Jews Don’t Want High Spirited Tara McCarthy Talking about Jews


I like this girl. If only I were young enough to woo her!

In this video, Tara spends an hour chatting with Professor Kevin MacDonald about the JQ and more.

11 thoughts on “Jews Don’t Want High Spirited Tara McCarthy Talking about Jews

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  2. Holy crap… I am blown away. And she’s hot off the heels of her 2nd YouTube strike, so I’d call this bold. I definitely just gained some respect for Tara.

    First your buddy (((ramzpaul))) hints at going full 14/88, now this chick threatens with her own defection from the (((tribe))). Is Tara McCarthy about to become PJ’s new favorite Jewess? Stay tuned!

    • She posted her DNA results. She’s 10 percent Hindu, probably because of an ancestor who served in India hundreds of years ago. Anyway, she doesn’t look Jewish to me, but she does have a slightly exotic look that is attractive. She needs to ramp up her interview skills however. She and Brittany Pettibone (her sometime partner) are both terrible.

      • Here’s some comfort to fall back on, PJ:

        That Jewish/Hindu/mixed British girl who I did a recent interview with looks white to me! – Jared Taylor

        I’m sure that’s not a real quote, but I know he’d say that.

        Also, what did you expect with Brittany Pettibone? She wrote a book but her interviewing technique sure isn’t selling it. But skills are not required when you’re THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE ALT-RIGHT WORLD. Deal with it, guys. Remember what I said about beautiful and stupid? I should call it beautiful and naive instead. They go hand in hand.

        Better yet, instead of dealing with it… The best hope for this traditional-minded living goddess is for someone more experienced to take her under his wing – or under his entire body, for that matter. Want to volunteer, PJ?! haha.

      • Tara has a fiance. I’m not sure about Brittany, but I believe she has a sister who’s also active on Twitter. I think the sister is younger. Have you seen her? She looks a lot like Brittany, almost like twins.

      • I was definitely not talking about Tara (who lives with her fiance in America) but Brittany, who’s 100% European. They’re actually identical twins. Nicole Pettibone is married, who confirmed this on their official site. Those three ladies belong to a circle where there’s no problem admitting whether they have a bf or not (their most FAQ is “does your significant other know of your beliefs). If I remember correctly, Brittany has no boyfriend… she’s waiting for man worthy of bearing her children to marry. So she’s single. She also jusy now told me to say: “quit being shy, PJ – this lady waits until you ask her!”.

      • I’m not sure if it’s possible for me to succeed in wooing Brittany Pettibone. Thousands of men are banging down her door to catch her.

        PS: Your 100% certified best friend in the world made at least two (((naughty))) but interesting tweets… go check out what ramzpaul has been up to today.

    • “They’re actually identical twins. Nicole Pettibone is married, who confirmed this on their official site.”

      Can you link me to where this is on their site? I cannot find it and didn’t know she was married. Brittany definitely has a boyfriend now, the guy from defend europe, Martin Sellner.

      Either way good luck to you.

  3. These young woman give me hope that there are many young intelligent (racially and jew awake/aware) women who will hopefully marry and have children. Young women such as this McCarthy girl are much more attractive than the vapid, vacuous young women today who spend all of their time on their smart phones and can not frame a cohesive/coherent thought. Sadly, I think that there are more race realist women on the internet than there are men. Regards her speech/deportment on her program, I think that that comes with time and practice. I can write and speak The Queen’s English quite well when I choose to, but to present my ideas/opinions on a camera or program, I have no talent or presence for that.

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