Sherri Papini’s Story of Kidnap and Torture by Two Hispanic Women Put in Doubt by New Information About Her Past

You may recall from this post on saboteur365, one of several last year on the mystery surrounding her story, that supermom Sherri Papini was allegedly kidnapped, branded, and had her hair cut off by two armed Hispanic women.

The police investigation of the alleged crime has turned up no suspects, but the police also add that they have no reason to disbelieve Sherri’s story.

However, a Sacramento Bee investigation has turned up new information that raises questions about Sherri’s mental stability and truthfulness.

Daily Mail

The so-called ‘Supermom’ who vanished for several weeks before returning and claiming she was abducted, allegedly tried to blame a self-harm attempt on her mother 13 years ago.

Sherri Papini, disappeared last November while out for a jog near her northern California home, and was not seen for more than three weeks.

The 34-year-old mother-of-two claimed she was abducted by two armed Hispanic women on November 2, before she was then tortured by her captors – whose faces she did not see – and eventually dumped on the side of a road on Thanksgiving.

Since she reappeared, no arrests have been made in the alleged kidnapping, no potential motive has been discussed, and Papini has not publicly spoken about her ordeal.

And now, documents from a previous incident when she was accused of misleading police have been revealed by the Sacramento Bee.

The newspaper uncovered documents from 13 years ago outlining how Papini’s mother, Loretta Graeff, called police asking for help after her daughter was allegedly self-harming and trying to blame the wounds on her.

The incident report, filed in December 2003, is just two lines long and reads: ‘RP states her 21y/o daughter that was living with her was harming herself and blaming it on the RP.

‘RP states female is coming back to live with them and she wants advice.’

The newspaper also found two other incidents involving Papini, where her father and sister both claimed she damaged their property.

In 2000, Richard Graeff said his daughter ‘burglarized his residence,’ before Sheila Koester, ‘alleged her back door had been kicked in and she believed Papini was the suspect’, the Bee reports.

Shasta County are still investigating the mother’s alleged disappearance late last year, however they have said they do not have any reasons not to believe her story.

The old police report referred to in the story is short.

Opinions at the time and still today vary widely about what really happened to Sherri Papini. Some say she’s a hoaxer. Some say her story is true.

Until the police speak out against Sherri, we should bear in mind that Latino resentment against whites is rampant in California. It’s entirely possible that two Mexican women did kidnap and torture Sherri, motivated by jealousy of her beauty and her blondeness.

5 thoughts on “Sherri Papini’s Story of Kidnap and Torture by Two Hispanic Women Put in Doubt by New Information About Her Past

  1. “However, a Sacramento Bee investigation has turned up new information”.

    I thought it was illegal to sell or give a police report to a newspaper?

    If this women made a false report about this kidnapping I think the police would have established that quite quickly. They were not born yesterday and she would have had to answer a lot of questions. Many times, and they would have tried to catch her out in any lies.

    OTOH maybe she is a good liar and has Borderline Personality Disorder or something similar. BPDs sometimes self harm and are great liars.

    Here is a new disorder I have just made up “Honesty Deficit Disorder”. HDD. Very common in the media, Universities and politics, especially the Left Wing.

  2. Told ya so.

    The enhanced tends towards all forms of fakery and have high rates of suicidality.

    Yeah, a real bogus bitch.

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