Prosecutors Seek to Use Cosby Jokes about Quaaludes, Spanish Fly at Rape Trial

Bill Cosby certainly had a taste for white women, even as he maintained a marriage to a black woman for decades.

The evidence that he’s guilty of drugging women for sex is compelling. However, prosecutors want to use his jokes about sex in his trial. That’s too much for me, even if I have no sympathy for America’s former favorite black TV dad.

Cosby was a comedian. He told jokes for laughs. Audiences like sex jokes. Admissions of guilt are relevant in criminal trials, but the prosecutors seem to be overreaching in this case.

Excerpt from the Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Prosecutors preparing to try actor Bill Cosby on sexual-assault charges want to use not only his explosive deposition testimony about getting quaaludes to give to women before sex but also his riffs on trying to slip women the supposed aphrodisiac Spanish fly.

In a court filing Thursday, they say the comments show his familiarity with date rape drugs and should not be dismissed as “merely jokes.” They quote Cosby making Spanish fly references in his 1991 book “Childhood” and in an interview that year with talk show host Larry King.

Spanish fly is made from a green beetle called the Spanish fly, in the family of blister beetles, and has been sold as an aphrodisiac. In the book, Cosby says he and his adolescent friends needed the potion to get girls interested in them.

“They’re never in the mood for us,” Cosby wrote. “They need chemicals.”

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said in the court motion that Cosby “may cling to the cloak of comedy to avoid culpability.”

“(But) these are powerful and damaging admissions,” Steele wrote, “in two instances coming straight from the defendant’s mouth and in the other from the tip of his pen.”

A hearing on the trial evidence is scheduled for Monday in suburban Philadelphia.

What do you think? Should Cosby’s jokes be used in evidence against him? Would you want your jokes to be used against you during a trial?

Cosby memes relating to white women and rape are his legacy now.

The myth of the good Negro took a hit with Cosby’s troubles. It’s too bad that Martin Luther King didn’t live long enough to be exposed while he was alive. We might not have the dreaded King holiday every year if the world knew he allegedly liked to beat up on white prostitutes from time to time.

3 thoughts on “Prosecutors Seek to Use Cosby Jokes about Quaaludes, Spanish Fly at Rape Trial


    The liberals complain about racism is our legal system. Yes, there is racism–in favor of blacks. Most black thugs are not prosecuted or just receive a slap on the wrist

    Bill Cosby should have been prosecuted criminally decades ago, right after he attacked the FIRST woman.

    Had they done that, most of these women would have been spared.

    Negrophilia is a serious problem in our broken legal system.

  2. I don’t think he was joking, I think he was bragging about his crimes in plain sight, thinking no-one would really “get it”. Those jokes are definitely a form of evidence on that basis if I’m right. We laughed with him and he laughed at us.

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