting of the political Communists (Commissars) attached to each Soviet army unit and these were usually Jews (naturally) but not always. None were gassed. Probably very few were caught. Jews know how to avoid combat and get away Scot free. Retreating Soviet units were shot by NKVD machine gun units set up just for this purpose. I think a Jew Commissar retreating would not have been shot by these Jews, He would have had some special signal The NKVD probably never fought the Germans even once..Soviet soldiers were the meat in the killing sandwich between the Germans and their very own (((NKVD))).

  10. Is it 2% or is it 3% of jews who are in the Occupied US?


    Surely, the jews don’t have that kind of power – Now do they!!!

    Another link will follow.

    Paladin, This one is from UT Arlington so I know that you do want to see it. [If Paladin misses it, would someone please notify him?].

    “Having been intimately involved with SJW injustice on campus, the story Ashe Schow put out today really hit home. Thankfully, I didn’t give a fuck about the strike they unjustly put on my disciplinary record back in the day, but it cost young Thomas Klocke his life.”


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