Andrew Klavan: Multiculturalism Explained

Enjoy three minutes of an entertaining explanation of multiculturalism. Then send the video to your liberal friends to make their heads explode.

Uploaded on Feb 24, 2011

Why does the left expect us to tolerate intolerant cultures like that of Iran? Will moral relativism be the end of our culture? Find out as Andrew Klavan explains the dangers of multiculturalism.


Andrew Klavan (born July 13, 1954) is an American writer of mystery novels, psychological thrillers, and screenplays for “tough-guy” mystery films. Two of Klavan’s books have been adapted into motion pictures: True Crime (1999) and Don’t Say a Word (2001). He was nominated for the Edgar Award five times and won twice.[2] Playwright and novelist Laurence Klavan is his brother.[3]

Klavan has written columns and appeared as a political commentator for a variety of conservative publications such as the news-magazine City Journal and PJ Media. He currently releases a daily podcast named The Andrew Klavan Show for news and conservative opinion website The Daily Wire.[4]

Klavan has two children with his wife, Ellen (Flanagan).[8] Klavan was raised Jewish, but became an agnostic after his Bar mitzvah.[7] He later converted to Christianity.[7]

6 thoughts on “Andrew Klavan: Multiculturalism Explained

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    • My attitude on the issue is to judge people by their work. He does good work here. That doesn’t mean that I trust him. Some conservative Jews do good work. If they stop doing good work, then they lose my support.

      • Alex Jones did good work once until the loyalty auction ended. There’s the rub. You sometimes have to take their work in isolation of them. I’m just on guard these days for well-poisoners and a Jewish name ups the index of suspicion.

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