Mother Jones Editor Claims Military Use of “Tomahawk missiles” Name Offends American Indians

Any time leftists go off on ridiculous flights of fancy into the realm of political correctness, should we assume that it’s a cry for help?

The answer isn’t clear but Clara Jeffrey, editor of Mother Jones magazine, a nobody until yesterday, now has achieved a certain level of temporary fame.

This kind of story is a distraction from real news. It has a certain entertainment value, but really it’s something of a waste of time.

Still, unless we confront these loons, they win. So here’s the story.


Mother Jones editor-in-chief received a lot of pushback on social media for claiming that the “tomahawk” missiles fired at a Syrian air base last week were an example of cultural appropriation.

“That the missiles are called tomahawks must enrage a lot of Native Americans,” Clara Jeffery wrote on Twitter.

Jeffery received a flood of responses that criticized her statement and pointed out the history behind the name.

Jonah Goldberg of National Review said the decision to name the missiles was a “tribute” and not a “mockery” of Native Americans.

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted a response from author and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro that poked fun at the response and offered a name for the missiles on behalf of his Jewish nationality.

“If Native Americans want to rename Tomahawk missiles, I am happy to offer to rename them Hebrew Hammers on behalf of the Jews,” Shapiro wrote on Twitter.

According to the Daily Mail, it is actually common practice in the U.S. military to name aircraft or machinery after Native American tribes.

Army officials typically name aircraft after Native American tribes that historians say are well-known for their martial prowess.

Army Material Command actually seeks approval from Native American tribes before deciding to name any aircraft after a Native American tribe, according to the Department of the Army.

Jeffery’s tweet comes after President Trump decided to attack a Syrian air base with 56 tomahawk missiles in response to a chemical attack reportedly launched by the Syrian regime that killed 85 civilians, including children.

8 thoughts on “Mother Jones Editor Claims Military Use of “Tomahawk missiles” Name Offends American Indians

  1. I agree with the Red Injuns. if any have said it. I have thought his privately for years so I can now say it out loud.
    The US military kicked the Red Indians arses all over the USA in what was an invasion of land grabbing settlers backed up by force. Immigration, we could call it, diversity in action. Some times, the Injuns had big victories as when fighting clowns like Gen Custer (Narcissist). In general the Indians were outgunned. So in many cases the Indians killed white women and children. Above all the Native Americans hated the other tribes more than the white invaders. They were never united. They were in fact multicultural, or multitribal. History proved this is weakness, not strength as the Jews claim.
    So to me naming US Yankee weapons after Indian tribes or weapons would be like naming modern British weapons after German bombed cities.
    E.g. the Dresden bomber.
    or the Hamburg 10 ten bomb,
    or the Berlin missile.
    Name their H Bombs after Hitler and his inner circle?

    How about US nuclear weapons getting names like:
    Hiroshima Class Missiles
    Nagasaki class missiles
    Pearl Harbor missiles

    Heap Plenty Wampum For Private Contractors

    The list of offensive names is endless.

  2. (((Ben Shapiro))) twitted……(sic)
    “If Native Americans want to rename Tomahawk missiles, I am happy to offer to rename them Hebrew Hammers on behalf of the Jews.”

    OK lets do it. USA to name all weapons used in Arab lands as follows, and the media to report these names accurately each time they are used:
    Netanyahu class Cruise Missiles
    Golda Meir Uranium tipped tank shells
    David Ben Gurion drone missiles
    Menchem Begin Arab Buster shells
    Shimon Peres Bombs
    Yitzak Rabin Fighter Bomber

    Why not name large USA ships in honor of these people. USS Enterprise to become the USS Israel, and so on.

    “be loud, and be proud”.

    • How about Isra-hellfire missiles

      USS Shekelbaum

      Or a Soros class destroyer in honor of georgie Soros’s talent for nation destroying

  3. I watched all of the loudmouth Jew (((Mark Shouldice))) video. Not one word from any Native American as to their view. If any of them do not like the world tomahawk being used for mass murder by missiles fired from outside the victim country then they are “Liberal Lunatics” according to Mark Dice. Same if they dislike the aggressive and unlawful use of Apache helicopters by the USA.

  4. Is he implying every NDN has a tomahawk? He must be racist.

    As a government certified ‘Native American’ my concern is, they don’t seem to be as accurate as my tomahawk. What’s up with that? I heard reports of lots of misses. Obama buy all the circuitry from Taiwan?

  5. WHO %^&*ING CARES?!?!? ‘offend’ the dogeating babyraping savages all you want. They offend ME. Naming stuff after them offends me too ; what did THEY ever invent or bring to the country? Why not name it after someone or something from OUR heritage? All this PC garbage and worrying about ‘offending’ every little pissant nonwhite on earth makes me want to puke. How about worrying about offending the white heterosexual male, who has invented everything , pays the bills and settled this country? Its happening 24/7 yet you never hear the [[[msm]]] crying about it.
    [oh, and btw…indians are NOT indigenous to north america…]

  6. I was waiting for this…here it is. Thanks to Whites for whining for Native Americans who so far haven’t said a word.

    This is irritating. Soon, they will be renaming rivers, states, and no longer permitting jewelry and belts made with turquoise and silver to be purchased because worn by anyone not Native American is offensive. But, who cares if it would take livelihoods away from Native Americans who make jewelry and belt buckles.

    Yes, naming a missile after Native Americans is a tribute. We see them all over the country. So, shut up White lady!

  7. “…what did THEY ever invent or bring to the country?”

    Smokes! Native Indians produce cigs & cigars & without all the chemicals of “American” tobacco companies, & they were big sellers on the internet until circa 2010 when Uncle Sam/Nanny State outlawed “cigs via mail” (PACT Act) so the Indians had no way to deliver the goods. The Indians revolted, blocking RR tracks > “No Mail, No Rail.”

    They took it to court but I don’t know the final outcome. NY also tried to tax their Indian cigs out of business.

    Uncle Sam, strangely, did NOT outlaw CIGARS by mail/internet order, probably because the Congress critters all smoke cigars. That, or they WANT the population to smoke cigars instead (stronger, even without the chemicals of Indian brands).

    The bankster & political class screw the Native Indians the same as they do us.

    As for the idiot Mother Jones woman, how tacky to ASSUME she should speak for others. She’s a braindead libtard.

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