Thousands Protest Hungarian Law Aimed at Shutting Down Soros University


Soros’ Central European University has about 1,400 “students.” That’s 1,400 Fifth Columnists being trained to sabotage nationalism and a Europe for Europeans.

Shut ‘er down!

Jewish Forward

Tens of thousands of Hungarians protested in central Budapest on Sunday against new legislation that could force the Central European University (CEU), a school founded by U.S. financier George Soros, to move out of the country.

A bill passed in Parliament this week by the ruling right-wing Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a critic of liberal civil organizations funded by Soros, targeted CEU by setting numerous new conditions under which it must operate.

The bill has led to criticism from hundreds of leading academics worldwide as well as from the U.S. government and the European Union.

“The government wants to silence pretty much everyone who doesn’t think the same as them, who thinks freely,” protest organizer Kornel Klopfstein, a PhD student at the University of Bielefeld in Germany, said. “According to the government one of the centers of these people is at CEU… We should stand up for academic freedom and for CEU.”

The Hungarian premier has often vilified Soros, whose ideal of an open society is squarely at odds with Orban’s view that European culture is under an existential threat from migration and multiculturalism.

More coverage of this story can be read at the BBC.

The CEU has vowed to fight the legislation. The English-speaking university is ranked among the top 200 universities in the world in eight disciplines.

Mr Soros has a strained relationship with Mr Orban – a keen supporter of US President Donald Trump – who has accused the financier of wanting a role in Hungarian politics and supporting the influx of migrants into Europe.

Mr Orban recently claimed Hungary was “under siege” from asylum seekers.

The prime minister won a scholarship sponsored by Mr Soros to study at Oxford university and the pair were allies in the days immediately following the fall of communism in 1989.

11 thoughts on “Thousands Protest Hungarian Law Aimed at Shutting Down Soros University

  1. ” protest organizer (((Kornel Klopfstein)))”. Yid.

    “The English-speaking university is ranked among the top 200 universities in the world in eight disciplines.”
    English speaking in Hungary? Why? Should Chinese language only Universities be allowed to open up in Australia, the UK and the USA? What about Arabic only Universities? This is already happening in schools in the UK and leads to the creation of home grown terrorists.

    “top 200 universities in the world in eight disciplines”
    1. revolution
    2. Marxism
    3. civil disorder
    4. antifa studies
    5. Color coded revolts
    6. Welfare sponging
    7. gender studies
    8. whites are bad.

    Orban is right. (((Soros))) wrecked the West which accepted him as a rapefugee. Now he is returning to Hungary to destroy his birth country – the rotten Jew.

    • Many natives in Hungary speak only Hungarian, so the “English-speaking” part is stressed to justify using the school as a means to make its students accept multiculturalism… Well luckily, atm, they don’t.

  2. The (((media))) is puffing the picture. We’ve seen them do it countless times (remember the big one from the EU?).

    Besides bussing in protesters from all over Europe, most of them probably with the jew’s Chabad, or the jew “youth movements”, Hoshomer Hatzair who are always ready and willing to go on free trips, the “protest” was a bust.

    “Despite huge efforts the pro-Soros rally was a disappointment”

    “In Facebook messages, and emails organizer circulated important messages urging people all over Europe to attend the Budapest rally.

    M1 TV correspondent reported that while covering the rally she had heard as many foreign language speakers as Hungarian. This means that at least half of the crowd was foreigners – most of them German and English speakers she added.

    But despite all efforts in terms of numbers, the rally was a disappointment even organizers admitted it.

    Soros funded NGOs have been attacking the government for years because it closed down the border from illegal immigration. They want to force the government to flood the country with third world immigrants like the western European countries.”

    • Hungary is not the only White-based nation under attack by Soros and other (((globalists))) in that part of Europe.

      “Moments after Aleksandar Vucic victory was announced in Serbia, Soros bots were activated in Belgrade. Similarly to the Macedonian scenario, they too took to the streets damaging monuments and the Serbian Parliament.”

      • Regime change is Soro’s bag. Toppling legitimate democratically-elected governments and replacing them with what the globalists want – controlled, is Soro’s specialty. He could very well be assisted in doing that by elements within the “US” government. There are too many links and it’s too long to repost here, it is explained somewhat in this comment link below.

        “The Deep State, Trump, Soros and why banks must be saved”
        Less populistic title:
        “Who in the US administration is responsible for illegal wars and regime change – analyzing circumstantial evidence”.

    • Thanks Flanders for that update re the crowd numbers, because my first reaction was, I thought Hungarians were more awake than that!! If they realized the evil of all-things-Soros-related (Soros seems to be the reincarnation of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. in the USA), they would close that Soros-funded-cesspool university el pronto.

      It also just dawned on me, before seeing your 3rd comment, that… Trump is friends w/Soros + Syrian strikes + Regime Change … YIKES!

  3. Soros needs to go…He puts millions(chump change to him) into sewing the seeds of anarchy everywhere. What is wrong with his mind? Where does he live? Mexico or the U.S.?

  4. And ofc a lot of them are old brainwashed retards… Honestly, as much as i’m annoyed by the new sjw and liberals, i think i’m even more angry at the old farts who never seem to learn. They’re the reason we’re in this mess in the first place and with all their supposed “maturity” they still act like fucking sheep.

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