Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Prussian Military Leader Carl von Clauswitz

Learn more about this German military strategist at Wikipedia. Excerpt:

Carl Philipp Gottfried (or Gottlieb) von Clausewitz[1] (/ˈklaʊzəvɪts/; 1 June 1780 – 16 November 1831)[2] was a Prussian general and military theorist who stressed the “moral” (meaning, in modern terms, psychological) and political aspects of war. His most notable work, Vom Kriege (On War), was unfinished at his death. Clausewitz was a realist in many different senses and, while in some respects a romantic, also drew heavily on the rationalist ideas of the European Enlightenment.

Clausewitz’s thinking is often described as Hegelian because of his dialectical method; but, although he was probably personally acquainted with Hegel, there remains debate as to whether or not Clausewitz was in fact influenced by him.[3] He stressed the dialectical interaction of diverse factors, noting how unexpected developments unfolding under the “fog of war” (i.e., in the face of incomplete, dubious, and often completely erroneous information and high levels of fear, doubt, and excitement) call for rapid decisions by alert commanders. He saw history as a vital check on erudite abstractions that did not accord with experience. In contrast to the early work of Antoine-Henri Jomini, he argued that war could not be quantified or reduced to mapwork, geometry, and graphs. Clausewitz had many aphorisms, of which the most famous is “War is the continuation of politics by other means.”[4]

4 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Prussian Military Leader Carl von Clauswitz

  1. Read his book “On War.”. One of my favorite quotes that could be applied to our movement.

    “It is even better to act quickly and err than to hesitate until the time of action is past.”

    The time of action is long past for us when we’re a minority. There were many times Whites should have acted quickly that ended up being too late. The 1965 Immigration Law comes to mind.

    • Whites voted against Barry Goldwater in 1964. The voters do gooder, hand wringing choice led to the Great Society and non stop nigger worship ever since.
      Roosevelt was a lefty who tricked the white USA in to fighting Hitler. With the help of some Jew traitors in the State Department who engineered the war with Japan. (((Harry Dexter White))) especially.

  2. There is an earthly audacity that is bold and fearless. There is a bold fearless audacity that puts the other to shame. It is Jesus who did not use power that set stars in the universe all at one to time against his enemies to annihilate them. The earthly type of audacity would have used that power thinking they won with a proud look, but they would have lost everything that really mattered. People who war to gain an earthy prize are not gaining anything that lasts.

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