Press Digs Up More Fake News to Make Susan Rice Story Disappear


This story is so obviously fake it’s already disappeared off my list of trending on Twitter.

(((Jeff Bezos))) has hit the point with me that Amazon ought to face a backlash for all the utter nonsense that WaPo prints about President Trump.

New York Daily News

Controversial Blackwater founder Erik Prince acted as a back-channel go-between for President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a report.

Prince, a major Trump donor who is also the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, traveled to a remote island in the Indian Ocean in January for discussions with a Putin associate about issues including Iran, the Washington Post said Monday.

Officials said that Prince represented himself as an emissary for then President-elect Trump for the meeting in the Seychelles, though both he and the administration deny it.

“We are not aware of any meetings and Erik Prince had no role in the transition,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer told the Post.

A spokesman for Prince said that the report was a “complete fabrication” and that “the meeting had nothing to do with President Trump.”

The meeting, which reportedly focused at least in part on trying to change Russia’s relationship with Iran, comes as meetings between those with ties to Trump and Russian officials have come under intense scrutiny.

Trump and his team have been quick to lambast any reporting on the matter as “fake news” and saying that the real story is leaked information.

FBI Director James Comey has said that his agency has been investigating possible connections between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials as part of a broader look into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Life today is like we’ve been pulled into an alternate universe where everything is slightly askew from how it used to be. There weren’t this many so-called Russian plots when the (((Communists))) were ruling Russia, with the goal of world domination.

Vladimir Putin is a Russian nationalist, not the new Hitler. But the press (paid by ?) won’t back off from simply making things up. The evil hand of a (((certain tribe))) is showing itself very clearly now.

9 thoughts on “Press Digs Up More Fake News to Make Susan Rice Story Disappear

  1. I take it as a given that this twat was directly giving the Hillary campaign all of the info from her illegal domestic espionage operation.

  2. This is not the only reason to read the link below, but it will do for now, and Blackwater was connected at that time, too.

    I want to bring forward this info that deals with older pedo stuff, because it may have some relevance today to all the other matters going on. [It’s from an older 2008 article at a site from which I continued to get certificate violation warnings which wouldn’t let me view it until I moved my security onto the highest settings, so you may want to be aware of that possibility.] Scroll down at, “Why did Israel betray America? – USA, 911 and the Israel Connection”, to the large Washington Times image.

    “Let’s pause from PNAC for a bit and analyse some different “funny business.”

    Why was Jack Abramoff, the Zionist criminal lobbyist, paying for congressmen’s trips to visit the sex slavery market. We know other high ranking Republicans knew about Mark Foley for months yet they did nothing. I smell something Much deeper at work here. Could Israel be blackmailing closet gay politicians? Yes.

    After John David R. Atchison tried to have sex with a five year old on the heels of story of Senator Larry Craig trying to elicit homosexual sex in a men’s airport bathroom, which followed the sicko Mark Foley sending sexually explicit e-mails to a 16 year old page boy, describing how the 16 year old cums, and of course let’s not forget Governor McGreevey sleeping with an Israeli national, I decided that it is time people take a look at the perverted sexual nature of Bush Administration Syndicate in general for they are one messed up sexually dysfunctional family. Please see this for a better break down of the Evangelists, the flight schools used in 911, the Bushs and Abramoff who arranged trips for congressmen to islands known from sex slavery.

    When one understands how deep the Mossad was in 911 and the flight schools and how Atta was spotted on Abramoff casino ships things start to break down with the religious right and how easily blackmailed these men can be with Israel almost literally holding them by the short hairs.

    Let’s start with Ted Haggard. he was the Holy Roller caught using crystalmeth and sleeping with a male prostitute was George Bush’s spiritual adviser and according to a documentary by Richard Dawkins, claimed on tape that he talked to the president about once a week on the phone. Now let’s add Karl Rove Karl (mc) Rove was Bush’s former Key adviser hired Jeff Gannon a male prostitute through a fake media front they created, Talon News.

    Gannon referenced internal government memos regarding the Plame affair before they were public. Remember that one of the leakers in the Plame Affair aside from Libby was Karl Rove. So Two Bush advisers are or cavort with male hookers and his brother Neil was caught with prostitutes in Asia and his brother Jeb Bush with drug smugglers and is the brother-in-law to family convicted of rape and the bizzar case of sexual molestation of a baby. What is wrong with these people? Speaking of the other Plame-gate leaker, Lewis Libby, he wrote a book about underage Japanese girls not only being raped by men but also a bear. These private mercenary groups like Blackwater (which Feilding is a lawyer for and Joseph Schmitz is an executive) and Dyncorp have been busted in the targeting of civilians and yes human trafficking. Congress and the Senate continue to grant them money anyway but then again our congressmen and Senators are caught up in plenty of their own pervert sex scandals. Just what do these men DO down at the Grove? Reminds me of the Franklin Credit Union affair.”

  3. Even the name Blackwater is sinister. Most civilised countries ban and criminalise mercenaries. The USA pays them every well. I read once that US mercenaries in Iraq get paid 5 times as much as soldiers fighting for the US army. So why not be a mercenary and cash in? Legal and you get to kill civilians too, no questions asked. Real soldiers get punished for such crimes.

    “The Wild Geese” is a great movie, and was supported by the apartheid South African Government. A huge number of black soldiers get killed, and it is a lot of fun to watch, partly for this reason alone. A great scene in a barracks of sleeping Coons who get gassed one by one – fatally of course. Roger Moore, Richard Burton, Hardy Kruger and Richard Harris. This movie should have won 7 academy awards but of course got 0. For white men it is a must see.

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  5. The story makes perfect sense. President-elect Trump had no one else in the whole world to meet with Putin. If the jew media says it. I believe it.

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