Breaking! Devin Nunes Out–Recuses Self from Russia Investigation

It makes you wonder what kind of (((Deep State))) blackmail has been perpetrated on an honest man. It doesn’t take much to destroy you today. Did he flirt with a woman not his wife? Did he say the word “Nigger?”


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has recused himself from his panel’s investigation into Russia’s potential interference in U.S. elections. Nunes was pressured to step away from the Russia probe after reports suggested he was being influenced by the White House and Democrats accused him of improperly releasing information into the investigation.

In his statement Thursday, Nunes explained that the claims against him are false and baseless, but believed that stepping down from the investigation was in the best interest of the committee.

Official political stuff:

All the crap statements are window dressing. Nunes was spied on and they have something on him. The investigation into Susan Rice and Obama’s lawbreaking is going to effectively come to an end now.

Don’t forget that AG Jeff Sessions has recused himself too over at the Justice Department.

What we are witnessing is breathtaking, The ability of corrupt Deep State players to conceal the truth about the silent overthrow of the rule of law should lead all patriots to question whether the USA as it was created even exists anymore.

16 thoughts on “Breaking! Devin Nunes Out–Recuses Self from Russia Investigation

  1. Joe McCarthy was crushed by the Jew Commies he was exposing. The HUAC was renamed, made harmless then closed down.
    The Jews have absolute power in the USA today, and that includes traitors and Communists like Bernie Sanders.
    The Liberty attack by Israel proved that Israel has absolute power over the US military, and can attack it without any punishment. Same for bombing US troops in Egypt in the Lavon Affair. Israelites did it trying to start a war between the USA and Egypt. The above are not denied, Israel awarded publicly medals to all those involved and punished a pilot who refused to bomb a ship flying the American flag, and with US sailors waving at his jet.
    911 confirmed who is in charge of the USA.
    Deep State means deep, like a Stage 4 melanoma.

    • I’m not sure, but I think the president of Egypt, who visited Trump at the White House a few days ago, is controlled by Israel. No wonder Muslims feel frustrated. But none of the terrorists ever seem to target Jews, which they should be doing if they want to shake things up a bit.

      If war comes, I may have to root for Iran to win. I guess I’ll end up in an Internment camp, declared a traitor, and shipped to Israel to be shot by a firing squad.

      • “If war comes, I may have to root for Iran to win.”

        What a horrible thought but I have to admit that I would do the same. We do not have a country, so there necessarily can be no loyalty.

        Ironically, we are supposed to be aghast that old men and young adolescents fought bravely in the Battle of Berlin. I would have fought with them.


    The Republicans have control of the white house and both houses of Congress now.

    The Democratic AG, Holder and Lynch, never recused themselves and blocked congressional investigations, despite serious scandals then, such as Bengazi, Obama’s birth certificate, fast and furious, Hillary email scandal, etc.

    The Dem criminals never wanted to recuse themselves or investigate themselves.

    Then why are there investigations into the bogus Russia connections scandal?

    You are right—they had something on Sessions and on Nunes, and they went to them and blackmailed them.

    This is how the Judaists controls both political parties.
    Sessions must investigate who blackmailed Nunes.

    Nunes does not have to recuse himself—he has NO conflict of interest, other than being a Republican, but then Dems were in charge of investigations into their own party, so why did THEY not all recuse themselves?

    • I’m guessing the Democrats are the senior partners in partnership with the (((Deep State))) while the Republicans are the junior partners. The Democrats need to make a comeback so the Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot to help them out.

  3. This “Recusing Crap” is getting old. 1-2-3 Strikes You’re Out. (Sessions – Nunes – Trump?!)

    Remain stationed at your post. Do your job. Your shift is not over.

    Without Nunes (who SAW that there was Zero Evidence), the Dems will now “FIND something” & proceed to attempt to impeach Trump.

    If blackmail has occurred (or threats to family?), stay put & say so. We will forgive almost any indiscretion except pedos.

    Are Sessions – Nunes – Flynn pedos?

    • Sometimes good men make mistakes. (((They))) compromise the good men one way or another. Most men are not interested in sex with children, but might be interested in sex with a teen of at least 14 to 16, if the girl came on to them. That one mistake would mean lifetime blackmail.

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  5. Stop these unnecessary recusals at once! Can we imagine one democrat who would do this? Are the repubs forgetting they are the majority and in control?
    Disgusting and spineless.

  6. There is no “deep state”. Stop using enemy propaganda that makes them seem powerful. They’re not. Not really. There is no government. Its a Parliament of Whores. None of them are “good”. Henry Ford’s Dearborn Paper explains how the (((enemy parasite))) operates. All these clowns are dirty. They have to be to get in. Like George Carlin said,”Its all One Big Club, and YOU ain’t in it.”
    They all have a built in self-destruct button. If they don’t, they don’t get into the Club. Epstein Island and Pizzagate shows how its done. Paedorape of underage children. Still illegal and easy peasy to jail felons with.
    However, things have legit changed. Trump isn’t on OUR SIDE. However, the Lugenpresse is no longer a viable entity. (((Their))) ability to control the Narrative has collapsed. (((They))) aren’t panicking about Trump. He’s in the Club. He wouldn’t be there now, if he wasn’t. The Death of the Lugenpresse has (((them))) shitting bricks. The Cat is NO LONGER in the Bag.

  7. Nunes cucked out. No Congressman or Senator can have attained his office without having sold his soul to the DNC/RNC which control the political parties at the state and federal level. Not one U.S. Congressman or U.S. Senator wanted our Glorious Trumpenfuhrer to win the election. Thus, they are all sand-bagging and slow-rolling his agenda to make him look bad. Useless cucks.

    • The only thing I would add is that I’ve recently been impressed with Rand Paul. His father was no cuck and it seems that recently he’s grown in the job. As far as I can tell, he’s trying to help Trump. That’s a tentative assessment, subject to change as events develop, but I’m starting to like Rand a lot.

      • Rand Paul has said some things that pissed me off enough to look up his record for something to attack him with. Surprisingly, his voting record is rather straight up. I could not find a vote to condemn him for.

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