Video: Weev Defends Trump

The legendary Weev takes 7 minutes out of his life in exile to advise former Trump supporters to chill.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Apr 7, 2017

just chill for a minute seriously what is wrong with you people, you’re acting like 40 year old childless single women here

Some comments on the defense of Trump:

It’s sad to see all the Trumpenproles throwing him to the wolves, despite the fact that he told the Russians (and that means they told the Syrians) that he would be doing this. Best case scenario: He did it to misdirect the hysterical warmongers in the media and the deep state, nipping the hysteria in the bud, while also taking Putin’s temperature to see what he would do.

Weev is such a Jew. He looks like Alan Ginsberg…and now he is defending attacking Assad! Sorry but we love Assad, we put up with Trump. And don’t worry Weev, if u wanna defend creating Greater Israel for your tribe, you will be doing it all alone. Assad is our red line.

kek, weev is now the voice of reason. I’m still pretty blackpilled though 😦

My defense for freaking out on social media is that i see it as a strategic thing. We are signalling to the White House that we don’t want another war. Everyone should pretend to overreact just a little bit. There is nothing wrong with showing the world, and Trump, where we stand in all of this. The bombings could turn out to be an insignificant event, but we should always take every opportunity to signal against wars for Israel.

This is Alt-Right virtue signalling and i think it’s goddamn beautiful fam.

As you can see the commenters disagree, but anyone who follows Weev knows the score.

So, what’s next?

The big headline on Drudge is the Russian warship steaming toward Syria. Big deal! Warships are always steaming to someplace. Read more on that story at Fox News

Learn more about Weev at Wikipedia.

3 thoughts on “Video: Weev Defends Trump

  1. I work with a lot of white men. Every one of them to a man disapproves of Trump’s actions. Myself included.

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