Satanism: Some Things to Remember

Satanists are real. Whether Satan himself is real I will leave to you to judge.

While a professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio, the administration recruited a group of students who showed the characteristics of Satanists. When I talked to two of them, one of them let the cat out of the bag and told me that they were there to “consecrate the campus to Satan.” I still have no idea what that means, but I assume that some sort of Satanic prayers and sacrifices were involved.

On another occasion I accidentally walked into what I now recognize was a Satanic ritual. At the time I thought it was the university drama club practicing for a play. There were around a dozen people involved, each wearing a mask that covered one eye. Because the door was quickly blocked by several people, I don’t know what sort of ritual was ready to start. There may have been a child sacrifice involved. I don’t know. It was many months after the incident before I realized that something evil had been going down.

Against this backdrop, Ann Barnhard’s introduction to Satanism is a worthwhile read.

Ann Barnhardt

Satanism: Some Things To Remember

Satanism is real, folks. It isn’t a joke or a “scary story”. It is a very real thing, and it has grown and become more sophisticated over the past century, as one would expect. Here are just a few things to keep in mind about it.


Right now in the (former) U.S., there are satanist groups popping up performing rituals, and even doing charitable drives in order to attract attention. Many of these groups are ATHEISTS who do not believe in the supernatural (God) OR the preternatural (satan, demons, etc.). They seem to profess the superiority of the individual human will and reject any notion of objective morality. They tend to talk a lot about “reason”. Given their error, they tend to descend into sexual perversion and extreme hedonism as a way of manifesting their rebellion and rejection of God. But they oftentimes openly profess that they themselves do not believe in satan, demons or hell – only in themselves.

But satan and the demons sure enough do believe in them, and these people are very, very firmly in satan’s grasp. These people are like the daredevils that free-climb skyscrapers, cranes, etc. They are playing with death and damnation, whether they believe it or not.

The other kind of satanism is people who actually believe in God, and in satan and hell, and freely choose to worship satan, generally in exchange for power, money and sex. This is the type of satanism that exists in the Vatican, and was written about by Malachi Martin. Martin’s writings are true, with only the names changed, but in obvious ways. In fact, there is a key to all of the names in Martin’s books easily available with a simple web search. For example, the man who ran the Church in the U.S. from the 1960s through the 1990s, Joseph Bernardin, who was a flaming sodomite, child rapist, and a practicing satanist, was codenamed Cardinal Leonardine. Like I said, thinly veiled.

These “believing satanists” perform “black masses”, which are ceremonies that ape and completely invert the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. These “black masses” are said in Latin, and invert, step by step, the Old Rite. They begin at the end, and go backward. They involve murder, rape, or consensual sodomy. Believing satanists, led by Aleister Crowley and later Anton LeVey, entered the 20th century admitting that their “liturgies” were lacking in precision, and that the Latin used was riddled with errors. Judging by the parabolic increase in the power and influence of satanists both in the Church and throughout the world over the past few decades, apparently they have recruited Latinists and liturgists to “improve” their evil rites.

These believing satanists are Diabolical Narcissists who are literally at war with God Himself, obviously. Many DNs are attracted to the Church thinking that it will provide them with power, adulation and oftentimes sex. When their lives don’t turn out as they wanted, when the Church and the world fail to fall at their feet, they actually turn against God Himself. After all, for a DN, the only truly worthy adversary is God Himself. Already devoid of love, already devoid of empathy, already devoid of shame, and almost always highly intelligent, some of these people are identified and recruited by satanists.

Guess where satanists have mainly recruited? Gay bars. Joseph Bernardin was recruited out of the Columbia, SC gay bar scene when he was a pre-med undergrad at USC in the late 1940s.

And what gay bar scene has the highest concentration of priests, monks and seminarians? The ROME gay bar scene. Just sayin’.

The credo of satanism is, “The only sin is not to sin. The only shameful act is to NOT be shameless.” This is very close to Luther’s cry of “Sin boldly!” Thus, satanists have a scathing contempt for genuine piety, principled stands, and morality. I have learned over the past four years that evil people within the Church will always accuse people with morality of being heretics. So, for example, a sacreligious sodomite in the Church would accuse a person with a firm belief and understanding of the 6th Commandment of being a “Jansenist”, a “Calvinist” or a “Rigorist”. Does this correlate 100% with satanism? No, of course not, but the roots of this mindset are satanic in origin.

Satanists, because they are DNs, tend to be very intelligent, high-functioning, charming people. Satanists would never recruit anyone that couldn’t maintain and project an attractive facade of goodness, much less normalcy. You would never pick a satanist out just walking down the street. No drooling, no forked tail, no horns, etc. In fact, it tends to be the opposite – satanists are more likely to be desperately charming, resplendent even, at least superficially.

Satanists will always be connected to extreme sexual perversion and sacrilege. Remember, any sex act with or by a priest, monk, seminarian, or nun is an act of sacrilege, above and beyond the sin of fornication and/or sodomy. So, for example, a faggot layman that cruises for priests and seminarians is committing a graver sin than the secular faggots screwing each other. Likewise, a woman that fornicates with a priest commits a graver sin than secular faggots that commit sodomy, or secular heterosexuals that fornicate. The sins of sacrilege are sins of irreligion, which are a subset of the FIRST commandment. The Ten Commandments are ordered and numbered as they are by God for a reason. Sins against the First Commandment are the most grave. Remember, the sin of adultery is the SIXTH Commandment. So satanists, by definition, are gunning to commit the gravest sins possible, of which sacrilegious fornication/sodomy are the most common. The fact that satanists engage in sacriligious sodomy/fornication as part of their satanic “liturgies” just puts more icing on the satanic cake.

An interesting characteristic of satanists is extreme, rapid worldly and particularly financial success. I will not be at all surprised if at the General Judgment, when all is revealed, that the spectacularly evil founder of the Legionaries of Christ, a stone-cold racketeering organization, Marcial Maciel, is revealed to have been a satanist. Why do I say this? Aside from the fact that the guy was a bisexual incestuous pedophile rapist who flatly rejected Christ on his deathbed, a huge red flag is the staggering financial “success” of the Legion of Christ racketeering organization itself. In less than 50 years, the Legion of Christ amassed a fortune of more than $30 BILLION. That’s approaching something the size of General Motors. The last figures I saw put the Legion of Christ’s annual operating budget at $650 million, with 650 priests. That a million per priest per year. Again, that is a simply staggering figure. Given the fact that the founder and the upper echelon of the Legion of Christ racketeering cult was almost totally populated by DN psychopath sacriligious fornicators and sodomites, many of whom were child molesters, and ruined so many lives of young people drawn into its cult, it certainly gives one pause.

Another key characteristic of satanists is an overall comportment of untouchability. They tend to commit crimes and scandals somewhat openly, operating as if they KNOW that they are protected and no one can or will touch them. We see this in the Church, politics, finance and the entertainment industry. Now, this can certainly be a characteristic of Diabolical Narcissism, but it also, in context, can point to possible satanism. People involved in satanism are the epitome of an elitist clique. Satanists protect and advance each other. They are the ultimate mafia. They are all about power, of which money and sex are both subsets. And, it is true that preternatural forces sometimes come into play and facilitate or enable these people’s crimes. Satan wants these people to “succeed” in dragging more souls into hell. Again, we need to keep reminding ourselves that satan and the demons are real, and there are preternatural forces in the world.

Now, don’t go accusing every malefactor of being a satanist, just as one shouldn’t accuse every malefactor of being a Diabolical Narcissist. BUT, be aware of these things, especially in the context of what is going on in Rome and the Vatican. There absolutely are satanists in the Vatican – how many I know not, but I do know that there are a hell of a lot of sacriligious sodomites and people who give every indication of hating God and being at war with Him and His Holy Church. So, we should be aware of these things and not be caught by surprise.

I hope this helps. And I hope I never have to write about it again.

11 thoughts on “Satanism: Some Things to Remember

  1. It will be interesting to see what our commenters will say about this. Dave thinks she’s a loon. At one time, I called her something similar, but I think she’s right this time assigning the label of a loon to me as well.

    Not too long ago, here, and on Twitter, quite the scandal about Podesta, not only pedophilia, but frequenting Satan parties along with other politicians including George Bush all a glory with numerous photos. Anthony Napoleon writes about it in his book Shadow Men.

    Of course, non-believers in the Christian God don’t believe in Satan, but I’d bet they see evil lurking everywhere unless a liberal since nothing is right or wrong.

    Satan’s influence is easily observed in the behavior of those susceptible as he lures them into his level of hell. He is on his own on this earth using his free will to rebel against God. He’s not under God’s jurisdiction, God thinking we have the free will not to follow him. The horrible people and events we encounter are not of God’s doing, nor does he intervene unless one is a Christian, and then, he often doesn’t to teach them lessons causing personal growth here on earth.

    Ann says this:

    “Another key characteristic of satanists is an overall comportment of untouchability. They tend to commit crimes and scandals somewhat openly, operating as if they KNOW that they are protected and no one can or will touch them. We see this in the Church, politics, finance and the entertainment industry. They are the ultimate mafia. They are all about power, of which money and sex are both subsets. Satan wants these people to “succeed” in dragging more souls into hell.”

    Know anyone or many who fit her description?

    This evil we see in liberal (((Satanists))) and their followers isn’t just happenstance.

  2. I am not a Bible scholar, but have read and am familiar with the Bible. Satan worshippers are wasting their time. Satan does not want or require man’s worship. He and the fallen angels hate man for replacing the angels as God’s favored creations. Satan wants only men’s deaths. They might as well worship a rock.

  3. Islam reveals events that will happen towards end times and this evil antichrist called the dajjal has already consumed the souls of many. Whether you want to believe in the hereafter life or not, as revealed in Islam or Christianity before it was distorted , the choice is yours. ….. Our earthly life is a short and temporary sojourn and you will most certainly answer for all deeds and actions . ….Your good deeds and belief in the Almighty Creator will find you into the eternal gardens of blissful peace and whereas evil deeds and disbelief in the Almighty Creator will find you consumed and condemned to an eternal life of damnation in hell. Ann Barnnhardt, you’ve said nothing wrong and be it from a Christian view. Satan or shaytan in Islam which means …the deviator … busy mustering up souls to accompany him into the fire for which he has been condemned. May the Almighty Creator known in Arabic as Allah the one and only Almighty being
    , guide humanity towards success.

  4. A Christian will not work ill to another person. That means they will not set out to harm another person planning to harm them. A pure soul will be with God when the body dies. There is a Satan. That being does not look like what people think Satan looks like. That being is a covered in gold and gems dazzling the senses when seen. Religions lying about what is in God’s word made people called, Satanists.

  5. I’ll have to defend some atheists a bit, while some do indeed have no moral compass, there are still plenty, in my experience, that do. Especially in regards to this “reject any notion of objective morality.” i have found it to be not true in, while not all, plenty of cases. And i have also found a lot of “christians” going to church and then cheating, whoring around, getting drunk and partying the next day. I’d honestly have the former atheist than the latter believer. Because at the very least, he is honest.

    Granted, i am annoyed by these so called atheists that say that “well if i sin once i will go to hell anyway, might as well sin a lot more in that case!” aren’t you kinda, not really being an atheist, but counter-believing, if it can be called that? Those are the types that i find are usually the no moral compass atheists, who are more like believers but in the opposite of what the religion they were brought up in believes.

    But they are the most vocal ones. Otherwise, i’ve met plenty of people that don’t say or claim they are atheists or go on huge rants, but in a friendly chat they do say they are and are nice chaps, just like plenty of christians vouch for their religion and moral superiority and after seemingly do everything against what they previously said. And i have to say that hypocrisy is probably one of the things that annoys me the most.

    As for myself, i am probably somewhere in between. I HATE that the bible has the jewish old testament in it. IMO christians should only believe in the new testament. But i do kinda believe. Though my belief is more like what marcus aurelius said, almost 2000 years ago .

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  7. The OT is the blueprint for the NT, you can not take it out.
    Salvation has been around before the OT as our Lord and Saviour says he is the Beginning and the End and it’s completed at his coming to Light, so getting rid of the OT would be a Sin.
    Nothing is wrong with the OT as it’s reality, just as some try to get rid of Mary and start chopping the Bible up or some evil attempt as working to put some spin on some point so as to mislead others, but if one knows all the books in the Bible well, then the evil attempt can be exposed.

    The Tribes of Israel and Judah fell due to Idolatry just as it is with Christianity nowadays has fallen, not that there are still true Christians still about the place just as their were remanence true Israelites when they fell.

    Satan is the one who leads the whole world astray.
    Only the power of the Holy Spirit can deal with the works of Satan, because it’s the Truth that will lead you free.
    Satan only enslaves and the sinful nature of man is enslaved in Sin, but the one who is born again in the Holy Spirit can deal with Satan just as Jesus did, Satan could not tempt Jesus at all and Jesus used the words of the OT to dismiss Satan’s attempts.

    Political Correctness is in fact the very tool that Hitler’s Nazi’s used, as well as all the Communist used to lead the people astray, fact is there is not such thing as a ‘correct political’ in a society, but for only in a particular Government’s own political constitution, but when it come to socialism, then everyone comes enslaved under that doctrine, so then you become an enemy of such a State. everyone becomes fearful of what they may say, and sure it all sounds good to fools, but as it progresses it’s trend’s change with the wind, and the gays may love it now, but down the track they can easy become the ones who come under attack.

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