Three Arrested for Setting Fire that Collapsed Atlanta Bridge


First, the basics:


ATLANTA – Three people were taken into custody in connection with a fire on I-85 that caused a bridge to collapse, according to the state fire marshal’s office.

Basil Eleby, 40, has been charged with first degree criminal damage to property and criminal trespassing. Authorities have not yet said what led to the charges.

Eleby will appear in court Saturday morning.

Two other people were given citations for trespassing and were released.

Channel 2’s Mark Winne learned one or more of the individuals involved may be transient.

Channel 2 Action News has learned Eleby has been arrested several times before. He has been booked on charges including possession of marijuana and cocaine, criminal trespass, simple battery, and simple assault dating back to 1995.

Let’s fill in some detail with reporting from Heavy

Eleby appears to have a criminal history with multiple previous mugshots, according to ABC News reported that all three suspects were in the Fulton County Jail, and that they were interrogated throughout the day, although authorities have not said yet what led them to the trio.

According to, Fulton County Jail records show Basil Eleby “had been arrested 19 times before for drug, battery, assault and other charges. An April 2014 mugshot shows Eleby after he was arrested for charges related to the sale and trafficking of cocaine.”

Thick black smoke billowed into the sky as the blaze erupted. USA Today reported that “Flames are erupting underneath an Atlanta interstate as black smoke is billowing under all sides. Local officials are on the scene and working to determine a cause.”

Drivers were left stranded:

There’s not much that can be said that hasn’t been said before. Blacks are a retarded group who often appear not to understand cause and effect. That they cost the hard working white taxpayers big money is not debatable. Old Basil is just costing working people more than usual for a single dindu. Perhaps worse than the monetary cost will be the time spent driving alternate routes and the traffic snarls caused by the bridge collapse.

Eleby? Lock him up and throw away the key. Let him live on bread and water. Or put him to work on a work farm paying for the bridge reconstruction.

10 thoughts on “Three Arrested for Setting Fire that Collapsed Atlanta Bridge

    • You don’t burn the steel. What happens is that the heat causes the steel beams to weaken and then slowly collapse under the weight of the roadway. This happened a few years ago on I-95 in Bridgeport, CT when a tanker of home heating oil caught fire. Also, in old buildings (such as Grand Central Terminal in NYC) the steel beams are coated with asbestos for this reason.

  1. Do not forget goyim that diversity is our strength. Atlanta is a niggerfuxxated hell-hole. It is a negrotopia: negro mayor, police chief, city council, blah, blah, blah. The stupid YT’s who live there have created dozens of suburbs to escape the ape. Many of them commute to Atlanta in heavy traffic for hours each day. When I was an OTR truck-driver in the early 90’s, I made a rookie mistake of driving into Atlanta in the daytime. After that, I always drove into the city in the early A.M. The city proper was fuxxated (of course worse today) then, thus evil YT’s creating so many suburbs to escape the negritude. The YT suburbs at that time were nice, shiny whitetopias. Now, twenty-plus years later, the apes have been Section Aped to the suburbs, so that evil YT’s suburbs have become fuxxated. The whitetopia’s north of Atlanta are trying to break away from Fulton County (Atlanta is the county seat) and become their own county. Atlanta’s race-traitor jew and nigger officials are fighting them in court. It is because those whitetopias are very prosperous and still majority YT thus very prosperous, and of course, Atlanta and its apes benefit from their tax dollars. I feel bad for the YT’s who will suffer for the retarded ape’s arson, but maybe they will be convinced to leave that hell-hole for good.

  2. Did Lucky Larry have any terrorism insurance on this bridge?

    Will the pyromaniacs be charged with terrorism? It looks like terrorism to me.
    A yellow flame is not a hot fire. I do not think the bridge should have collapsed. Are all US elevated roadways this flimsy? i am not even sure if bridge is the correct term. The road alongside does not look like it is elevated.

    How did the Coons set the fire? It would be nice if the news article had told us. Did they steal an oil/gasoline tanker and set fire to it? Was there a fixed oil or fuel pipe alongside the road which they damaged and set fire to? If yes this is bad design.
    Maybe they just crashed a car in to a fuel pipe while stoned and started the fire by accident?

    Is there any part of the USA not covered in roadways 20 lanes wide and massive car parks etc?

  3. I love the picture of good ole Basil but I am having a hard time figuring out if his expression is classic “dindu nuffin” or “yo I stuck it to whitey…wurldstah wurldstah wurldstah”.

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