Entire University Cheerleader Squad Suspended Over Prostitution Allegations as Mudshark Ex-Cheerleader Faces Felony Charges


All the prostitutes I ever met were students at the university where I used to teach.

It’s become common now for college girls to trick their way through college. Out of the 600 students I would teach every semester, according to my own experiences and the gossip of students, I estimate I had about 40 or so sex industry workers (strippers, cam girls, and prostitutes) in my classes.

Cheerleaders are a highly desirable sex commodity. Thus, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that at least some of the girls pictured above sold sex for money.

New York Daily News

Coastal Carolina’s cheerleading team has found itself in the center of several serious allegations, including prostitution.

The program has been suspended after an anonymous letter was mailed to University President Dave DeCenzo, which alleges the cheerleaders were engaged in “a long list of things” including prostitution, buying alcohol for minors and paying others to do their homework. An anonymous cheerleader gave WMBF the frightening details.

Police met with the team following Wednesday’s practice and took individual members back to the station for questioning shortly after an investigator showed up and broke the news about the anonymous letter.

The anonymous cheerleader told WMBF officers also searched cell phones of those who were questions before they were eventually released with police unable to discover any wrongdoing.

Coastal Carolina Associate Vice President of University Communications Martha Hunn told The Daily News the suspension of the team was indefinite pending a conduct investigation.

Hunn did not confirm or deny the existence of the letter nor did she say if the whole team was being investigated or just a few members.

“At this time, the CCU Department of Public Safety is conducting the investigation. There are currently no incident reports pertaining to this investigation” Hunn said in an email.

Since the investigation started, the cheerleading section of the CCU Athletics site has since been removed.

This isn’t the first time this year that trouble has found the cheerleading squad.

The State newspaper reports former cheerleader Madison Marie Loader was arrested and charged with accessory after the fact to a felony.


Myrtle Beach Online

In January, former cheerleader Madison Marie Loader was arrested by Coastal Carolina Police and charged with accessory after the fact to a felony.

According to a police report, she was living in the Coastal Club Apartments near CCU with her boyfriend at the time, Desman Earl Chestnut, who was wanted in Lexington County in connection to forgery.

Police approached Chestnut and stated they had warrants for his arrest, and Chestnut pushed one of the officers to the ground and fled the scene, according to the report.

While police were searching for Chestnut, the Coastal Club property manager found video footage of Loader handing a gun to two males from her apartment in order to hide them from police, according to the report.

Chestnut fled the scene and was later found by the Horry County Bloodhound team and taken into custody.

On top of the Lexington County warrants, Chestnut was charged with assault on a police officer while resisting arrest, distribution of marijuana and distribution of a controlled substance within proximity of a school. Chestnut was banned from all CCU property including the Coastal Club Apartments, according to the report.

Chestnut was also arrested in November 2016 in Horry County and charged with possession, manufacture and trafficking of methamphetamine and cocaine base according to police booking records.


12 thoughts on “Entire University Cheerleader Squad Suspended Over Prostitution Allegations as Mudshark Ex-Cheerleader Faces Felony Charges

  1. One anonymous snitch letter and everybody is guilty? How about an investigation before publicizing anything. Also the police should not have been the first to investigate. This is a waste of police resources. The University should first have looked in to the matter.
    Criminals should mail in dozens of such snitch letters (printed of course) so they can be left free to crack safes and use their black jacks, pull ATMs out of walls and so on.

    Where is the proof the snitch is a cheerleader?

    In Australia those trying to spoil the fun of others were once known as “wowsers”. The USA is full of them and they even voted to ban all alcohol consumption for 15 years or so. Prohibition resulted in a big increase in alcohol consumption and the permanent corruption of police, mayors and politicians in cities like New York and Chicago.

    Men want sex with young women and some young women want easy money. Free marketeers are not so happy about the obvious outcome. Prostitution is legal in most Western countries these days. Sometimes I wonder if the USA is a Western country? A curious mix of Puritanism and porn production, war on illegal drugs while consuming more than any one else in the world, and so on. Hate Empires while actually running one for 120 or so years now. “Competitive” free markets system, yet has the most expensive medical system and legal drugs in the world. More ambulance chasing lawyers per capita than any other nation in the world.

    Plenty of Profs shag these young women without payment (hot ones only of course) and give them good marks. This is endemic corruption which is by and large ignored.

    • American cognitive dissonance is enormous. This is a country that insists that blacks and whites are equal. When your core principles are lies, then you may not survive for very long. We’re Christians but we kill babies because if we banned baby killing that would be a war on women. This place is so fuxated I don’t recognize it anymore, thus I’ve withdrawn from it to a large degree.

      As to the cheergirls I saw a statement from them and then lost it and couldn’t find it. It didn’t make a lot of sense.

      • Paladin

        Your statement about American cognitive dissonance could not be more accurate. I have suspected for quite a while that were becoming more nd more fuxated

    • Men want sex with young women because most young women, especially those of today, have no clue. Young women today think their only worthwhile asset is their poon and not their mind.

      As always Robert you are truly stuck.

  2. Is it just me, or does there seem to be a trend among coal burners to copulate with the most jigaboo looking stinkape they can find?

    • Around here in Eastern Marxachusetts. I have noticed most of the mud sharks are pretty but skanky looking blonds hanging on the arm of the. most feral looking knuckle dragging porch primates

  3. I read somewhere, probably the Daily Mail, that this team was about to take part in a college cheerleading competition and was favored to win. Now they’re out of the competition because of an anonymous letter? Coincidence, maybe?

  4. Western Sports is all about the promotion of Negroes as potential mates for young White women with physically attractive, athletic bodies. It is about taking away the best female DNA in the European gene pool and making sure it cannot reproduce with the best European males, but sublimate and weaken it through miscegenation. In my family, if I came home with anything other than a white girl, I would have been shunned instantly…

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