SPLC: Craig Cobb Plans to Build Racist Church Named After Donald Trump

Allegedly decent white people, indoctrinated to hate so called racists, are happy that an historic old church was burned down by an arsonist.

This is one church burning that won’t bring out an army of FBI agents to investigate. Neither will there be a New York Times editorial condemning church burnings.

SPLC Hatewatch

A fire in the middle of night seems to have thwarted Craig Cobb’s efforts to build a racist church in Nome, North Dakota. And he’s steaming mad with plans to build a new church, this time named after the president.

When it comes to establishing a racist foothold in North Dakota, Craig Cobb just cannot catch a break.

Craig Cobb’s splashy effort to create a white supremacist community ended on the ash heap of history. THE BISMARCK TRIBUNE/AP IMAGES/MIKE MCCLEARY
Last week, a church he bought in Nome, North Dakota, to build a Creativity Movement chapel burned to the ground in what investigators believe may have been arson. The fire happened on March 22, the same day a local newspaper ran a story on Cobb’s plans to turn the church into a gathering place for the racist Creativity Movement.

A self-styled religious organization, the Creativity Movement promotes what it sees as the inherent superiority and “creativity” of the white race. Its adherents believe that race, not religion, is the embodiment of absolute truth and that the white race is the highest expression of culture and civilization.

Cobb has reacted to the fire with anger and warnings that he may rebuild the building, this time with a special name.

“The President Donald J. Trump Creativity Church of Rome,” Cobb told the (New York) Daily News on Tuesday. “That’s the name, because it’s beautiful. President Trump is like a god emperor, can do no wrong.” That term, “god emperor,” has gained popularity on the racist right, which views President Trump as an advocate for the movement’s fears.

Cobb has spent years trying to establish racist enclaves. At least two North Dakota towns have seen Cobb come come through, most famously in 2013 when he bought more than a dozen properties in Leith for just a few hundred dollars, hoping to attract other racists to the area.

After terrorizing Leith for months, an ordeal detailed in the documentary Welcome to Leith, Cobb was arrested after he paraded through the streets with a rifle. He was originally charged with seven felony counts of terrorizing, which would have carried a maximum sentence of 30 years, but was sentenced to four years probation in 2014.

It’s unclear what Cobb plans to do next, though he has a long history of relentlessly antagonizing his enemies. But, for their part, residents seem relieved the fire may have thwarted his plans.

“Everyone is relieved that this building that meant so much is not going to be used by him,” the Rev. Bradley Edin, a Lutheran pastor in the area, told The Bizmark Tribune.


Craig Cobb is not one to quit. His one man effort to establish a small white community, similar to say an Amish enclave, deserves to be supported by us. Obviously, gofundme will not allow a page to be set up to help rebuild the church. Paypal won’t cooperate either.

For most of us, the best we can do to help is to offer our moral support for a flawed individual who seems sincere in his efforts.

Some folks at Stormfront wonder if he is controlled opposition. What do you think? Do you think he burned the church down himself out of some need for publicity?

Read more about Cobb and the fire at WDAY.

3 thoughts on “SPLC: Craig Cobb Plans to Build Racist Church Named After Donald Trump

  1. He seems a bit unhinged, if the Jew journalist is not lying!! If whites truly are creative, did Cobb hugely over insure the building as did (((Lucky Larry)) who made $4 billion profit from an arson attack?
    If Cobb was uninsured then he is not creative and he is a chump and a fool. Anyone on the fringe who owns buildings needs insurance and it is very good value for them.

    Note that the Jew Spew is by (((SPLC hatewatch))) – hardly a reliable source of truth. It would be nice to read what Cobb really says in his own words.

    We learned yesterday via that Murray guy (author) that whites have made 99% of the inventions that have advanced civilization. So Cobb is right, without a doubt. Is he a nut? Maybe.

  2. We will probably learn more as we go. Look at your Jewgle maps as to where this guy lives. He is miles from any real civilization or population areas. I worked on the North Dakota/Canadian one summer. North Dakota is as remote a place as you can get to separate yourself from people. This guy is minding his own business and has every right to have his own views and do with his property as he pleases. We all know that the hypocite jew c*nts at the $PLC and jew press will not leave alone anyone who does not toe their demon possessed line. The jews will stop at nothing to stifle us evil YT’s. The jew and his colored-minority foot soldiers all must go.

  3. Cute church, another White symbol destroyed after which Whites sit back saying, “Oh well!”

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it was an SPLC supporter doing the burning. It’s amazing how SPLC knows everything, even what goes on in Nome, ND, wherever that is. It’s really quite creepy how they stalk us everywhere. Should we keep our blinds closed?

    Craig Cobb should wise up. Naming after Trump wasn’t a good idea! Hey, let’s give him credit, though. He’s trying more than most Whites!

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