Prominent Alt-Right Figures Withdraw Their Support for Trump Following Syrian Missile Attack

The preferred method that Trump supporters use to express their views is Twitter. I’ve collected Tweets condemning and/or rejecting support for President Donald Trump by prominent alt-right and conservative figures. Baked Alaska, Mike Cernovich, David Duke, Richard Spencer and a host of others have spoken in 140 characters.

It’s entirely possible that President Trump lost half his base of support Thursday night. I’m disgusted, but still on the Trump train.

21 thoughts on “Prominent Alt-Right Figures Withdraw Their Support for Trump Following Syrian Missile Attack

  1. Yea I’m out..the neo cons and Jews are ecstatic..Bery bad wonder he didn’t drain the swamp…enjoy your 4 years Jew lap dog ..we will focus on the next election

    • I’m still on the Trump train. I’m not going to let one mistake cause me to leave. But Trump needs better intel and better advice. Let’s see what happens with immigration. The wall can make up for a lot of mistakes,

      • I’ll go with that, we don’t know all the facts. He clearly has to do something with North Korea and this might calm things down. Still a little disappointed.

      • It wasn’t a mistake, he does what the jews tell him to and he probly doesn’t care. BTW, remember when riding with thumper, the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train;P

  2. Now I think we know why Netanyahu was doing the rounds of all our countries a few weeks back. Maybe he was reminding them all of the Samson option if they didn’t get back in line.

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  4. OK, he made a mistake! Everyone feels betrayed by reneging on his promise, but I’m very disturbed by this overreaction from Trump supporters. Instead of expressing to him they do not support his actions, they resort to total abandon. Not very loyal are they? I wouldn’t want to be their friend.

    I hope everyone keeps in mind, we are all he has. If we turn on him, the (((other side))) wins, possibly no wall, no deportations, since his haters will feel emboldened to take even more action against him. Then what…wimpy Pence?

    Something good could be an outcome. Trump sent a message to the world…we’re not taking your bullying, even though Assad wasn’t, Iran and Russia might think twice about buzzing our ships, and North Korea sending off missiles. Are we supposed to ignore this aggressive behavior?

    For those feeling deceived, it might help to leave a ‘civil’ message on his Twitter feeds and White House website.


    • I had a bunch of Tweets from Microchip condemning Trump. When I went to put those in they wouldn’t come up. He had deleted them. His latest Twitter for as long as it stays up:

      He Tweeted this: I’m back on the #TrumpTrain, it was my bad for ever second guessing.

      And retweeted this: Our Intel in Vietnam was wrong. Our Intel in Iraq was wrong and our Intel for Syria is wrong. There is a pattern here.

      That’s all that’s on his new Twitter after Jack wiped out his old Tweets.

  5. If Trump wanted to bomb the right people, all Rothchild properties and family members, Soros.

    The Jews must be beyond ecstatic. From the moment I heard about the alleged sarin gas attack, the first thing that came to my mind was the (((tribe))) and CIA were behind this. Now we could be facing nuclear war, but this I what the globalist demons want; kill off billions of useless eaters, trillions of more shekels in jew banks, they get Albert Pikes third world war, Trump will take the fall for the real rulers behind the curtain

  6. If Assad continued his attacks on civilians the wave to Europe would have been enormous. This might slow it.

  7. Please let us not be fair weather friends. Syria is just one chaotic disaster that the Obama administration helped to create when we interfered in their civil war at its beginning. Chemical weapons are dangerous but are not the end all be all that many people think, especially nerve gas. Nerve gas is literally just a pesticide for people. That aside, its use is symbolically very disturbing, because the U.S. and all western nations have divested themselves of their chemical weapons stocks. The missile strike served multiple purposes. It put the entire world on notice that the U.S. is back (but not to keep poking its nose into everyone’s business). Piss-ants such as Iran, North Korea, and even Russia and China can be sure that the U.S. is no longer under wishy-washy Obama’s leadership. Give this a chance to play out.

  8. “My country, Wrong or Very Wrong.

    Trump has denied the Alt-Right already. After the Hitler salutes by Jews he dumped the whole movement. Trump has nailed his six pointed star to the mast.

  9. I posted this on CTH and got some massive blowback. Now Sundance is twisting himself into pretzels trying as hard as he can to justify this crap. And his legion of  “Born-Agains” are buying every jot and tittle of this shit sandwich. 

    Just two days ago he was warning *NOT* to get involved. Now, a quick about-face to “Trump Can Do No Wrong!!!” bullshit.

    So here’s my post:
    Trump has succumbed to the siren cry of the RINOs, Neo-Cons and Globalists on this one. 

    We have absolutely NO business getting involved in ANY ME conflict, unless there is a direct attack on Americans.

    Note that the first tweet of “medical” personnel treating the supposed Sarin victims shows them with plain old dust masks and gloves. I call BS. This was PallyWood stuff.

    One drop of Sarin on your skin or droplet inhaled and you are toast. Within minutes. Full Stop. Period.

    Now, note how AQ, Al-Nusra, ISIS and other terrorist scumbags are praising this to Allah (pig’s blood be upon him).

    Tell me: Who else in the ME (besides Israel) protects it’s Christian population? Assad. They are 10% of his population.

    This is a tar baby all ’round and has possibly poisoned our budding relationship with Russia to boot.

    And to the many that think Trump can do no wrong, get over yourselves and try to be more objective.

    This was a massive error on Trump’s part.  Slippery slope indeed.  I hope to God he doesn’t repeat it.
    And I got excoriated at CTH for that simple post.

    • SocoBill,

      You were brave! Most of the time they need a dose of reality. Learned long ago not to comment if it doesn’t fit in with their slobbering love affair with Trump and Jews.

      One and only time I commented was to confront Sundance with his lies about the Humane Society of the United States. I know they were lies since I’ve been following HSUS closely for over 15 years. He didn’t reply.

    • You will be accused of being a “concern troll” at CTH if you ever post any of your “anxieties” or disappointments re what Trump may or may not be doing.

      I haven’t been over there since this Trump-Tomahawk “Strike” but it sounds like Sundance is Bill Mitchell’s twin in thought. Check out @Mitchellvii ‘s twitter feed, a total “positive spin” on the missile strike meaning Trump is “keeping us safe,” etc.

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