Antiwhite Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice Fingered as Behind Trump Administration Unmasking


Mike Cernovich, that alt-light Deploraball self-described journalist, has named Susan Rice as the Obama administration official behind the unmasking of General Mike Flynn. She was Obama’s National Security Adviser. She’s also known for saying that there are too many whites working in national security.

Mike Cernovich has been wrong before. Thus, until confirmation comes from a more reliable source, this news should be viewed as tentative.

Cernovich published the following on Medium, which I believe is a self-publishing platform. Somebody help me with that if you know for sure.


Susan Rice, who served as the National Security Adviser under President Obama, has been identified as the official who requested unmasking of incoming Trump officials, Cernovich Media can exclusively report.

The White House Counsel’s office identified Rice as the person responsible for the unmasking after examining Rice’s document log requests. The reports Rice requested to see are kept under tightly-controlled conditions. Each person must log her name before being granted access to them.

Upon learning of Rice’s actions, H. R. McMaster dispatched his close aide Derek Harvey to Capitol Hill to brief Chairman Nunes.

“Unmasking” is the process of identifying individuals whose communications were caught in the dragnet of intelligence gathering. While conducting investigations into terrorism and other related crimes, intelligence analysts incidentally capture conversations about parties not subject to the search warrant. The identities of individuals who are not under investigation are kept confidential, for legal and moral reasons.

Under President Obama, the unmasking rules were changed. Circa originally reported:

As his presidency drew to a close, Barack Obama’s top aides routinely reviewed intelligence reports gleaned from the National Security Agency’s incidental intercepts of Americans abroad, taking advantage of rules their boss relaxed starting in 2011 to help the government better fight terrorism, espionage by foreign enemies and hacking threats, Circa has learned.

Three people close to President Obama, including his “fall guy” for Benghazi (Susan Rice), had authorization to unmask.

Among those cleared to request and consume unmasked NSA-based intelligence reports about U.S. citizens were Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice, his CIA Director John Brennan and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Not even mainstream outlets denied that some Trump officials had been spied on, with the NY Times reporting:

WASHINGTON — A pair of White House officials helped provide Representative Devin Nunes of California, a Republican and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, with the intelligence reports that showed that President Trump and his associates were incidentally swept up in foreign surveillance by American spy agencies.

According to WaPo, there were three sources for the reports, with Michael Ellis ultimately being blamed by WaPo and AP.

What’s striking about the Times story is the spin it took. Trump had previously claimed he had been “wire tapped” (quotation marks in his original Tweet), leading to media screams that he prove it. The Times’ own reporting proves that President Trump and his associates were spied on.

The Times, rather than admit Trump had been vindicated, instead focused its attention on the question of who leaked the reports to Nunes:

Since disclosing the existence of the intelligence reports, Mr. Nunes has refused to identify his sources, saying he needed to protect them so others would feel safe going to the committee with sensitive information. In his public comments, he has described his sources as whistle-blowers trying to expose wrongdoing at great risk to themselves.

Since when did journalists attempt to unmask sources? The Times, WaPo, and other outlets rely on anonymous sources in nearly every article about national security. It’s clear they have an agenda — that agenda is not telling the truth.

This reporter has been informed that Maggie Haberman has had this story about Susan Rice for at least 48 hours, and has chosen to sit on it in an effort to protect the reputation of former President Barack Obama.

Twitter immediately reacted, and in some cases overreacted.

The talk of people going to jail, including Susan Rice and Obama is somewhat foolish. We know that Hillary Clinton was too big to jail. Susan Rice is a dedicated true believer in the leftist cause. She would never implicate Obama in anything. She might take a jail term for him, but it’s not at all clear that it can be proven beyond all reasonable doubt that she committed a crime.

This is a developing story. More later as events warrant.

3 thoughts on “Antiwhite Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice Fingered as Behind Trump Administration Unmasking

  1. Is the US nuclear arsenal controlled by whites or a nice hotch potch of non white tinted folks and LGBTs? Lots of women too of course. I like the idea of the red button being pushed by a woman during her slightly zany several days which happens every month.

  2. It’s actually easy to solve the unmasking of Michael Flynn. Tons of news stories say that Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, several weeks before the scandal broke, was telling the administration, ‘Don’t trust Flynn, he ‘lied’ about his phone conversation with the Russians.’

    So simply have Congress call her in, and ask her who told her that Michael Flynn did that.

    Then call that guy in. Ask him the same question.

    Start working up the chain.

    Eventually they will find a great big rat who either (1) ordered the unmasking himself, or (2) refuses to reveal who gave him the information.

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