Pro-Trump Radio Host Alex Jones Rants That George Soros Is Head Of ‘Jewish Mafia’

It looks like Alex Jones is finally being forced to say the word “Jew,” but his claim that the Jewish Mafia worked with Hitler is ludicrous. What’s he up to?

Well, if you believe Jones is controlled opposition, then he’s trying to make people who seek and know the truth look like lunatics.

Jewish Forward

Radio host and Donald Trump supporter Alex Jones ranted about “the Jewish mafia,” which he said was run by Jewish billionaire George Soros.

Jones was responding to a caller to his radio show who claimed that “the Jewish mafia” was supporting efforts by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to “derail the Trump presidency.”

“Well there is undoubtedly a Jewish mafia and the [Anti-Defamation League] will say you’re anti-Semitic,” Jones said Wednesday on his program, “The Alex Jones Show,” according to a recording published by Media Matters.

“If you criticize it says you’re anti-Semitic, but the Jewish mafia is a very powerful mafia,” he said. “It’s in the Godfather movies that are based on true stories, they just changed the names, absolutely.”

Jones then went on to claim that the “Jewish mafia” was headed by Soros, who was actually “out to get Jews.”

“One of the biggest enemies of Jews is the Jewish mafia, they worked with Hitler. Well, the head of the Jewish mafia is George Soros, he’s out to get Jews,” Jones said.

In December 2015, Trump appeared on “The Alex Jones Show,” where the then-candidate told the host that “your reputation is amazing.”

As seen in the meme below, Alex never wanted to talk about the Jews for the longest time. The labeling of him as a Jew shill appears to have forced him to change his policy. But his claim that the Jewish Mafia is hurting the Jews is bit much.

17 thoughts on “Pro-Trump Radio Host Alex Jones Rants That George Soros Is Head Of ‘Jewish Mafia’

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    • I agree that Jones seems to be Bill Hicks. Why could not Hicks have just become the Alex Jones persona, with the same name, Bill Hicks?
      After all the clowns like (((Jon Stewart))) think they should be taken seriously.
      It seems easier to boost an already well known person rather than a brand new one.
      If Hicks was supposedly Left Wing then he could have brought those lefties in to his right wing Infoshout crowd.

  2. I agree that the Jews worked with Hitler, and financed him. The Zionist Jews wanted to terrorise the cosmopolitan Jews to go and live in a desert. The Cosmopolitan Jews loved cities like Berlin and Warsaw. They did not want to live in the desert. Even now many Jews do not want to live in the desert. The Zionists are still terrorizing European Jews via alleged Muslims in Paris and elsewhere. The Zionists forced Jews to leave Arab countries decades agio – after 2000 years of peaceful coexistence. How could the Arabs possibly be the guilty ones after 2000 years of tolerance?
    If Israel is so great, who do so few USA Jew emigrate there?
    Prices in Israel are sky high, even with the billions in aid they get every year. Jews can not even run one small country! How come they are entrusted with the levers of the worlds financial system, and especially the creation of money on which they colec6 interest?

  3. “…his claim that the Jewish Mafia is hurting the Jews is bit much.”

    What he probably means is that their Jewish overlords keep regular-guy Jews in perpetual fear (victim status) that the rest of us will turn them into lampshades (“again”) at any moment. Makow describes it better than I can, but that is one of the things he tries to expose at his site. One way they do that is via the “Holocaust Survival Celebrities” whom they send around speaking to groups, like that guy in one of your other posts.

    Weren’t there approximately 200,000 Jews who were SS officers in “Nazi” Germany? Jew vs. Jew.

    Somewhat related: Orthodox Rabbis who terrify the families under their “rule” & rape their kids constantly: “Child Rape Assembly Line”:

  4. I was over at Brother Nathanael’s site watching his “Amazon Book Burning” video & reading all the comments, many of which included links re the “Six Million” & other “Real Jew News.”

    In the comments Kapner also gave a report on his street witnessing outside the AIPAC meeting, lol. Every time Jewish or Gentile young guys would try to talk to him, “Security” would come up & tell the young men they were not allowed to talk to Kapner. Kapner challenged one group of young Jewish guys to not let them bully them, but they walked away anyway. Later a Gentile guy was talking to Kapner, same scenario, but he told the Security that he would stay there & talk if he wanted.

    Kapner says later when he was standing at some road/intersection or whatever, first Mike Huckabee rode by & gave him a sour look. A bit later he said Mike Flynn rode by & he gave Kapner a stern sour look as well.

    When Kapner got back home to Idaho, within a week PayPal sent him an email saying they were cutting his account after taking a look at “how he was using his account with them” (he takes donations on his foundation page I guess). Kapner is in somewhat of a panic as he says people worldwide all have PayPal & use it to make donations & that’s how he survives. He says Jewish guy Daniel Shulman owns PayPal.

    It does not sound like a coincidence that after AIPAC his PayPal gets cut. If “they” didn’t know about him already, I bet SOMEBODY looked him up online after seeing him outside AIPAC & decided to cut him off.

      • Well, if there are two “peas in a pod” re “raw boldness” in their “styles,” it would be Anglin & Kapner, lol; but sorry to hear that, of course. I used to love PayPal in the old days for paying bills all at one site, but it changed a few years later & they stopped that service. I never used it much after that but I still have the account.

        Someone suggested he try TransferWise site instead of PayPal for international transactions.

        BN+ stressed for a year or two or three re his prior apt. in a house in Colorado; noisy nasty young guys/neighbors moved in, driving him crazy, etc. FINALLY (when I was not checking his site much either), someone either provided or made arrangements or whatever for him to move to PRIEST, Idaho! So that’s where he is now.

        I usually just read his articles but today I watched the video, too. It was good! The scenery behind him was foggy snowy gorgeous mountains. Yet, nothing was “moving,” no wind, the fog stayed perfectly still. So I’m guessing it’s a big photo he puts behind himself & he films his videos from inside (??)

        In the video he said he grew up in the ’50’s & they never heard of the “holocaust”; that that “story” came much later. Funny.

        Back to his money woes, I read awhile back somewhere that he is on SSD. But he’s always wanting/buying bigger better techie equipment, fees for internet hosting/domains/services, etc., or so he says in his never-ending requests for money. Does Anglin ask for money all the time?

        In the same breath of telling re his PayPal being axed, he asked anyone for a loan of $5k-$10k, I presume due to his worldwide audience not knowing how to zap him money for awhile until the word spreads round about.

        Someone else suggested a site called Patreon for video content creators before YouTube cuts him off as well; that you can make a lot of moola there as the donation button is built in. But I read their “guidelines” & as everywhere, no “hate speech” allowed & everything Kapner says (((they all))) would consider it “hate.”

        (As a side note: Bill Mitchell began using Periscope in the recent past for his Radio Show & his viewership jumped up to 40k-50k per show almost immediately, vs. the prior Spreaker/audio & YouTube/video getting much less. So Periscope must have a busy community right handy. Kapner should do a RJN Q&A interactive thing with callers. It might bring him faster money.)

        So that’s all I know! 😀

    • Sob-A-Tear. His chosen name is Brother Nathaniel. If you call him Kapner, as you are doing, that is what his Jew enemies call him. He was born and raised a Jew with the name of Kapner.
      I watch all his videos, and also read most of the excellent comments, and think he speaks the truth and is sincere about being a Christian.

      I think he makes two main errors.
      1. His street Evangelising is a waste of time in my opinion as he will not get any publicity for it.
      2. He should be looking for a secret, wealthy patron. He only needs one Mel Gibson or some similar person to pay for his whole operation secretly. Any person who has been slandered by the Jews, been fired for “antisemitism”, or cheated by them (millions of people). I find his constant asking for money more than a little bit Jewey. Bro Nate should think smarter not harder, and go for a big donor. The donor need not be based in the USA.
      Bro Nate does not sell bullshit, wacky products on his site, unlike many other “truth” sites.

    • That guy is friends w/Milo, so could be gay or whatever. He says he woke up at 2am & there were 200 text messages on his phone of people anxiously wondering because his twitter had gone dark.

      There’s an infowars reporter girl video on same page, 3.5 mins. She says twitter has new rules; she highlighted portions of it; you can’t say LIBTARD any more, nor make fun of MCCAIN! etc.

      And twitter says it WILL kick Trump off twitter, too, IF he breaks any of their “rules.” The reporter-girl says twitter is purposely putting any good replies to Trump (from supporters) at the bottom & floods the rest of the stream with all the Trump-haters.

      • We lost I think it was called /pol news last week. The Twitter war on Trump supporters is real. Mary Freedom was gone a month or two ago. Microchip has been banned a hundred times but he knows how to get back on using trickery.

  5. At above same InfoWars link, in the comments:

    –People say basically “sucks” all around;

    –one person said Pro-Trumper/Canadians on Facebook are being banned;

    –another said “…Disqus has for the past few days listed Breitbart as: ‘This community hasn’t been busy recently. Head back home to find interesting discussions.’ I have emailed Breitbart about this, seeing how many Disqus communities with less (much less) traffic are still able to bring up new Articles. This is a soft censorship by the Left-wing…”

    –And I will add that Mitchell has had internet troubles for 2 days, not being able to upload his latest radio show to YouTube, etc., so he has cancelled their show 2 nights in a row & has been advertising/linking to older ones.

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