“Dear Baby Boomers,”

I’m a baby boomer and I approve this message.

With a caveat.

Not all of us were left wing, hypocritical zealots. Just most of us.

Gavin McInnes goes after baby boomers in this video, calling us “retarded,” among other things.

12 thoughts on ““Dear Baby Boomers,”

  1. This is only partly true. Baby boomers behaved a lot as their parents did. They got married and had children. I am a baby boomer and I got married and had three children.

    It is the generation after mine that has dropped the ball and I do not know what they are called. Those born from say 1980 to 1990. All those born after 1990 continue this selfish and shameful tradition. Probably including that smart arse video maker with the narcissistic mustache – is he married, does he have any children? I did not watch his video.
    Most of that post 1980 bunch did not get married and did not have children. Those that did, their baby boomer parents helped them to buy a house and so on in many cases.

    Half of the baby boomer generation always voted right wing. It is not fair to blame all boomers for the Jew led hippie revolts of the 1960s. As always these were a small minority.

    The problem in the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand is that there has been a one party system for 70 years and more. This one party has two wings, Left/Middle vs Far Left. There is no elected Right Wing in these countries. Those at the top have been doing what Jews have told them to do since 1965, if not earlier. The floodgates to welcome in dark skinned tribal scum have been opened and very few baby boomers want this. The vast majority of people over 60 are against the invasion of black African rapists in to their countries. The lefties of the 1960s are mostly conservatives today. Their votes are worthless as Trumps brand new war with Syria proves. Not one US voter gave Trump a mandate to attack Syria, but he did it anyway.

    Baby boomers should not be blamed in total for the handful of race traitors that have done the bidding of the Jew World Order. Baby boomers, though, did not force their children to go to Sunday School, or even Baptise their babies etc. In many small and unintended ways, baby boomers allowed their children to grow up with the (((self actualising))) “me first” mind set. I know that the more conservative baby boomer parents got better results. Their kids got married and many of them also have three babies.

    As ye sow, so shall ye reap. I should mention that people born about 1930 or so were a selfish generation. They were young enough to avoid fighting in WWII. Smoking, drinking to excess, gambling, absent dads, general selfishness. They got divorced when the kids were young and left the baby boomer children growing up with only one parent, the mother and with no “Safety Net” from the taxpayer. Many baby boomers grew up in orphanages! So much for the good old days and pretending that the parents of baby boomers were selfless and marvelous. More the opposite.

    Baby boomers were kind and nice to their children and to others. Nice guys finish last and many baby boomers like me have no grandchildren and maybe never will have.

    • hey Robert. I must disagree here. I feel you lived around a lot of exceptional boomers so your perception of them is more positive than it should be. I understand you wish to separate yourself from the harmful ones, as my own parents were boomers, but we know you aren’t part of this. However, you underestimate the damage the baby boomer generation did. As I was born in 1985, I can attest it’s very difficult finding a “good” job and settling down with a beautiful and traditional wife, and these old tales of boomers becoming homeowners in their 20s now seem like a distant dream. In fact, considering all the right-wingers in that age group I keep running into, in real life and online, I’d say the way you describe them here is actually reversing.

      This is how we will remember the boomer generation when they’re gone: they accepted the bribes (((they))) used to buy inflluential offices in gov’t and society.

  2. People born in 1900 or so, those that I can remember, were industrious and did not drink so much as their children. Many of them went to church. Many males smoked but very few females. Unlike their children, they did not get divorced. Some spinster women lived in their parents house for their whole lives. Welfare, almost nil, and most whites were too proud to claim it, even old age pensions to which they were entitled. Very low taxes.
    So there has been a downtrend among whites for one hundred years and more. Each generation more selfish than the last.

  3. I’m not a boomer. Boomers did their share of mischief yet to me the disasters of the 20th century came to us via the “Greatest Stupidest Generation (GSG).” That generation voted in the pig FDR four times. He deepened the depression and got his war in Europe to save Joe Stalin, his butt buddy.

    In most states, if not all, in the 1960s the voting age was 21 which means that boomers could not vote until around 1967. Hence it was the GSG who not only revered the fraud Franklin D. Rosenfeld but also gave us: Truman of the Korean War, Ike who invaded his own country at Little Rock, the first boy president, meth-head degenerate JFK, and JFK’s assassin LBJ, the former almost fried the world and the latter gave us Vietnam and declared war on whites in the American South.

    The GSD also put on us Richard Nixon. He promised to end the Vietnam war and did. For that the communists, (i.e., Democrats in congress) ran him out of office. Nixon foisted on us the affirmative action in hiring and other ills.

    The GSG kept in power potato nigger Ted Kennedy who in turn destroyed the country by his 1965 immigration act.

    The first wave of Boomer influence was the election of Reagan, of whom the late Samuel Frances said, “was the only president of the twentieth century who didn’t deserve to go straight to prison immediately after his term.”

    We must remember that it was a large segment of the Boomers who trudged off to Vietnam to fight LBJ’s war to make defense contractors rich.

    • Good points. I am a tail-end boomer. I do not think that that counts for anything, but I fit in the time-line. I was raised by a very conservative father (no long hair, no leftists ideas, dress nicely at all times) who married my hippie mother (go figure that one). I was born in Oakland, CA and raised in the Bay Area during the 60’s-70’s. Thankfully, the conservative/traditional ways took instead of my mother’s weird ways (she was manic/depressive). Anyway, I agree with your assessment that it was the generations born in the early 1900’s who fell prey to Communism/socialism, because life in America could be harsh and the jews started to distort everything not too long after their great migration to the USA started in 1870. Thus, it was the jews who crapped on America and our way of life. There is no surprise as to why Hitler and the National Socialists targeted the jews. The jews wreaked havoc on traditional German culture/politics/gov’t/economy by the time Hitler came to power. The jews got us involved in WWI and WWII and have crapped on us to present day. It is the jew who is responsible for the state of the USA in our present day. The God-awful tragedy of our situation is that because the jews controlled the U.S. media/press/publishing/radio/advertising/ and much of America’s institutions by the 1930’s, they suppressed and distorted our history to reflect their Jew Narrative. They have controlled The Narrative for a hundred years, thus there was no way that us evil YT goys would ever get or learn the truth. The Soviets did the same thing to their people during their heinous reign. Be thankful that those of us here on this site and many more are waking up to the Jew Menace. Be aware that our grandparents, the Baby Boomers, and everyone to present day was fed lies and distortions with no one to provide the truth. Many lived their entire lives believing the jew lies and died the same way. Be thankful that we know the truth.

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  5. Great comments!! (& history lessons).

    Google says Boomers are born between 1946 – 1964. That’s a long stretch. But I’m in there somewhat early, so Boomer-Love to All Boomers! 🙂

    And the Boomer-Haters can take a long walk off a short pier, because I never participated in ANY of those things listed in the graphic. I never protested (until I was 50 & participated in an anti-pedophile march!), I never sent anyone to any war, I was raised in the South-nobody here “fought for civil rights,” I thought hippies were slobs (dressed like slobs), thought violence was insane (Kent State, etc.), never went to a Uni so was not Commie-brainwashed (but girlfriends who did, were), hated pot (who needs a racing brain induced by dope when you already have one?), thought people “shooting up” was ghastly (who wants to get a “shot” if you don’t have to?), was not a “trust fund baby” by a long shot, never had a mortgage/apt. dweller/less hassles/safer, etc.

    Boomers are the Last Great Generation because we’re the last that can read, write, & spell correctly.

    We’re also the Last who remember early clean-TV vs. sewer-TV, & who remember many other vast societal differences (manners for another), that the youngins never knew (like gas station Attendants who pumped your gas!). They want us GONE sooner than later, not only for us having a brain, but they want to keep what’s left of SS for themselves.

    Also, it’s obvious this is just another attempt to Divide & Conquer, the Younger vs. the Older, etc.

  6. “in the 1960s the voting age was 21 which means that boomers could not vote until around 1967.”

    The drinking age was also 21. Then the year I turned 21, they turned it back to age 18! No great loss, but I missed many Friday afternoon “Happy Hours” with older workmates. They would come to work Monday mornings & tell me all they talked about at Happy Hour, mostly Archie Bunker in those days, lol.

  7. “So there has been a downtrend among whites for one hundred years and more. Each generation more selfish than the last.”


    *”But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

    “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God…”*

    (2nd Timothy 3:1-4,13)

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